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'Days of Our Lives' Spoilers: Could Paige and Ben Hook Up – New Character Cast Named Lani Is Chad's Ex. Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Sami Gets Aj and Abigail's Cheating Hook-Up Pictures - Will And Rafe Are Furious. 10 Jan There's a new hunk in town on Days Of Our Lives (DOOL)! His name is Stefan O. DiMera (yes, he made it up himself). And he wants everything. He's plotting with Andre (Thaao Penghlis). He wants the family company. He covets his brother Chad's (Billy Flynn) wife, Abigail (Marci Miller). But is Stefan (Tyler.

The cat is out of the bag for JJ and his drunken one night stand. As everyone can recall, Lani returned to Salem and has unusually been giving JJ the cold shoulder. Now, new spoilers reveal the reason why Lani was purposely doing that.

Later, Abby begins bonding with Chad again, and their feelings are rekindled. When Chad ruins the wedding which he attends as Abby's date by revealing that Nick is not the father of Will Horton 's baby Arianna, Abigail then tells Chad she is done with him. She soon developed a crush on Max, who at the time was back and forth between Chelsea and Stephanie, but when he broke things off with Chelsea and Stephanie left town, Max admitted that he had feelings for her as well, the two began to see each other, much to the dismay of Abby's family, who thought Max was too old and too experienced for Abby. Let us know if we are missing any information in this profile.

Lani will come forward and confess to JJ that she was the one he slept with that night. Before midnight strikes to mark the new year, Lani will have a word with JJ, in which she reveals this.

'Days of Our Lives' New Spoilers: Lani Confesses to Being JJ's Hookup; Chad Furious at Andre

JJ does not remember what else happened, so Lani will refresh his memory. Obviously, JJ will be stunned, but this revelation will have serious consequences on his relationship with Gabi.

Who Is Abigail From Days Of Our Lives Hookup

Lani will be hurt that JJ did not remember, and he will apologize, saying that it was never his intention to hurt her. New spoilers reveal that he will be furious at Andre for keeping quiet about Abigail coming back to Salem.

GH alum suffers miscarriage. Abigail also met Chad DiMera in the spring of The 11th Annual Golden Donut Awards: Genie Francis dropped from General Hospital. GH alum John Stamos' drama about s soap life picked up by Amazon.

Although that is not the only thing Chad should be furious about, seeing as Andre was the one who made Abigail disappear for a while and faked her death in the process. However, as if Andre keeping quiet about Abigail was not enough, Chad will find out that Stefano may still be alive. Writing has always been Denise's lifelong passion, and her degree in Digital Filmmaking served to make her love it even more.

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Who Is Abigail From Days Of Our Lives Hookup