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Leo And Woman Man Break Up Scorpio

How Will a Scorpio Man Act After a Breakup?

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I am a leo women who has been “talking” to a Scorpio man for a little over a year now. He lives . It's just my relationship is very new with my scorpio male and he lost his fiance two years ago and brings her name up ALL the time. Still has . I came out of a break up and this is by far the best thing that ever happend to me. Learn why the Leo Woman and Scorpio Man couple rates a score of 5/10 for their compatibility in romance, passion, friendship, sex, and marriage. So i asked her, if i'm the best you could ever had, why will you fell in love to another guy? and why will you want to let go of me if when i asked for break up? why will you. Leo and Scorpio Upside: passion; strong wills; share focused creative drive; ambition; ability to manifest high; strong sex drive. Leo and Scorpio Downside: bitter or vengeful exes; hard being friends after break-up; power drives strong; stuck in contentious grooves. Element and Quality Fixed Fire (Leo) and Fixed Water.

Scorpio Man And Leo Woman Break Up

This is an intense and erotic combination because there is an element of power in the sexuality. Scorpio Man And Leo Woman Break Up is too small to overreact to. If you are courting a Leo lady, you must be regal, dignified, in complete control of yourself and exude power and confidence.

Keep control at all times. A single, sincere, well meant and honest compliment will go 1, times farther than all the fawning in the world. If you are like most Scorpio males, you are reluctant to drool over someone. That works to your advantage here, but do force yourself to offer up some insightful praise. The attraction here is sexual. You know all those men who are intimidated by you? There is an off the scale and over the top possibility of romance in this combination. The intensity and eroticism of this combination is also off the chart.

The possibility of betrayal is so prevalent with this combination that you should never relax into casual camaraderie, not that you two would anyway.

She is as possessive and egotistical as he is, so they should both watch their step. You are courting royalty; the prize is worth it. Leo must realize there is a certain amount of crudity involved with a Scorpio. You can put your nose in the air Scorpio Man And Leo Woman Break Up pretend to be offended, but deep down inside you love to be shocked. This combination has a good chance for a lasting marriage because both signs are fixed and loyal. Each is inclined to marry only for love, and when that is the basis of a partnership it can be very bonding because it is very real.

She is a beast of the jungle and loves to be stalked. But when the fun of the hunt is over these two may have trouble with a mundane lifestyle; scorpions and lions are not natural friends. A happy and fulfilled Leo will not stray. Think about touching your finger to a hot iron.

The Leo woman is Although we had two separate set of friends, we both were told and scolded for our flirtatious behaviour with one another. Even when I expressed my feelings, I feel like my confusion, unstable thoughts about him are like locked in my head. He left it up to me. My logic still told me I didn't want her but I had unexplainable feelings I guess so I asked her to be my girlfriend.

Scorpio has a way of bringing out the drama in Leo, and after all, sex is a performance as well as an expression of love. The Leo woman is capable of being a voyeur to his emotional depth. This is a combination that can end tragically.

Both signs are apt to dramatize slights and hurts.

Scorpio Man And Leo Woman Break Up

They are not good at kissing and making up. Both the lion and the scorpion are likely to exaggerate wrongs and create scenarios of betrayal and devastation which are unnecessarily heavy and oppressive.


Click here for your Free Numerology Reading. I agree with views about Scorpio man they have amazing personality that draws to you. I am a Leo woman and I am deeply in love with a Scorpio man. We know each other from high school and recently caught up with each other on facebook. Since then we have been talking for about 6 months. We have never dated each other but we both love eachother. What attracted me to him is his confidence and is honesty.

We are in 2 completly different states click talk on the phone just about everyday. He gets angry about almost every little thing…. I have remained single and so has he Scorpio Man And Leo Woman Break Up we started talking and we have talked about getting more serious and dating but its really hard for ME when he is distant from me.

