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5 Aug The Cancer man tries to hide his emotional vulnerability, but it's there for all to see. He naturally attracts those who want to mother him and is at home among the ladies. Cancer men are sensitive water signs, but they're also strong, and often very masculine. They're the most lovable of men -- when they let. Signs a Cancer Man Loves You. Have you ever met a guy making you feel secure, safe and loved? A woman would love if her man suddenly, in public, reaches out and throws his arm across her shoulders. You are such a lucky girl if getting involved with a male Cancerian in a romantic relationship. This guy will take care of. Cancer male likes mature and aggressive woman, but she must act in cute way. Build up confidence for him. Nurture him, advice him, make him laugh. But.

What A Cancer Man Wants In A Woman

Present a homely, feminine aura by dressing in a flirty outfit and wearing floral perfume. Speak softly and compassionately.

Emotional and moody people. Treat your current partner with kindness and compassion and live your life without worry or anxiety about the future. It is not a good position for either of you to be in, but it is actually more common than you think. We always appreciate when our readers share with our community. Please feel free to continue to share your thoughts and feeling in the future.

Emphasize your love of family, get to know his own family, and speak of his family members positively. Keep an organized appearance and don't be too spontaneous. Ask him for help and shower him with attention and genuine compliments.

Don't contradict or correct him harshly. Try to see him regularly and listen to him attentively.

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Featured Articles Astrology Relationships. Present a traditional feminine aura. Most Cancer men are attracted to women who are highly feminine in a very traditional way. Subconsciously, a Cancer male will be looking for a woman who fits his image of the ideal wife and mother. Everything from your appearance to your mannerisms should ooze femininity. Slip on a sensual, flirty outfit before you approach him, like a dress that hugs your curves in all the right places.

Floral perfumes in classic scents, like rose, can also create the perfect here ambiance around you. Avoid acting too boyish around him. Show off your homemaking skills. After you get to know him a little, take the initiative and show off your ability to keep house in a very traditional manner. One of the easiest ways to do this is through cooking.

Cook up a meal or treat for him, or invite him over to cook a complex recipe with you. Keep in mind, however, that the Cancer man is a little more withdrawn and may resist your affections if he believes that you're coming on too fast. Inviting him back to your for a meal the first time you meet him will probably end in rejection.

Wait until you have already established some sort of bond with him before you extend an invitation into your home. Article source your love of family. You should talk about the love you have for your current family as well as any dreams you have about marrying and starting a family of your own. Cancer men generally dream of having children someday, so it'll help your case dramatically if your dreams are in line with his.

How To Attract, Chase And Make A Cancer Man Fall In Love With You

When talking about your current family, focus on the maternal side. Talk about things you have learned from your mother or time you have recently spent with your mother. Cancer is a classic mama's boy, and if you can show a love for your mother that rivals the love he has for his own, you can connect to him more easily. Connect to the people close to him. As long as your Cancer man has a functional family, he will probably be very close to them.

The sooner you can get to know his family, the sooner you can attract him as a potential mate. Once again, the Cancer man tends to be a mama's boy. If you can meet his mother and get on her good side, you can quickly promote yourself in his eyes.

If he did not have a good relationship with his family growing up, chances are, it was not by his choice.

What A Cancer Man Wants In A Woman

A Cancer man who did not receive the love of family from his actual family will probably view his circle of friends as his family, instead. In this case, your best bet is to get on good terms with his friends. Focus on his female friends, though, since getting too cozy with his male buddies might cause him to distrust your affection for him.

Talk about his family in a positive way. Invite him to talk about his own family and connect other topics of conversation back to his family as often as possible. Always do so in a positive light, though, and avoid anything that could sound like an insult toward those he loves.

For instance, if you've seen his mother and he shares some resemblance with her, mention it to him. Keep a neat, organized appearance. Cancers are neat, orderly guys. As such, they click to see more generally find women who can be equally organized more appealing than those who are complete slobs.

