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Neda Canada Big Brother And Jon Hookup

Jon evicts Neda and Neda's eviction interview

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28 Feb -Who will be the first couple to hook up? -Who will cry In a game as cut-throat as Big Brother Canada, the house guests will grow tired of Anick before she even has time to unpack her yoga mat. Second . Neda Kalantar: fashion stylist from BC ready to storm the house with her no-holds-barred attitude. For those of you that never followed Big Brother Canada before, I highly recommend it, so far every season has been as good, if not better than, BBUSA. The live feeds are free, and . So when the opportunity to turn on Neda presented it'self, Ika pounced and the Beauty and the Greek trounced their rival. With the vets' head. 28 Mar When you put a group of people together in close quarters for long periods of time with no contact with the outside world, a few things are bound to happen: friendships will form, alliances will emerge, tempers will flare and sparks will fly! Since debuting in , the "Big Brother Canada" house has played.

Just a refresher in how double eviction works. There is some confusion about when she can use the veto. This is what they said during the episode.

Big Brother Canada Season 2 Double Eviction Results

Allison has left Sabrina and Rachelle and moved to the side of the house with the power I expect a lot of this behaviour to come from Allison. Sarah is most likely going home and this leaves Kenny with just the gremlins Sabrina and Rachelle. At the very least one of the members will be used as a pawn waking them all up to the fact every week someone has to go home.

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Heather and Neda just destroyed the biggest target in back to back HOH. Really hope these two ends up in the finals. Nominated Rachelle and Sabrina. Adel, Heather and Arlie were picked to play in the veto. Ernic Andrew must be imploding somewhere. I bet you really want to beat Heather in the face Now. A lot of folks will be happy if Kenny Jon And Neda Hookup Big Brother Canada right behind Sarah.

Lets look at it pragmatically. Nasty talk, nasty actions that were mean spirited and I think the biggie was they were controllingdominating the game completely. The very same basically if the spoilers are true.

On and on we go…. Wow what a yawn fest that will be! Thankfully this is also the point where flip the house must happen. Those 2 are live votes!

BBCAN5 Neda Kalantar's Journey to Eviction - Fuckbook Hook Ups!

You take a shot next Thursday or wait til F6 when it happens naturally. Needs Allison, Neda, Heather or some combo of 2 plus Roro voting to evict. Arlie Jon and Adel are targets because they are men. Allison will use that veto next week regardless. Likely after being backdoored. HOH will have a lot to do with who goes home next Thursday.

Tell me it's not obvious. Way to go Neda!! They then see something else on the screen and comment on how they could see Paul talking without audio. Hey Dawg and Simon, last year you put the finale on this site, will you be doing it again for this season? I wished they would just give them more freedom instead of constantly telling them what to say or what not to say inside the house….

Because with Kenny gone we may get a snooze fest the rest of the season. Hunny those words are now marked like a grave and I cant wait to point you out as the fraud you are.

I think the inevitability of the Sloppy Seconds turning on each other makes it all very interesting. Kenny is pretty much screwed…. She was clearly happy when she was able to defeat Kenny but not after Arlie. Hopefully Slobrina goes out next. Speaking of poetic justice. The two Gremlins on the block might eat each other alive. So yes I believe her actions towards Heather is what sent her Packing.

Game play …low down Kenny … Rode on coat tails of Sabrina. Im pretty sure Arlie could have won every comp he played in. Pretty sure he handed that HOH to Neda. I could be wrong. I have been saying for awhile now if they were smart no Jon And Neda Hookup Big Brother Canada would trust Arlie and they would get him out as soon as they can!

He is the only one that has been click looking out for 1 and not just playing a game for his alliance. The gloves will be coming off soon and it should get really interesting! Why on earth did she vote to evict Sabrina? I think she voted for Sabrina to try to sow some distrust on the other side. They are obviously going to learn more here who the lone vote for Sabrina was.

I think the only person paranoid enough to worry or care about who voted for Sabrina will be Sabrina. For all those that said Neda was useless, she just got the most dangerous player out of the game! Way to go Neda!! I can see Wallpaper holding a grudge for that one.

She knows if it was between Kenny or Rachelle, Sabrina would vote out Rachelle…. Because Sabs to Rachelle if she had to pick between Kenny and her … she would pick Kenny to stay article source, sorry ….

Two possible scenarios as to why Rachelle would vote to evict Sabrina: For all she knew, they all could have been voting Sabrina out. Both Sarah and Kenny were pretty nasty and both deserved to go. They also were pretty stupid in their gameplay.

Kenny pretty much threw Sarah under the bus when he used the Veto on himself, he knew she was going up and he knew she would be sent home- him trying to pretend otherwise is pretty much a joke.

If he was picked, Adel would have used his power to keep him off, so he was pretty much toast as soon as Neda won HOH. I am hoping Sabrina goes next because she is an awful person and I am sick of seeing her face in the house. If Sabrina survives this week — I think she may have an argument to stay. I see the alliance turning against each other after Rachelle…. Sabrina could argue that no one will give her votes if she goes to the final 2.

It would be a sad a weird twist since she may actually win if she makes it to final 2 — key puppet master for 1st5 and final 2 after being one of the key targets… Thoughts? IF big if she had a moment of clarity…. Maybe she thought the others were all voting out Sabrina so, to show Jon And Neda Hookup Big Brother Canada rest she was on board, she voted her out.

Now Sabrina is going to go crazy trying to figure out who the lone vote was and Rachelle will deny, deny, deny.

Jon And Neda Hookup Big Brother Canada

Whoever said that the game will get boring now is wrong. The house will start to turn on each other. Thinking Jon, Arlie and Ned stay tight ….

Jon and neda dating janel

Allison is up to something …. But Greg I thought she would be instantly evicted if she tell anyone. If she did that she should be gone too. No Gregory, Allison did not tell Kenny she had a veto.

So Kenny needed to win HOH. She also told him she had his back. I have a feeling Rachelle loyal lap dog? No way will Sabrina win if she makes it to the final two. She had good game play for a little bit 1st 5 had her do their dirty work but all that stopped once Andrew was evicted.

And thanks to both him and Neda for some great game. For all those that said Neda was useless, she just got the most dangerous player out of the game! The visually bitter Neda Kalantar walked away with only regrets and disappointment in not being the one to have been able to cut Jon had she beat him in the final part of the 3 part HOH competition. That was her ultimate downfall: Neda played a great game, but stumbled in two big competition situations that counted near the end:

She has done absolutely nothing, no game play in 2 weeks now. All she does is cry and manipulate and believe her own lies. Hope once out of the house she gets the help she needs. Glad to see Kenny and Sarah go. IS it just me or do you think these two are gonna hook up for a night?

The attraction between them is more than emotional. Kenny used to be bi and only recently came out he was gay. I find it hard to watch and she just weirds me out.

She knows he is GAY she openly spoke about the love she has for her husband. You are obviously a closed of person. Must not have been given many hugs as a child. Does anyone know why Rachelle voted for Sabrina to leave? Did they have a fight over something today? If so I guess u missed. I loved that Andrew. I so wanted him to win.

On a side note this show is pretty awesome right now too.

Jon And Neda Hookup Big Brother Canada

Is it Jon that won HOH? They seem to be asking him for things in the HOH room…yes I think it is him.