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Ever since the season began, viewers have grappled with the fact that Spencer and Caleb have feelings for each other on Pretty Little Liars. But whether or not. 29 Dec You may have seen every episode 10 times, but there are still so many Pretty Little Liars questions that even the biggest fans can't answer. Some of Did CeCe & Jason DiLaurentis Hook Up? I realize that . I will never know what to make of Noel Kahn, but he just always pops up at the most random times. 24 Aug Tell Us: Is Noel Kahn A.D.? And what did you think of Aria's shocking hookup? Pretty Little Liars airs on Freeform Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET. Sign up now for the Us Weekly newsletter to get breaking celebrity news, hot pics and more delivered straight to your inbox! Want stories like these delivered straight to.

Is there a fairly updated list anywhere of all the people the 4 liars have hooked up with or kissed? I found some online but they were form ! I don't remember but did Spencer kiss Andrew Campbell in the episode where they played strip poker? Who would kiss their boyfriend's little brother even if she misses her boyfriend? Can't believe Ezra doesn't know about that. For example, would you consider Aria and Jake to be boyfriend and girlfriend back then? What about Spencer and Alex?

And then the rest were all just kisses.

I think it's a little to early to decide on that one. Will get back to that: Things were so much easier back in my parents' days. With most of these, yeah they are nothing more than just one kiss. With Spencer and Alex, I never thought they were boyfriend and girlfriend.

They were just seeing each other. Same with Aria and Jake. They went on dates but I never thought they were officially boyfriend and girlfriend.

Not sure what others think. I'm just curious how other people define things, that's all. I think they dated for like one or two episodes, but stopped after Hanna was run over with a car bc they though Noel was A So, no I wouldn't say they were boyfriend and girlfriend. I don't think Andrew and Aria were together officially so I left him off.

I did mean Travis for Hanna but accidentally put him for Aria too. What about Emily and Sara Hervey. Talia was married and she just wanted an affair but she got rejected by em, right? And Talia; she was like rejected, then taken back, then rejected, then taken back again I have a question about Hanna and Travis. There was no scene of them "breaking up" or say goodbye, right?

Caleb came back to town and Hanna said there was no her and Travis. Hanna and Caleb got back together and Travis was never mentioned again.

Am I remembering this right?

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Yes, there was a scene of him saying: I like you too much for that" or something like that. And then he leaves. It was after Caleb was back in town and Hanna distanced from Travis. I honestly have no recollection of that scene.

I guess that was more than just a fling. We never did a list for Alison, but think about it. Alison was the queen bee, source most queen bees think she can get any guy she wants, but did Alison really have an official boyfriend when she was in high school?

Most of her relationships were flings or one time affairs.

Alex Drake

It doesn't seem like she's stuck to anyone; until now. I guess she has changed! Games Movies TV Wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? The rich text editor does not work with JavaScript switched off. Please either enable it in your browser options, or visit your preferences to switch to the old MediaWiki editor.

Who Is Currently Hookup Noel Kahn Pll

Save changes Preview Cancel. OMG, totally forgot about them, thanks!! It was just a strip game. I miss the Season 1 boys like Sean and Alex. If we're just talking boyfriends and girlfriends then I'd say: Sean Caleb Travis Jordan Aria: Ezra Jake Travis Liam Emily: Ben Maya Paige Samara Talia.

We forgot Aria and Noel!! They kissed for sure.

This article centers around Noel Kahn, the book character. I totally forgot about Connor; he was really mean though. Later, he is seen at the Grille helping Maya with her cell phone troubles. Was it ever established if Jenna was telling the truth in 7x12 about Noel blackmailing her into working with him and threatening to kill She stops on a page of baby pictures presumed to be of Spencer, and stares at for a few seconds before looking away irritably.

We forgot to add that to the list. Do you think Aria and Noel were ever boyfriend source girlfriend? Edited by Little baby25 Oh and btw, I don't think Aria and Travis got together??!! Maybe you were thinking of Andrew. Just thought of another person we forgot on the list of kisses.

As Holden and Aria leave, Noel claims that he wasn't attacking her. Aria I can't stop thinking about you either. It turns out he pushed a girl down the stairs when he was drunk. He is a bit of a ladies' man and enjoys playing Truth because he can listen to all of the scandalous thoughts of the person he's playing it with. Aria replies that nothing is going on and leaves Ezra fuming.

Aria also kissed Connor, although Connor forced it. I totally forgot about Connor; he was really mean though.

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Think of all the guys she was seeing or just kissed: Rollins is the only boyfriend she's had? What do you guys think?

Who Is Currently Hookup Noel Kahn Pll

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