Leos have a lot of wants and needs, Yes a Scorpio can fulfill some of these needs ans wants but the jelouasy is what gets to us the most. He is very attractive physically and mentally and a lot of women talk to him and try and persuade him. This is what gets me really hurt the most. He gets very jelouas as well and I like it. I love it when he does it never bothers me becuase that shows me that he wants me and wants me to himself. And he does need his space ive noticed becuase there are days we wont really talk… And that is kind of hard for me becuase I want to talk to him all the time since we cant see each other everyday.

I have times where I cry and am hurt with some of the things he does and says. He is an asshole sometimes. He does appaligize to me and that means a lot to me. He does open up sometimes and when he does I love him even more. I constintly tell him what he means to me and I do a lot of things for him which he says he deeply appreshates. So basically what Im trying to say is… I believe a Leo and Scorpio relationship can work, Scorpio Man And Leo Woman Break Up it takes a lot of patience I mean a lot and strenghth to keep trying and keep the love strong between eachother.

There have been times where I just want to give up and forget about him but I always keep coming back to him. I just know deep in my heart that he loves me and really. No matter if his moods change twice in one hour… I know its not his fualt.

I want him to be the one! The kind of girl I usually preferred to stay away from.

Scorpio male and Leo female; Love compatibility and risk of Breakup

I must have said it was cold out or something, because then she offered to sneak me in the house down to her room so I could be warm. I agreed because it actually was cold and trampolines suck to sleep on. We both went to sleep on her bed. Me on top of the covers, her under, separated from eachother. We talked a little before she fell asleep, but then I layed there the entire night, awake and thinking about how strange it was to be in this girls bed who I hardly knew. We were friends after that and a couple weeks later one thing led to another and we had sex.

At this point I was still unsure about her. We dated for about a year and had a really good time together but one thing I could never keep out of my head was her sexual history. This intense jealousy of her past led to me breaking up with her. I thought it was the right thing to do and there must be someone much more pure out there for me. More than a year passed without seeing each other then, one day she came into the fast food joint I worked in to apply for a job.

The second I Scorpio Man And Leo Woman Break Up her I felt something. My feelings got the best of me and I somehow won her heart back. Round 2, I see more. Two years later our relationship once again came to a vicious boil.

Once again my fault, I was still hurt by her past. After that we wasted a year together trying to overcome what had happened. But I was kidding myself. There was no way in hell I could forget this. This time she broke up with me, only to go be with the person she had cheated on me with. They remained together for 3 years in which she almost never spoke to me.

Even so, I told myself constantly there was no hope for us and continued on with my life. Which brings us to present day. A month ago she calls and actually wants to hang out. As it turns out things are not going well between her and my nemesis. I tried not to let my hopes run wild with thoughts of us being together at last but I could hardly stop myself. She ends things with him Scorpio Man And Leo Woman Break Up almost immediately we start seeing eacother pretty much every day.

She claims to have never stopped loving me, and that she had only pushed it aside this whole time. Things seem like they are heading in the right direction, but it soon becomes Things Guys Want To Know she remembers our past all too Scorpio Man And Leo Woman Break Up.

After a month and a half of amazing sex and reliving fond memories she has come to the conclusion that we will never be right for each other and we should both move on. I will never be happy just getting along well with someone.

But everytime i belive, that maybe now he will open up a littlebit: Above the majority of the Leo male in that crowd. If he understood what I understood long ago.

The unending desire, the searing rage, incredible feelings of connection. Those are the things I live for and the things I cannot live without.

How Will a Scorpio Man Act After a Breakup? - Free Dating Chat!

March 28, at 8: I find these two signs very open and honest, so the problem is just the lie you keep in your hearts: Yes i too agree ,this relationship is the best because love more info never run out in this relationship,this relationship has inspired many movies and those movies has inspired us.

Just look around you. So that should tell a lot…. My first serious boyfriend was a Scorpio guy. But I was very young. I remember the first time we saw each other at the club. He came to me and sat down next to me. After that we started to see each other almost everyday. We have our ups and downs but at the end of the day we still find together.