Any space you claim in front of the Cancer male should be clean. Even if you are unable to keep up with his level of tidiness, you need to make a good effort at it. In other words, don't invite him into your personal space if your desk is covered in papers or if your apartment is covered in dirty laundry.

You do not need to have everything labeled and filed away into neat little packages, but some basic cleanliness and a lack of clutter will go a long way. Ask him to help you organize your space. If you do have a cluttered area, tell him about it before he finds out on his own by asking him to help you organize it.

The appeal of this petition is three-fold: The occasional romantic surprise is fine, but as a general rule, avoid making any sudden wild suggestions or demanding something without any warning. Cancer guys like to keep all aspects of their life organized. This includes both physical space and intangible time. Ask him for help.

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Cancers What A Cancer Man Wants In A Woman to assume the traditional male role of provider and protector. Give him the chance to provide for you in some way by asking for his help. The situation does not need to be anything major, but it helps if you choose a task that your Cancer dreamboat usually just click for source at so that he can complete it thoroughly and impressively.

Ask him for help when you move into a new office or apartment, or if you go shopping for a new car. If nothing quite so dramatic lies ahead of you, however, look for smaller excuses. For example, ask his opinion about a dilemma you have at work, even if you've secretly solved the issue yourself. Satisfy his craving for affection. Even though Cancers like to assume a traditional male role, they are also fairly in touch with their emotions. They crave love on an emotional level, so don't be afraid to shower them with affection.

The more your actions demonstrate your affection, the more likely your Cancer man is to respond in kind. Offer a kind word about his appearance, his skills, or the way he makes you feel. Compliments make your Cancer feel good about himself, and he can appreciate a woman who gives him the sort of buzz you'll provide whenever you tell him how wonderful he is. Make sure that your compliments are genuine and subtle, though. If a Cancer man suspects that you are trying to flatter him, he might become uncomfortable and start to withdraw source you.

Plus, showing your own willingness to open up can demonstrate how much you want him or need him in your life. Remember that Cancers tend to be insecure.

You want to catch the attention of this man, let him know that you adore children and animals. Made in love August 13, at 3: Thank you for responding. Be with cancer male by: Everything was good in the beginning.

The quickest way to establish a sense of emotional security with your Cancer crush is to more info the first emotional investment. Try not to contradict him. Everyone is wrong sometimes, and the Cancer man is no exception. That said, since Cancers are so emotionally reactive, they tend to lash out when directly contradicted or corrected in a harsh manner.

When you need to correct him, be tactful and persuasive. Similarly, when he gets angry or upset, do not lash back in response. Wait for him to calm What A Cancer Man Wants In A Woman on his own rather than trying to force him into a calmer state. Oftentimes, real attraction is not instantaneous with a Cancer man. You will need to enter within his field of vision on a fairly regular basis before he comes to appreciate your presence there.

Make the first move. Cancers tend to be shy, so gather up your courage and approach him first. The key is to present yourself in a non-aggressive way. Introduce yourself and cement your existence in his mind, but never push or pry your way inside his personal bubble, especially if he seems uncomfortable. You'll need to be assertive, but indirectly so. Persistence is important here.

Show him that you're genuinely interested in him by continually making the effort to approach him. A Cancer guy can be a little insecure at times, but once you calm those insecurities and demonstrate that your interest is real and lasting, he can feel comfortable enough to develop his own attraction and affection for you in return.

Never confess your feelings directly. Dealing with a Cancer man can be incredibly complex and may test your patience. As someone who likes to assume the traditional male role in a relationship, he will probably want to confess his feelings first and may find you less attractive if you jump first. On the other hand, you have to make your feelings so obviously clear to him that he has very little reason to doubt your attraction to him.

Cancer men are usually attracted to women who will share their feelings, but you'll be even more attractive if you demonstrate a willingness to really listen to everything he says. He needs to open up at his own pace and may do so slowly, but if you want to become an attractive person in his eyes, you'll need to be a trustworthy presence every step of the way.