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16 Dec 7. "Grow Old With Me" by Mary Chapin Carpenter. In this country pop remake of a John Lennon song, the narrator shares a simple request to her lover to make their life's journey together: Grow old along with me. Whatever fate decrees. We will see it through. For our love is true. God bless our love. 12 Mar Whether old, new or unrequited, love comes in abundant supply in country music. But try and put one of “They have a dynamic that just exudes passion when they sing a love song together,” says Jay Orr, a Hall of Fame VP. 8. BREATHE An achingly tender ballad about getting a second shot at love. Love is the most relatable theme in the entire world. Everyone feels it for someone or something at least once in their life, or wishes they could feel it. Songs about love and romance never get old or trite because we never stop feeling love. Country music has some of the most romantic songs of all time because of its raw.

FlourishAnyway believes there is a playlist for just about any situation and is on a mission to unite and entertain the world through song. A guy once walked straight into a telephone pole looking at me. But I can promise you that doesn't happen anymore. I'm staring down middle age like a deer caught in an wheeler's high beams.

Being young—fresh-faced, limber, full of energy and hope—was marvelous. However, my 40s are even better.

Country Song About Growing Old Together

There's a sense of confidence and purpose that didn't exist before. It turns out that the wisdom of experience is a decent trade-off for everything that isn't quite what it used to be. Well, at least so far it is. Besides, aging is sure better than its alternative, right death? Rather than cursing what you cannot control, why not celebrate the honor of growing old with a playlist of pop, rock and country songs about aging?

We have a long list to help get you started. This song reflects the earnest hope of a young lover who seeks to spend the rest of his days with the one he loves most in this world. He forecasts outward changes of their greying hair as well as their aging hands and bodies. However, he seeks to share all that life has to offer with her. In this rock song, a man describes his life extending from ages 15 to as well as his relationship with the woman he loves.

At 15, he feels he has all the time in the world to dream, but as time passes by he becomes more aware of his mortality.

Larry - All my best to you and your family this holiday season. He says you should go out there with an open mind, taking each blow with some humor, and making each day worth living. Those special songs talk abou ….

He realizes that years isn't all that much time after all. This catchy rock song is a nod to the middle-agers among us who prefer the familiar pop culture of our youth to that of today. Country Song About Growing Old Together song describes Debbie, a woman who once had like, righteous dreams of being a Hollywood actress and dancing seductively on Whitesnake's car—in a half shirt and big hair, no doubt. And if you don't remember who Whitesnake was, you slept through the 's.

But poor Debbie is like doomed to an average life in suburbia, married at age 24 to a CPA, her dreams up in flames. Now, she's wearing mom jeans and raising two bratty teenagers who tell her how big time uncool she is. If they only knew her back in the day! When you were in high school, you probably had no idea that those were the good years, the glory days that you'd look back one day and reminisce about.

Country Song About Growing Old Together this rock classic, a man who was a baseball player and a woman who could really turn the young guys' heads talk about their lives in the good old days. Tell the young whippersnappers you know to live it up right so that when their days pass them by, at least they'll have their stories. And they can share them over and over and over just like us older folks do now.

This touching rock song describes an adult's realization that someday his parents will be gone and he'll be on his own. He seeks the comfort and security that he knew at an earlier age, but time won't slow down for anything or anyone:. Don't know how else to say it I don't want to see my parents go One generation's length away From fighting life out on my own. Stop this train I want to get off and go home again I can't take the speed it's moving in. They say that you're only as young as you feel, and in this classic rock song, the narrator provides good wishes to a parting friend that they'll always feel youthful.

How old do you feel? Does your inside age check this out what you see in the mirror?

In this country pop remake of a John Lennon song, the narrator shares a simple request to her lover to make their life's journey together:.

What a great list. Lace up those dancing shoes and never take them off. Sounds like a lot of work to cheer this guy up forever, but hey Just thought I'd put my two cents in However, you did say "mostly" not fully monogamous, so that's link why you left the penguins out.

