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A second on the lips, a lifetime on the mind

My girlfriend told me when she's drunk she kisses her friends - both guys and girls - on the lips like when saying goodbye or something. But not unattractive friends because that's 'gross'. Personally I think kissing on the lips - platonic or no - crosses a line, is totally inappropriate and does equal cheating - albeit mild, but then. Hi, please can I have some advice. I may be overreacting massively but it is bothering me. My partner kissed his female friend on the lips yesterday when her and her husband were leaving and I feel quite upset about it as I only kiss him and my children on the lips as I feel it is a really personal thing to do. but for the sake of it, i just want to ask why would you even ask if this is normal for "friends"? Reply. kateflo avatar. 7 yearsy ago #3. kateflo. Junior Member. Blogs: 0 . Forum: Votes: 1. Well, I did all the things with my best friend you said except kissing on the lips. He does not like me in a romance way, i don't either,but i.

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When I sense someone is responsive to a bit of touch and feel, I go in for the squeeze, smooch or affectionate limb brush. Often, this lip-face grazing is accompanied by a fluttery hug and squeals more sugary than fairy floss, and frequently just as nutritionally empty.

Do Friends Kiss On The Lips

Though even a pale pucker seems better than the yawning absence of affection local blokes are left with. And if they do, it's considered here bit, well Ok so technically these lads are American, and not real, but still - you get the drift By submitting your email you are agreeing to Fairfax Media's terms and conditions and privacy policy.

Grow your Grades Replies: What if the greed for the physical comfort increases when the other person is already married? A brush of lips to cheek is an acceptable greeting around the world—even among Communist leaders. Follow 12 Also close this question.

When greeting gal pals, maybe. And this entire warm welcoming was wrapped up in dancing, singing, eating and general gaiety — mucho, mucho civilised in my humble opinion. I admit, that sort of familial nuzzling is something I rarely do if ever.

Mouth-kissing is generally considered to be a sexual thing.

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The couples who, beyond dos with blood relations, steer clear of social interactions with people of the opposite sex; his and hers robes, his and hers towels, his and his mates, her and her sista-gurls. Follow me on Twitter: Track me on Tumblr. Like the CityKat blog on Facebook kfeeney fairfaxmedia.

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You are logged in as unknown Logout. I understand that submission of this content is covered by the Conditions of Use by which I am bound and Commenting Guidelines are available for my reference. Which leads me to question, when does a salutary embrace become a social embarrassment?

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Do Friends Kiss On The Lips

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