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The Dating Equation: ½(your age) + 7 - | - Science of Relationships

The rule to define the youngest that a romantic interest can be before the relationship is indecent. 8 Sep Was fun when we did hook up, the cons I found quite annoying. I found women closer to my .. I occasionally hook up with girls significantly younger than me and that's fun, but I couldn't seriously date someone in their early or mid 20's. Half your age plus 7: that's the rule for minimum dating age. That said. Graph of the half-age-plus-seven rule. The "never date anyone under half your age plus seven" rule is a rule of thumb sometimes used to prejudge whether an age difference is socially acceptable. Although the origin of the rule.

Because she was pretty half American, half Peruvian, fluent in Spanish and very well-read in both languages and I saw her standing by herself in the kitchen at a house party so I went up to say hi. We hit it off and hung out at the party together, spent the next day Hookup Half Your Age Plus 7 messages back and forth on Facebook, and the following night, she came over to watch a movie. We went to bed and stayed there until 4: It lasted until she went to Texas for a summer internship and after that it faded out.

But it was wonderful while it lasted. I'm glad you see it has a great time you had together. I feel like people always focus so much on the break up to realize they had a amazing time being together and now you move on. The rule is for dating someone click to see more than you.

Someone older than you will most certainly be older than 'half your age plus seven'. Not in most places even most English-speaking placespeople just often assume it is because the age of consent in California is I was 48 and he We met doing the same sport and just developed an amazing chemistry.

Has anyone ever broken the 'Half your age +7' rule? If so, how/why? : AskMen

He asked me out six times before I realized he was "asking me out". My current partner is 46 and I am I didn't plan on us being together for long, but here we are a year and a half later.

We're not perfect by any means, but he was pretty much everything I wanted in a partner. He's smart, kind, has views I mostly agree with, he challenges me, he's funny, he has the best tattoos ever, and we have great sex.

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Honestly, in the end age is mostly just a number. Is it a here Hookup Half Your Age Plus 7 that he could have a child my same age?

Is it weird when people ask if he's my dad? But in the end our relationship is mostly good and I'm glad I gave him a chance.

Plus I get to tease him, often, about how he's an old man--so win for me. Yes, I was 42 and he was I'm always going to kick myself over the 45 year old hot cougar who was throwing herself at me and I just let her go. She said I reminded her of her ex-husband and said that was a great thing. Holy crap I'm an idiot. Just ended an extended FWB scenario who broke it by being with me.

I've had anal on the first date more than once. Drinking games all with some Sure the music's cool, but I'm too fucking old and been there and done that to stand on a dance floor getting my ear wax hammered into my skull as idiots get into bar fights and people shove me around and step on click toes.

She was pretty relaxed about the whole thing. Met via shitposting local Reddit Facebook page. He joined because when he was with his ex, she was a part of it. They broke up like times in six months. Anyway, we both went to a group happy hour and he started pursuing me. Went hiking a couple times, then I got drunk and told him we should bang, he Hookup Half Your Age Plus 7. Now we're exclusive and banging all the time. I worry about the life stage stuff, but just trying to enjoy what we're doing.

We get along really well? The sex is really good? Took a lot for me to get over the age gap, but we're pretty compatible.

Nah, I am now, but before I wasn't. I don't know what to call it though, unless flip between 10 and 11 between birthdays if someone asks? Doesn't really matter tho. The rule was created to tell how young should the woman be, the woman should never be same age or older. I had a FWB with similar age gap, 11 years and he was younger. For me it was perfect, I Hookup Half Your Age Plus 7 absolutely no problems with the age gap, but he felt that I wasn't good enough for him, age was one of the factors.

I bought it went both directions because of life stages. Like my boyfriend is definitely not in the same place mentally as I am and I know he's going to have to experience some things over the next several years on his own while I take a step back and only help if he asks. Never the same age or older?? That's a load of sexist bullshit. I'll have to let my wife of 13 years know that this has all been a horrible mistake, since she's a year older than me.

Half plus seven wasn't the article source, it was the ideal. Logged in to upvote and give praise, this was great. It's awesome that you can write "harmonica blues sound" and I guarantee everyone is hearing the exact same riff in their heads.

Is there a name for that? Its not onamonapia, because the word doesn't try to capture the sound, but there must be some term out there for it.

Social Structural Origin Theory argues that the underlying cause of sex-differentiated behaviour is the concentration of men and women in differing roles in society. Relationships are hard enough without having to bridge a generation gap. Evolved Dispositions Versus Social roles". In my mind there's no distinction between "Black people are criminals" "Young people can't relate to me" and "women are bad at math".

I think it's just so common that most people know what you are talking about. I don't know if there is a name for it.

Hookup Half Your Age Plus 7

I've also noticed that clapping "jingle bells" is one of the few here you can clap that people will notice what song it is without notes.

I broke it because I found this girl lively, amazing, and one of a kind out of the many girls I've met. Why let her slip away because there's just a small gap in time? I'm currently 20 and she is Her birthday is 2 days before mine so she will be turning 17 this year and I In our state, consent is We made a deal that during the time she was 16, Hookup Half Your Age Plus 7 wouldn't do anything incriminating.

Hookup Half Your Age Plus 7

I was up front with her parents that I wanted to date her and they respected that. Are we at two different stages in life?

Yes, but the situation is fluid enough to where it really doesn't bother her, her parents, my mom, and my friends. In a click the following article years, the age gap won't even mean a thing Hookup Half Your Age Plus 7 us. Do we know if the relationship will last? No one ever really does. Yet, our situation is very manageable that it's a small little thing. Damn, she has pretty understanding parents.

Most parents i know would probably try to get a 20 year old on a list for dating their 16 year old lol. Most 20 year olds don't come out the gate and ask their parents. Most just like to sneak around behind the parent's backs. That seemed dumb to me. I think it depends on where you live. In the US, people seem to be very uptight about it.

In Europe, not so much. The US is a very big place with many different contemporaneous cultural norms. In some places they wouldn't bat an eye, in others they'd be calling the police, and those two different norms can coexist even in the same state or city. My age gap with my SO is a lot bigger, but we adopted a similar "do nothing incriminating" rule. It lasted a year.

For us, legal age was Divide my age in half. The rule states that I should only date girls that are 17 and above. I'll come back later when someone else has commented. Currently facing the same question and I'm hoping that I'm not just deluding myself that it could work out.

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I here 31, she was I was drunk, knew she was younger than me but didn't figure that young, she was drunk too and didn't realize how much older I was.

I look a bit young too, girls are often surprised when they hear my age. We hung out a few more times, but never really hit it off. Were still kinda friends Can'T find anythng on google. It's an 'Unwritten Law'. Once you pass puberty 15but before you reach adulthood 40your dating limitations are limited by halving your age and adding seven: I was sixteen, he was We met on some forum Hookup Half Your Age Plus 7 thought he was younger, even though his age was always clearly stated on his profile.

Still together, and now our age gap is still big but fine according to the formula. I was 32 and she was