Grow old along with me Whatever fate decrees We will see it through For our love is true God bless our love. This Grammy-nominated country song from was the Possum at his spunkiest. He declared that his body was old but ain't impaired You can also keep your Geritol, Medicare, and forget about retirement. Of course, you can only hide from old age and the Grim Reaper for so long. Death eventually caught up with ole' George in ; the legendary country star died at the age of In this rock song, a year-old man takes a nostalgic look back at his youth: But teenagers need years of life experience to appreciate just how good they had it.

The woman in this pop song has the unfortunate impression that at 30 and still unmarried, her life is all but over. Whereas at 22 she was full of confidence and hope, now she subsists desperately on one-night stands and broken dreams of Prince Charming.

Get over yourself, 'Lil Missy! At 30, you still have your whole life ahead of you, whether you have a husband or not! The narrator in this touching pop song describes lessons he's picked up along the way in his 60 years of living so far. Although he finds fame and travels the world, his life centers on relationships: Ah, the circle of life! The seasonality of life is expressed in this classic rock song, Country Song About Growing Old Together expressed in Ecclesiastes 3.

In fact, except for "Turn! No other Top 40's song can claim that, can it? Goodbyes are the hardest part of aging; you can find yourself suddenly alone.

An elderly man recalls his relationship with his wife as a series of unexpected moments in this pop song. They unexpectedly fell in love then spent their lives together raising Country Song About Growing Old Together children.

Suddenly, her cancer came back, and she passed out of his life as quickly as she came into it. A trucker who's been out on the road for several weeks is feeling the strain of his age in this country song. Many middle-agers can identify; they straddle two worlds, the carefree years of youth and the aches of old age. In this chart topping country song, an aging Click to see more Xer with a mortgage, SUV and all the trappings of maturity recalls his youth with fondness.

If you grew up in the s and 80s, then there's no doubt that the cultural elements mentioned in this song will remind you of your youth:. The narrator in this country song smartly observes that " the only thing that stays the same is everything changes, everything changes. He traces the changes in his father, mother, sister and brother throughout the years from when the children are babies, up through their teens, and into their older years. By the end of the song, the sister is a single grandmother, the brother is on a diet for his cholesterol, the father has died, and the mother has dementia.

And time marches on.

"I Keep on Lovin' You"

The man in this song promises to look after his sweetheart for all of their days together and seeks the same assurance from her. He says he'll feel the same way about her when she is 70 as he does at When your legs don't work like they used to before And I can't sweep you off of your feet Will your mouth still remember the taste go here my love? Will your eyes still smile from your cheeks? How do you stay young at heart?

Tell us in the Comments Section below. In this fun country hit froman over-the-hill cowboy walks into a bar. When he is propositioned and again when a bar fight breaks out, he acknowledges that back in his prime he was up for both challenges.

However, our narrator is now past his prime. That may or may not stop him from talking smack, fighting back or taking someone up on a dare. Not everyone gets wiser with age. Some people just get older, ya know. Well ain't this the unvarnished truth? This humorous country song describes a man's Country Song About Growing Old Together with his aging body, including his balding head, pot belly, and sagging chest and rear end.

He looks so different from the younger version of himself that he doesn't even recognize himself in the mirror. This light-hearted song comes from the comedy film, Country Song About Growing Old Together Wedding Singer. The narrator seeks to impress his lover by describing all the ways he will take care of her as they grow old together.

From keeping her warm to doing the dishes to letting her hold the remote control, he understands that it's the little things in life that add up over the years.

Tom Odell - Grow Old with Me - Roommate Hookup!

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Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Rajan - Thank you for stopping by. The older we get, the luckier we should feel to have those breaths. Have a lovely week. I love that chart you are getting old when Personally, I feel each breath is a bonus and one ought to make the best of each one, however long or short time we have. Though it's easier said than done, isn't it?

Country Song About Growing Old Together

Thanks for your comment. Why did you put the Bengals as the artist for Hazy Shade of Winter? If you have to be older, you might as well laugh about it. I really enjoyed your hub. Great job in putting all this together!

10 Country Songs About Growing Old Together

It was really funny too.