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28 Aug For more than a century, American academic social science has advocated the ideal of “social justice,” supplanting the founding ideal of justice as equality In the early twentieth century, the individual came to be defined by the Social Gospel and progressive movements as the innocent victim of an unjust. 15 Jun "Discreet" Small-town Texas is the stage for a revenge-fueled melodrama that features a full panoply of Web-driven American culture, from video-lounge hookups to sex-starved teenage boys. Director Travis Mathews ("Interior. Leather Bar.") centers his twisted tale on the return of sexy drifter Alex (Jonny. Hookup Culture. After years of stereotypical depictions of intergenerational relationships in TV, porn and movies, it's increasingly clear that our community would do well to shed these hang-ups. . The way most of us talk about sex is rather messed up if you take a step back and let it all marinate in your mind for a minute.

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Once production of your article has started, you can track the status of your article via Track Your Accepted Article. Whereas the Inglehart account has lower internal and weaker construct validity, the Schwartz account is somewhat less consistent in its predications. The filmmakers make clear that this battle for the rights and humanity of Alabama's LGBTQ minority is an extension of the historic fight for equality of the races. There is no definitive understanding of the inherent function or purpose of dreams.

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The most cited articles published sinceextracted from Scopus. Political polarization on support for government spending on environmental protection in the USA, Volume 48, IssueJanuaryPages Since the early s, the American conservative movement has become increasingly hostile toward environmental protection and Congressional Republicans have become increasingly anti-environmental in their voting records. Party sorting theory holds that such political polarization among elites will likely extend to click here general public.

Analyzing General Social Survey data from towe examine whether political polarization has occurred on support for government spending on environmental protection over this time period in the US general public.

We find that there has been significant partisan and ideological polarization on support for environmental spending since consistent with the expectations of party sorting theory.

This political polarization on environmental concern in the general public will likely endure save for political convergence on environmental concern among elites in the near future. Such polarization likely will inhibit the further development and implementation of environmental policy and the diffusion of environmentally friendly behaviors.

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Why are religious people happy? The effect of the social norm of religiosity across countries Volume 42, Issue 1, JanuaryPages Drawing on social American Texas Intergenerational Hookup Definitions Of Art theories, we suggest that religiosity substantially increases subjective well-being if it is considered normative in a certain national context.

In Study 1, we test this hypothesis using an indicator of a country's social norm of religiosity that includes both the national level of religiosity and the social desirability of religion. The results of a multilevel regression analysis suggest that religious individuals are on average happier and more satisfied with life than non-religious individuals. This effect is stronger in religious countries with dominant negative attitudes towards non-believers.

In Study 2, we further examine whether the differences in social recognition of religious and non-religious individuals in countries where religiosity is normative account for this finding. The results of a moderated mediation analysis indicate that in religious countries, religious people report being treated with more respect, which partially explains their higher levels of happiness and life satisfaction.

These finding suggests that Western internalization has a negative impact on body ideals within Asian individuals, although further research is need to determine the mode of Western internalization and how its effects can be lessened. The focus was on the this web page between retrieval practice involving the process of recall fill in the blankretrieval practice involving recognition multiple choiceelaborative studying concept map with article present and a combination of retrieval and elaborative studying concept map without article present. Results showed that participants who identified as religious were significantly more likely to have negative attitudes about BDSM, be more sexually conservative, and be less sexually liberal than participants who identified as spiritual, agnostic, or atheist. Some influential educators sought to dismiss the traditional curriculum altogether, viewing it as a white, Christian, heterosexual-male product that unjustly valorized rational, abstract, and categorical thinking over the associative, experience-based, and emotion-laden thinking supposedly more congenial to females and certain minorities. No known studies have been conducted in Western Africa.

A double standard for "Hooking Up": How far have we come toward gender equality? Volume 42, Issue 5, SeptemberPages While sexual attitudes have liberalized in the past half century, research is mixed as to whether attitudes have become less gendered over time. Recent studies on college students' sexual and romantic relationships suggest that a sexual double standard continues to organize sexuality on many campuses.

