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What is a Narcissist's Worst Fear?

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5 Jun A narcissist doesn't really care about people, how can you emotionally hurt a person who doesn't care? You are asking us for tricks or methods of hurting a Narc, you are searching for a quick formula. The world does not work that way, the quicker you learn that the better. Now unless you want to resort to. A Narcissist likes to know he can still affect you – positively or negatively, this is a source of Narcissistic Supply, so showing how much he has hurt you is a win, win situation for .. Had everything I need to know, NC and making The Final Discard is the best way to heal and also to win. and Karma takes care of the narc. The only way she could re-establish herself as the master of her own destiny was to destroy everything she had. So that's how to really take revenge on a narcissist . Take their control away, let them know they're at your mercy and then let them destroy themselves. Would I recommend it? No, there's no massive satisfaction.

The person I am now would have fired her into touch after about a month when she got weird and never given her a second thought.

Best Way To Hurt A Narcissist

But I also know that feeling, facing up to the fact that you have been used, pretty much humiliated by the person that looked you straight in the face and told you they cared so much. And just sometimes you need to get a modicum of revenge. You need to punish a narcissist.

Every Narc Reacts Differently

When you stop caring what they think and you stop dancing to their tune, narcissists are really, really thick. You only ever get sucked in by a narcissist or a BPD girl when you have low self-esteem. I met mine after the most catastrophic, painful business failure. I was living in a shithole apartment, I was scraping money together to live and it was my lowest ebb. I looked at her like an angel.

Best Way To Hurt A Narcissist

She looked at me like easy pickings. I was the injured antelope on the edge of the herd.

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Sometimes you need to balance the books with the narcissist to help you come back. The plate, in this instance, is you. Mine was secretly engaged to a guy that was away for long periods and managed a very complex on-off relationship with me that coincided with his times abroad. Somewhere along the line it clicked. Something was off from the start, but I denied and minimized it. Then when she was heading off to see him, or he was coming back, there would be a big fight from nowhere.

That said, think long and hard about whether you want to do this. In click the following article, I should have walked away. I decided to fuck her Best Way To Hurt A Narcissist and punish the narcissist. I just played dumb. This is the way they see you anyway. So I was stupid. Then came stage two. I started to frustrate her, basically reversing the roles. I gave her just enough supply to keep her coming back but, for the most part, I gave her nothing.

She wanted me to drive her to London, I gave her a very vague yes, then flaked at the last minute. It threw her off balance, she knew her grip was slipping and it sent her on a massive charm offensive.

When something happens in my life I try and step back, see how a narcissist would react, ask a friend and then react accordingly. I got out my journal and wrote…. Disgustingly ugly excuse for a spouse.

She sent me provocative pictures, she told me when we could spend some time together, I told her everything I was going to do to her and she let me know she loved it. Then she went for another big favor, and it felt like the right time.

I sent her the details of her husband, his Facebook page, the pictures of them together and I told her I was going to expose her. I told her what was going to happen and she had a rage-fuelled meltdown over Facebook and email.

Even with her back to the wall, she wanted to direct and control. One of the predications of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, or Borderline Personality Disorder, is that their relationship will fail. But spending months, knowing that somebody else had the power over her life. Living constantly with the knowledge that she had manipulated herself into a corner.

Especially when alcoholism is involved. Its a ploy for attention. I had my last encounter with my ex-boyfriend.

That means you can plant a seed and it will ruin them. She took control the only way she could. She ran her engagement into the ground, Kamikaze-style, and they link up within a couple of months.

The only way she could re-establish herself as the master of her own destiny was to destroy everything she had. Would I recommend it?

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She hates me with all the passion in the world now. She was the architect of her own downfall, but she will hold a grudge until the day she dies.