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How to Get Someone to Kiss You

Part I: How to Get a Guy to Kiss You

How to Get a Guy to Kiss You. Have you been dreaming of that first kiss with your special someone, but it seems like he's never going to make a move? Chances are, he's nervous and might not know how you would react. Follow these steps to. . I guess the point of me opening up and telling you this is that if a girl can make me want to kiss her she has really done something special because I am ultra selective. So, by that logic if you can make me want to kiss you then you should be able to make any guy want to kiss you. Luckily, I am going to show you exactly how. 28 Jul First, he can't kiss you from across the room or even across the table. For him to kiss you, things have to be intimate. If they're not, make them. There's many ways you can do this. You can lie or sit close to him when you're watching television. You can jump on him or tickle him playfully when the two of you.

You've been going out for awhile now. You're really feeling this guy and you can tell there's a mutual attraction. He drops you off at your door, smiles that little smile, says he had a great time, and leaves.

How To Make A Guy Kiss U

Is it your breath? Do you have a cold sore? Why won't he kiss you?

I have been rejected for a kiss two times in my life and let me tell you it embarrasses me to this day. When asking how to get him to kiss you, you might not want to be too obvious about it. If you would like more information on creating an emotional connection with an ex please learn more about my E-Book.

It all depends upon the makeup of your guy. Some men are shy, awkward little devils.

They can be so shy, in fact, that they have to be lured in to kissing you, while others are macho and bold and will kiss you on the first date. You could have a shy soul who wants to kiss you, but is awkward in the skills department. So, here we go. Don't place your hand on his knee and start rubbing it. That is so obvious. Create a warm, cozy, intimate atmosphere for the two of you.

How to Get Him to Kiss You - Lets Talk Hookup!

Of course, not just any kind of smile. We're talking about a "come hither" smile, the kind that invites a man in with your mouth and eyes in synchronicity. While your mouth curls, your eyes speak volumes: Then, go back to his eyes.

Don't go overboard on this, like some desperate lech.

How To Make A Guy Kiss U

Just do it naturally. Unless this guy is an intergalactic space alien, he'll know what you're doing and why. Those awkward, geeky types are sometimes clueless. That's the media, and unfortunately, most guys just aren't like that and can sometimes feel rather inadequate when it comes to the romantic side of a relationship.

Ask him what he likes about you. He'll say blah, blah, blah, whatever he likes about you. When he asks what you like about himtell him you like his lips and how soft they look. Say it with the warmest of smiles. He'll be flattered, and he'll probably blush and hopefully let you test that out.

Take eye contact a step further and look at his lips. If he only wants to be friends, then you cannot just make him like you. Finally, if this guy still hasn't kissed you, turn the tables and kiss him.

Then try the old stand-by: If he does neither, move closer to him while still rubbing your arms. Finally, if this guy still hasn't kissed you, turn the tables and kiss him.

Don't jump on top of him and devour him like some blood-starved vampiress. Just lean in quietly and give him a nice smooch. Draw back and keep talking, as though kissing him was the most natural thing to do at that time. This article was originally published at Task.

Kissing 101 – How To Make Any Man Kiss You

Reprinted with permission from the author. Love February 13, It's all about nuance.

How To Get A Guy To Kiss You

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