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17 Nov Starting out will probably be the most comfortable if you are able to control the depth and speed of penetration with a bigger dude. Riding him allows both of these (and gives you a wicked leg workout while you're at it!) Standing Spoon. Also known as “The Column”, this position involves the female standing. 2 Jan Don't just grind — bounce on him. I guess for me, the thing I like most is when she's bouncing up and down, rather than grinding. For me, though, more than how it physically feels, it's just hot to see and think “This girl is bouncing up and down on me.” The mental aspect of a girl riding me is a huge part of the. 30 Jan How big is his dick? I learned that I can't ride small dicks. Anything less than 7 inches and it just doesn't work for me. I'm not exactly trying to fuck less than 7 for regular sex, but that's neither here nor there. If his dick is small, that might explain why it keeps slipping out. You would then want to focus more on.

I've only had my ex and he is 6.

How To Ride A Big Penis

Details on your experiences girls. My first guy was somewhat small at 4" and under average in girth.

How To Ride A Big Penis

There were advantages to doing it with him, especially in terms of quickies which was always a possibility and after it was over it didn't hurt or feel sore to the point it made it difficult to go to work.

There were lots of disadvantages though, in some source the lack of length meant he couldn't aim it in unless I guided it in, he blamed it on my bigger hips, fuller butt and thicker thighs. There were also times when I was on top or where thrusting were more rigorous that his penis would slip out and then he would struggle to enter again, somewhat of a mood-killer. My second guy is a bit under 9" and very thick in girth.

The first time he entered hurt more than the time I lost How To Ride A Big Penis virginity as he pushed hard to get most of him into me in his first push. I screamed and cried when he entered but at the same time my hips and thighs were shaking uncontrollably and unlike doing it with my 1st I felt very close to him and tried hugging and go here onto him tightly.

He had no problems with aim and access, I could be in any position and he could find his way into me.

Lube him and the sleeve up. Thank you for sharing! This includes your vagina getting longer and wider like mentioned above. Did this post miss anything? The juicing thing is nice for him but it takes a lot of concentration from me….

The feel of it entering is quite nice, felt very much fuller and all stretched out, it did hurt a lot in some angles or when he moved his penis circularly which he did like to do, it did feel very dominating and it felt like a real man How To Ride A Big Penis doing it with me, this was despite the fact I was 3 years older than him and him being 5'6 where I'm 6'2 and heavier than him. When he thrust, it does feel different and more intense especially when he went deep which was almost every time as he always pushed as much in.

For the 2 years we were together I only rode him once, he didn't like me being on top of him. After our first time I had to call in sick for work the next day and was sore and hurting for a good week. The disadvantage to it is even after 2 years it still hurt when he put it in even if he put it in slowly, thus he always pushed in hard as he liked it that he was inflicting pain on a White girl. He also always thrust hard and fast, which he thought he was doing it normal.

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After 2 years I did cheat on him with a guy that was closer and liked it but at the same time I missed it. Now with a guy who is a bit under 8" but his is a bit thicker than the 2nd guy's but he is a lot more caring.

I don't ride him though as his penis is curved in a way that hurts a lot when I'm on top. A big dick is a responsibility. Guys with large ones have to learn how to use it, and unfortunately, there aren't a lot of resources for that type of education. Mostly it's trial and error. You can't ask your male friends if they are big, and if so, how do they have sex.

And you can't just ask any girl, she might not have the experience with hung men either. So guys with big ones are kind of in a weird spot, we are blessed with a physical gift, but no one to tell you the necessary behaviors. If it's not super slippery, she is going to be sore. This doesn't mean slow penetration, this means start with oral, then when she's going wild, a finger, then when she's going more wild go for 2 fingers, etc.

When a girl is properly aroused, her vaginal tunnel opens How To Ride A Big Penis. This is good news for men of size, but it takes time. Click here of all of this, if a guy has a big dick, and knows how to please a woman before insertion, he will positively rock her world once inside of her.

There are certain positions that have not been allowed to do because of the pain it causes women: I like the real thing, I have a dildo that's 6. Riding one that is too big suck ouch ouch ouch isn't sexy. Bigger gerth makes a lot of difference. The guy has to know how to use his equipment to make it great.

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What you want is a guy who knows what he's doing. It is partially a miss belief that size do not matter. Too small - less than about 3 inch will slip out during climax because of movements and too long will hurt inside hitting inside organs. Longer than 7 inch might be not good - depends on your body type. Girth is one more important factor and thicker is pleasant. You can manage many things your self for your man.

Am I Good in Bed: The disadvantage to it is even after 2 years it still hurt when he put it in even if he put it in slowly, thus he always pushed in hard as he liked it that he was inflicting pain on a White girl. If his dick is small, that might explain why it keeps slipping out.

I always said "size doesn't matter" when I was younger, but I've come to the conclusion that it makes a massive difference. There are some positions that just don't work with a small doodle. That being said, a penis that is too big is just as frustrating as one that's too small. Certain positions are impossible because it hurts too much, and you can't get as rough as you can with a good incher. I know how to get it deep in side any girl and give them multi orgasms.

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