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Women have several different ways that they can actually reach their orgasm. Some gross income multiple different ways, while other girls only are comfortable with one specific way. It's important to try and feel out what kind of orgasm your girl prefers, and if you can figure it out to just feeling her body inbreeding her reaction. 20 Mar You're looking to take the first step into the unknown and penetrate (pun intended ) the female G-spot orgasm. You're in the right place. I'm going to teach you step- by-step how to give you woman not just “a orgasm” but “the orgasm”. I'm not talking about the small orgasms that you won't even notice, but the. 18 Apr While it is possible to give a woman a G-spot orgasm without giving her a clitoral orgasm first, it generally takes much longer that way. The G-spot takes much more time and . Thats the most helpful article I've read in finding the gspot and experimenting with it. Thanks! Gonna try those mental exercises too.

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Topics covered by the FAQ and in countless threads already will be removed, as will posts that do not follow the guidelines in the FAQ. More details on the community rules can be found here. My dick is straight as an arrow but disgustingly average as id say it 5. Even if I employ techniques and positions specifically designed to hit the g spot assuming she had it would I be able to provide enough stimulation?

How To Give Her 1 G Spot Orgasm After Another - Fuckbook Hook Ups!

My penis is shaped the same way as in straight as an arrowand it is tricky from one woman to the next because you have to find out what spot inside of her is the most pleasurable to her, and it's different for everyone. My first instinct advice would be to learn several different sexual positions angles and if you're not already, become limber as it really aids in this sort of thing.


I've had issues finding a woman's g-spot with vaginal intercourse but with enough time and some variations of attempts, I've always been able to find something that works. Both of you can easily angle your bodies during sex to hit different angles in this position, just be careful about depth and speed.

8 Explosive Techniques: How To Finger Yourself To Orgasm

I don't really have a name for this one and I could never find one, so here's some instructions. Begin in doggystyle with your legs in between hers. While inside of her, slowly and gently have her bring her legs in, and place your legs outside of hers, both of you still being on your knees.

With your legs on the outside, slowly close them around hers inside while still inside of her.

How To Give A Woman A Gspot Orgasm

Begin slow long strides of penetration and go from there. This position will have your penis rubbing the front wall of her vagina which has for me always had positive results. I dont know if I'm long enough for doggy style but I'm really strong and tallish 6ft so I imagine could find some way to position her in such ways to hit the front wall. Thank you for the information though!

I'll surely use it to mutual benefit. Doggy style is pretty great for any length penis, gives the opportunity to get really deep. And your size sounds just fine, perfect in fact for hitting the G-spot in that position. Yes, I agree that any comfortable position that has the penis rubbing the front of the vagina makes sense.

My SO likes girl on top, with a pillow under my upper thighs. It gets the angle more toward her front. Thank you for this, I spent a few hours trying to out what it was called some time ago, I could never find it.

I can second doggy. Mine is How To Give A Woman A Gspot Orgasm, also.

If your girl is a kind of girl who likes vaginal orgasms and you not able to make her come, you might want to look into increasing your own endurance and power in the bedroom. This should answer your question. Sean, I am 27 and I literally have never been able to masterbate.

The only time my fiancee cums from PIV without extensive clitoral stimulation before, is with doggy. Are you opposed to using your hands? Sure, it would be nice during intercourse, but do what works.

In missionary put a firm pillow under her ass, also same position, pick her legs up and push them back towards her chest I've noticed that every single vaginal orgasm I've had has been when my boyfriend fucks me doggy style. It's where he hits inside for me,not how hard.

When i'm having sex I can feel g-spot stimulation best when i'm riding him and leaning back slightly. Another position that felt amazing but I only did once: I was on my back and lifted my hips up a couple feet from the ground like a candlestick https: It's a little tricky to accomplish and wasn't the most comfortable thing for How To Give A Woman A Gspot Orgasm guy.

The G-spot is only a couple inches in so your penis is definitely large enough to hit it if you go at the right angle. The "G-spot" is sort of a myth, and sort of not.

How To Give A Woman A Gspot Orgasm

Bottom line, in the majority of women, if you get her to the right point of arousal, you will be able to feel it with your finger on the "roof" of the vagina. Get a decent wedge of pillowspossibly folded, depending on pillow thickness under the head and shoulders to emphasize proper breathing, and place another pillow, most likely folded, right above the meat of the butt.

By this, I mean, if she has a noticable starting point to her butt, the pillow should be right where that point would be. Once you're decently able to check this out, be it with lube or by getting her wet, move your pelvis as close to her butt as possible.

When you start a thrust, your penis should be sliding along the very bottom of her vaginal opening. Continue keeping pressure as you slide in, your tip should in that position be rubbing along the vaginal roof, which is right where the G-Spot would be. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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You can feel the difference on your finger; it almost feels like a wet piece of corduroy material, smooth, but with ridges in it. Main Sex Positions Page 2. Immediately after she has had at least two clitoral orgasms! Seraf- if you win the coaching prize it will be my personal goal to help you overcome what is holding you back- and get you LAID.

This is an archived post. You won't be able to vote or comment. Want to add to the discussion? She loves it, so do I, I'm average or maybe slightly big 6 ish long but tells me this has worked for her with much smaller guys.

It's not a very deep penetration more about pressure and angle. Oh, and yes, it is possible. Fingering the spot is also really nice if the sex positions don't work out.