Data from the Online College Social Life Survey shed light on students' evaluation of casual sex, or "hooking up. While three quarters of students do not hold different standards for men and women's hooking up, attitudes are more conservative than liberal, with almost half of students losing respect for men and women who hook up "a lot.

Gender, occupational plans, and college major selection Volume 42, Issue 4, JulyPages In this article, we analyze gender differences in college major selection for respondents to the Education Longitudinal Studyfocusing on educational pathways through college that lead to science, engineering, or doctoral-track medicine occupations and to non-doctoral track clinical and health sciences occupations.

We show that gender differences in college major selection remain substantial, even for a cohort in which rates of enrollment in postsecondary education are more than ten percent higher for young women than for young men. Consistent with other recent research, we demonstrate that neither gender differences in work-family goals nor in academic preparation explain a substantial portion of these differences.

However, the occupational plans of high school seniors are strong predictors of initial college major selection, a finding that is revealed only when occupational plans are measured with sufficient detail, here by using the verbatim responses of students. We also find that the association between occupational plans and college major selection is not attributable to work-family orientation or academic preparation.

Finally, we find gender please click for source in the associations between occupational plans and college major selection that are consistent with prior research on STEM attrition, as well as with the claim that attrition also affects the selection of majors that are gateways into doctoral-track medicine. We discuss the implications of the predictive power of occupational plans formed in adolescence for understanding sex segregation and for policies intended to create a gender-balanced STEM and doctoral-level medical workforce.

Religion, networks, and neighborliness: The impact of religious social networks on civic engagement Volume 42, Issue 2, MarchPages A substantial literature has found that religiosity is positively related to individuals' civic engagement and informal helping behavior. Concurrently, social networks as sources of information and encouragement have been suggested as the mechanism underlying phenomena including successful job searches, improved health and greater subjective well-being.

American Texas Intergenerational Hookup Definitions Of Art this paper we use data from the Portraits of American Life Study PALS to examine whether religiously based social networks explain the well-established relationship between religion and civic engagement. We test potential mechanisms including beliefs, affiliation, and social networks, and we find that having a strong network of religious friends explains the effect of church attendance for several civic and neighborly outcomes.

We suggest this phenomenon may exist click at this page other, non-religious, spheres that also produce strong friendship networks. Immigrant Integration policies and perceived Group Threat: Although immigrant integration policies have long been hypothesized to be associated with majority members' anti-immigrant sentiments, systematic empirical research exploring this relationship is largely absent.

To address this gap in the literature, the present research takes a cross-national perspective. Drawing from theory and research on group conflict and intergroup norms, we conduct two studies to examine whether preexisting integration policies that are more permissive promote or impede majority group members' subsequent negative attitudes regarding immigrants. For several Western and Eastern European countries, we link country-level information on immigrant integration policies from with individual-level survey data from the Eurobarometer For both studies, the results from multilevel regression models demonstrate that immigrant integration policies that are more permissive are associated with decreased perceptions of group threat from immigrants.

These findings suggest that immigrant integration policies are of key importance in improving majority members' attitudes regarding immigrants, which is widely considered desirable in modern immigrant-receiving societies. Trends in gender segregation in American Texas Intergenerational Hookup Definitions Of Art choice of science and engineering majors Volume 42, Issue 6, NovemberPages Numerous theories have been put forward for the high and continuing levels of gender segregation in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics STEM fields, but research has not systematically examined the extent to which these theories for the gender gap are consistent with actual trends.

Using both administrative data and four separate longitudinal studies sponsored by the U. Department of Education's National Center for Education Statistics NCESwe evaluate several prominent explanations for the persisting gender gap in American Texas Intergenerational Hookup Definitions Of Art fields related to mathematics performance and background and general life goals, and find that none of them are empirically satisfactory.

Instead, we suggest that the structure of majors and their linkages to professional training and careers may combine with gender differences in educational goals to influence the persisting gender gap in STEM fields.

An analysis of gendered career aspirations, course-taking patterns, and pathways to medical and law school supports this explanation. Does inequality erode social trust?

American Texas Intergenerational Hookup Definitions Of Art

Previous research has argued that income inequality reduces people's trust in other people, and that declining social trust in the United States in recent decades has been due to rising levels of income inequality.

Using multilevel models fitted to data from the General Social Survey, this paper substantially qualifies these arguments.

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We show that while people are less trusting in US states with higher income inequality, this association holds only cross-sectionally, not longitudinally; since the s, states experiencing larger increases in inequality have not suffered systematically larger declines in trust.

For counties, there is no statistically significant relationship either cross-sectionally or longitudinally. There is therefore only limited empirical support for the argument that inequality influences generalized social trust; and the declining trust of recent decades certainly cannot be attributed to rising inequality.

Quantitative analyses of racial disparities typically rely on a single categorical measure to operationalize race. We demonstrate the value of an approach that compares results obtained using various measures of race. Using a national probability sample of the Brazilian population that captured race in six formats, we first show how the racial composition of Brazil can shift from majority white to majority black depending on the classification scheme.

In addition, using quantile regression, we find that racial disparities are most severe at the upper end of the income distribution; that racial disparities in earnings are larger when race is defined by interviewers rather American Texas Intergenerational Hookup Definitions Of Art self-identified; and that those classified as " black" suffer a greater wage penalty than those classified as " brown.

More generally, our analysis demonstrates that comparison of results across measures represents a neglected source of analytic leverage for advancing empirical knowledge and theoretical understanding of how race, see more a multidimensional social construct, contributes to the production of social inequality.

The influence of habitus in the relationship between cultural capital and academic achievement Volume 42, Issue 1, JanuaryPages Scholars routinely use cultural capital theory in an effort to explain class differences in academic success but often overlook the key concept of habitus. Rich, longstanding debates within the literature suggest the need for a closer examination of the individual effects of cultural capital and habitus. Drawing upon the writings of Pierre Bourdieu, I use a longitudinal dataset to examine the effects of multiple operationalizations of cultural capital on academic achievement and the mediating effects of habitus.

Using first difference models to control for time-invariant unobserved characteristics, I find that typical operationalizations of cultural capital i.

American Texas Intergenerational Hookup Definitions Of Art

These results stress the importance of habitus in the relationship between cultural capital and academic achievement for disadvantaged youth. Family structure instability and mobility: The consequences for adolescents' problem behavior Volume 42, Issue 1, JanuaryPages Adolescents who experience changes in parents' union status are more likely than adolescents in stable family structures to engage in problem behavior.

We ask whether the link between family structure transitions and problem behavior in adolescence may be explained in American Texas Intergenerational Hookup Definitions Of Art by the residential and school mobility that co-occur with family structure change. Our analysis uses nationally-representative data from a two-generation study to read article the relative effects of family instability and mobility on the self-reported problem behavior of adolescents who were Residential and school mobility only minimally attenuate the association of family structure changes with behavior problems for younger girls and older adolescents.

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Exposure to peer American Texas Intergenerational Hookup Definitions Of Art has a larger attenuating effect. We conclude that although mobility often co-occurs with family structure change, it has independent effects on problem behavior.

Individual environmental concern in the world polity: A multilevel analysis Volume 42, Issue 2, MarchPages The authors assess the extent to which national-level integration in the world polity influences individual-level concern for the environment.

While theoretically-derived propositions about such relationships have a deep history in comparative sociology, they-with few exceptions-remain untested. Consistent with past research, employed national-level measures of world polity integration include the relative presence of environmental international nongovernmental organizations EINGOs and the existence of environmental ministries. Results of multilevel analyses of individual-level environmental concern in 37 nations indicate that both forms of world polity integration increase the likelihood of individual-level environmental concern, net of other national-level factors and individual-level characteristics; although we find stronger support for the influence of EINGOs as a key variable indicating world polity connection.

The findings provide unique support for world polity theory, suggesting that future research should consider how elements of world polity integration influence other forms of individual attitudes and behaviors.