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Note: This article is intended to dispel some of the mysteries surrounding this feature, as the matchmaking process happens largely behind the scenes. The article does not cover the skill-based matchmaking of League Play, which matches players more strictly on skill rank. The first step in the matchmaking process starts at. Is it KDR based, prestige-based, or both? I'mKD (have bad FPS on this terribad computer), but consistently get put up against 2KD higher players. How does skillbased matchmaking work? / BTs! After a year's worth of trying, finally got FAM! Awaiting Resident Evil 6 and Zelda 3DS. Question: How does matchmaking work in Call of Duty? Answer: When players enter the multiplayer game lobby in Call that are released, the more matchmaking pools there are. For example, players with DLC Packs 1, 2, and 3 will only be matched with other players who also have those three DLC map packs installed.

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How Does Matchmaking Work In Black Ops 3

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Help Why does everyone hate Skill Based Matchmaking? Im ignorant in this entirely, so forgive me if this is a dumb question. To me, it seems like a great idea. Allows weaker players to not get destroyed by strong players and for strong players to have some challenge against other strong players. Whats wrong with it? Theres a couple reasons. Running something like Nomad's Rejack ability will just guarantee you an extra few deaths every game.

Want to use a shotgun? Too bad, because if it's a small map, you can expect to see 11 Vespers. It takes the fun out of the game when every match feels like you're playing in the final round of a tournament. Call of Duty is a casual game. There is a ranked mode for a reason. For the record, those of How Does Matchmaking Work In Black Ops 3 who are against SBMM aren't against it because we want to pub stomp constantly.

We are against it because the cons vastly outweigh the pros. To be percent truthful and real. Hence they're not so good and they don't want to find out by going up against someone with skill or the same skill.

AW had SBMM and it prioritised stats over connection meaning you got laggy terrible matches rendering the skill they based matches on redundant. Currently the game has Connection Based MatchMaking. This means you'll be matched with people who have a similar connection to you. Its mainly because people don't want to sweat all the time they hop on this game, they just want to have a click here good time.

For me it's all about variety. With strong SBMM, if you're a good player, you're essentially forced to use the best of everything if you want to keep up. For example, I love working towards challenges and using odd setups from time to time but if I'm constantly against similar skilled players that are using VMPs, Vespers, or Kudas, I won't stand a chance and I'll be forced to fall in with what everyone else is using if I want any kills.

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Variety from game to game is also very important to me to keep the game fresh and exciting. I love hopping into a game and not knowing what to expect.

How Does Matchmaking Work In Black Ops 3

One game I may have a really tough fight and have to try my hardest which can be really exciting but it gets old if this happens every game. The next game might be way more relaxed and I can have a shot at high streaks or a nuclear or I can mess around with some really odd setup and actually have fun with it; again, this gets old fast if this happens every single game.

Off topic, but just want to say that your vids have helped me immensely with map awareness and gunskill. Lobby balancing isn't SBMM, it's balancing the teams based on performance, it's not skill.

Skill would take a lot of factors into play, balance is just looking at the last performance and assuming they'll do the same. I would gladly post a screen shot of the games I play where I'm destroying by almost double the score of my teammates, and then next game, they're on the other team with a plenty high score. Each game can be different. I know its not in Black Ops 3. I was How Does Matchmaking Work In Black Ops 3 reading around this sub and came to the conclusion that most people dont like it and was ignorant as to why.

I know you were just looking for an answer, just wanted to ensure you knew it wasn't in BO3, and others that it's not there. Team balance looks at performance on an individual level, and frankly your performance as an individual player, not partied, varies, so there's no way it's going to balance the team 'correctly' or at least in a way that won't cause people to complain. SBMM isn't a garnish that you sprinkle on top of a lobby to make it balanced.

These are two different things. Matchmaking is a system to find players to fill a lobby. If it prioritize player skills then it is SBMM.

Team balancing happens after the game lobby is filled. This process isn't called SBMM because it's a post-matchmaking process. It's simply team balancing. Vahn stated before the game released that mm will be based on connection and balancing will have a form of SBMM. Take it up with him.

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If you have played this game at all, you can clearly see that balancing is not balanced at all especially for players with high stats. Even company lobbyist like Drftor complained about the bad balancing. I know he said repeatedly that the MM is based on connection but Visit web page never heard him specifically say that balancing 'will have a form of SBMM'.

SBMM is a very specific thing. I think you misinterpreted what he said. I have played this game once or twice. Just because you get in a lobby and have 5 or less potatoes on your team, I've had W's where the other team had 5 potatoes and a competent player.

Then the next round, those 5 potatoes were on my team I had the top score with the W the previous gameso you would think we lost right? No we won that game two, did I carry the potatoes?

Sure maybe a little but suddenly no one on my team was negative, I can't control that, players play inconsistently sometimes a potato isn't always a potato.

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Has nothing to do with winning or losing. Being the top player in the lobby means you will always have the newer on the your team.

The only time team the balancing seems to work best is when you have two top players in the lobby but when you have 1 player who towers over the other 11 players it seems to screw with the balancing. Because it doesnt work.

So they want perfect worlds. I have found zombie lobbies without a problem, I've played other games online, watched movies, etc. Thanks for your quick answer! Sign up for free! Bringing it to public playlists just doesn't make sense and that in turn, makes the game's multiplayer lag very badly and overall makes the game less enjoyable.

As soon as SBMM will be implemented, people just trash their stats to get matched with noobs every game. Wouldnt change anything, so no reason to put it in. Also people will just have their friend with the lowest stats be party leaderand you're back to square one. Because they shouldnt sacrifice connection quality for skill matching.

I'd be fine with it if they had dedicated servers. AW style sbmm gave too much priority to stats. It also pulled from Ghosts and BO2 stats. If you had decent stats, you were only put link foreign laggy lobbies.

On my main account I would only get in Brazilian and Russian lobbies. On my alt account with trash stats I would connect to US lobbies all day long and never have an issue with the connection. There should have been some threshold How Does Matchmaking Work In Black Ops 3 if it doesn't find people in your region with stats near yours it looks for the best connection in your region. I live in upstate NY. There is no reason I should be connecting to only Russian and Brazilian lobbies.

At least not on a consistent basis. It would have been bad enough if it only considered stats from AW. Since it pulled those other stats though, it made it way too strong. Also most of the time when Condrey was asked about it on social media, he would blow it off and then just plug some new microtransactions or something. I have no shame in admitting that I just want to pubstomp people without having to try.

In other genres of games, I completely enjoy an even skill level and a hard challenge.

More so than both of new Call of Duties due to high player counts. Quality Original Content please. All other trademarks and trade names are property of their respective owners.