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this idea outside of academics yields good discussion as wełł: what is the balance between just playing.: basketball or intriguing quotations and copy them into the teſt column and then interpret or comment on thern in the right . Identify at least three examples of figurative language that Emerson uses to advance his. using few words. In poetry and other creative writing, we frequently encounter images created by figurative language using figures of speech such as similes and metaphors. the poem extract below is a good example of how the poet has used imagery through metaphor. Need To KNow simile a figurative description. A complete collection of figurative language worksheets for use at home or in the classroom. Includes figurative language examples & definitions too!.

As in most news throughout the paper, SPORTS articles and features are about people and the events that bring these people together. Reporters and columnists capture the challenge and rivalry, the business and promotion, the ethics and sportsmanship of teams and individuals. They observe, interview, record and analyze the statistics-and write on deadline. They enter the realm of pain, perseverance and possibility.

A general overview of this portion of the newspaper, would help students—especially young learners— understand the language of sports, its symbols and how they serve to connect with the curriculum. Write the names of the twelve months across the board and work with the class to chart the months spanned by each major sport — baseball, football, basketball, golf.

Preparation for working with SPORTS might include having students consider the different types of team sports and individual sports. This could be a whole class or small group activity. The SPORTS section offers cooperative learning experiences and can be used to explore how specificity, action verbs and comparison-contrast lead to constructing meaning from text.

Again, this could be done as a whole class or in competitive small Groups. By demonstrating an ability to communicate mathematically, students will be able to connect mathematics topics with real world experiences. Encourage students to think of every possible way math or numbers might be encountered within this section. This guide encourages teachers to use the Sports section to study the work of Post reporters as models for students to write and to compare ledes, sports news and columns, to prepare charts and graphs using the scores and other data, and to read maps.

Seasonal sports are highlighted each day and the scores are listed separately. High school sports regularly appear Monday Morning. After his stint there, he became a general assignment reporter for twelve years covering learn more here sports as baseball, golf, college basketball, tennis, boxing and local high school sports.

Inhe became a columnist. Tom graduated from Amherst College in with a major in English literature.

He was born in Washington, DC and went to St. Stephens School in Alexandria, Va. Sally Jenkins began her second stint at The Washington Post in after spending the previous decade working as a book author and as a magazine writer. Dan Steinberg started at The Post as a part-time agate clerk, news aide and high school sports reporter in the fall of He writes a blog about D. Born in Napa, Calif. He lives in the District with his wife, Christina, their son, Oliver, and, yes, Looly the dog.

He also played college basketball very badly for Hawaii Pacific. News Journal before link the Post Sports in as the Sunday sports editor.

She became a deputy sports editor in and remained in that position until Junewhen she was named a sports columnist. In January ofReid was promoted to a general sports columnist. Preston has covered high school sports in the Washington area for more than 20 years and writes the Varsity Letter column on prep sports.

He lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and two children. He lives in Ashburn, Va. Discuss with students a favorite moment from a game they have recently seen.

If team members are in the class, ask them to relate their favorite moments. The photojournalist is present at sporting events to visually report on sports action.

Hookup A Player Advice Columns Examples Of Figurative Language

Photographs capture a small segment of a sports event. Display a collection of sports photographs that reflect some of these moments, including coaches, referees, those on the bench and photo finishes.

When is that portion of a second captured on film or in digital form very important in determining the winner of an event? Exercises can be completed over a one-week period and can be done individually or in groups.

Have students list as many words as they can to state the emotion that they believe is expressed by the person in the photo. Students should respond to the predictions made from the photo study by completing the following sentences. Students should next scan the article to find these words or words that are similar in meaning. Using quotations from the person pictured or statements of the reporter, ask students to determine if they selected accurate words to reflect the feelings.

Have students select one photograph of a sports figure.

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Individuals or small groups of students might decide on different types of sports figures. Students are to prepare a list of ten questions they would like to ask this individual. The article accompanying the photo will help generate questions.

Using a question from each group, model how these questions can be incorporated into the text of a letter addressed to the pictured sports personality. Students then create letters carrying their own questions. Have students employ their keyboarding skills to prepare the final draft for mailing.

Preston has covered high school sports in the Washington area for more than 20 years and writes the Varsity Letter column on prep sports. He writes a blog about D. What does all that boil down to for you?

Discuss whether the letter should be in an informal or formal style. Each group may need to go online to read more mailing addresses. Ultimately, the letters are sent to each chosen sports celebrity. Have students follow one sport for two weeks — reading the articles and cutlines, clipping or printing out the photographs and studying the statistics. At the end of the study, students Hookup A Player Advice Columns Examples Of Figurative Language prepare a pictorial representation, a montage, of the sport.

Using the montage as a visual, students should make a presentation supported by an analysis of the sport from the point of view of the players and the spectators.

This analysis should reflect on the individual natures of team sports. Students may answer such questions as:. One sport over another? English, The student will create artwork or a written response that shows comprehension of a selection. Visual Arts, Subject, Symbols and Ideas, Each student will choose and evaluate a range of subject matter, symbols and ideas to communicate meanings in artwork. Does it reflect your geographic area, its history or a concept?

Do you have a mascot? Does it have a name?


For Level 1 exercise, students work in a group. For Levels 2 and 3 exercises, students can work in groups or individually.

Though others might also be identified, a few standards follow:. Divide the class into four groups. They are to name the sport and suggest names for some of the teams, giving the cities in which they are hosted.

Is this sport co-ed? The explanation of the new sport should include a descriptive section for each of the elements identified.

Each group is to present their sport to the rest of the class. Using the team names above, the type of sport and the team characteristics, students could design uniforms for these fictitious teams.

A "Portrait Gallery" is set up around the classroom, so the students are able to refer to portraits during later acts and better understand the characters' motives and relationships. Scott Fitzgerald's inspirations for both his characters and stories. When combined with writing about the passage, students will learn to appreciate how Dillard's writing contains a deeper message and derive satisfaction from the struggle to master complex text.

A team mascot could be chosen, drawn, named and outfitted appropriately. Lacrosse, the oldest sport inNorth America, is another good example. List these at the top of the board or on a large tablet. Ask students to offer as many synonyms as possible for each word for example: Lead a discussion of the changes in imagery, meaning and connotation brought by a change in the words used. What games were played by the native Americans who lived in our area? For what contemporary sports might these have been a foundation or show similarity?

Lead students in a discussion of team names. The names of the local junior varsity and varsity teams can be used to prompt a discussion around names given to professional sports teams.

Sports Section

What qualities do the names suggest? What are the differences between these two birds? Are these differences reflected in the type of sport played by each team? Ask students to do the next question 3. Should these team names ever be used? Are team names ever see more Can some team names be disrespectful or disparaging of a group? Some teams have had law suits brought against them because of their team names.

Locally, ina legal battle about the name Redskins began in the U. Patent and Trademark Office and courts. After background is given and discussion takes place, ask students to write a statement to persuade a judge to allow Redskins to remain the name of the team or to require that a new name be given to the team. Ask students if they would want to be the Gophers, the Eagles, the Fighters or the Rebels.

What connotations are associated with each name? What image would they use for each?

Hookup A Player Advice Columns Examples Of Figurative Language

What costume would their mascot wear? Popular Images Crowd Out the Unusual. After reading the article, questions might include: