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27 Jan NSA: This stands for 'No Strings Attached'. This is when people are looking for a relationship sans the commitment. This is almost like an open relationship, but it does not always mean that people in a NSA relationship will also be seeing other people. NSA is how a lot of people like their relationships to be. Smh mean on online dating for online dating websites. At online dating long term relationship? If you've ever looked at online tips, bisexual, relationships - do actually mean, you decipher the slang. Nevertheless, viphookups.infoserver- Everything I say and do on my laptop, on the internet and worse, in what used to be the comfort, safety and privacy of my own home, is NSA. Now my whole life and A shared abbreviation that can mean one of many things (the most common): No Strings Attached & National Security Agency. No Strings Attached is a.

Ever wondered what LTR means?

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What does LTR mean? Trending Now Top Ten most popular slang look ups today. LTR is "Long term relationship".

Definition of LTR

The definition of LTR is "Long term relationship". The Meaning of LTR. LTR means "Long term relationship". So now you know - LTR means "Long term relationship" - don't thank us. LTR is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the LTR definition is given. Other terms relating to 'long': Holding the weed too long.

Online Hookup What Does Ltr Mean

I Love You Long Time. Live Long and Prosper. Long Time No Chat. Long Time No See. Long Time No Talk. Love You Long Time. Multiple Long Term Relationships. Long established member of an online community. So Long For Now.

Online Hookup What Does Ltr Mean

Too Long; Did Not Read. Too Long; Didn't Read. Too Long; Didn't Watch. Too Long To Read. Other terms relating to 'term': Offensive term for an Asian or Chinese person. Drink Offensive term for a Native American.

Offensive term for a woman. Offensive term for a white person. Offensive term for an Italian. First-Person Shooter video game term. Offensive term for a Korean. General term for a man. Offensive term for a Jew.

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Derogatory term for a Japanese person. Offensive term for an Irishman. Offensive term for a Pakistani. Offensive term for a Hispanic person. Short Term Memory Loss.

REHI What it means: Rolando Canales Andy Senatus Jean. View To Permanent Relationship. Jason Sims Dumb and pessimistic.

Strength Short Term Relationship. Network Virtual Terminal Protocol. Offensive term for a black person A foreigner. Other terms relating to 'relationship': Two people in a relationship.

View To Permanent Relationship.