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30 Apr Well, Maybe Not Of All Time. But If a picture is worth a thousand words, a GIF is worth a million goddammits. "Sweet Dee's Dating a Retarded Person" is the ninth episode of the third season of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Dee begins dating an amateur rapper who Dennis thinks is mentally retarded. When he leaves for the recording studio, Dennis informs Dee that her boyfriend—real. Not so much a charlie gif but an entire gang gif, where they're telling sweet dee that she's dating a retarded person.

First date Sweet Dee Dating A Retarded Person Gif Applebee's self. Tonight, I bring you a story I felt was worth sharing. Tonight my very beautiful girlfriend and I grabbed something to eat at the always classy dining experience, Applebee's. We're sitting there chatting and stuff, and we both notice the conversation next to us was a first date Questions like click here do you do again, any crazy exes i should know about lololol".

First date at applebees, its your funeral bro. Now this guy wasn't a bad looking fella, but after paying a little more attention I noticed that every time this girl looked away from him he would twitch. And i mean Twitch. Not just some little tweek, I'm talking a good full-out torque, these things had a wind-up. Obviously, this well-mannered innocent girl eventually noticed that every time she had a sip of her drink or took a bite of her quesadilla grande, her date was bucking like a bronco choking on a baseball.

As she caught on, it became pretty clear her level of interest and comfort were declining fast. She was now shoveling this appetizer into her mouth hard. Like when you were stealing cookies from the kitchen at 10pm when you knew damn well your bedtime was at 9. Finally she plowed through the appetizer and made a break for the bathroom. It was at this point our main character sat there at his table, looked right into my eyes, puckered up his lips with a smirk and nodded three times.

It happened in slow motion. In this guy's mind, I'm his wingman and apparently we're in this together. Alright then fine, I'm rootin for ya, kid. It was at this point my girlfriend and I exchanged a look.

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No words were necessary; Shit just got real, and the remainder of our time click here was now focused on this gem of a date beside us. With the girl in the bathroom, Sir Twitch-n-torque breaks out his phone and makes a call.

Whoever he's on the phone with is now being bombarded with events that never occurred Ex. This conversation seemed to go on for a solid 15 minutes with our lady counterpart in the bathroom, probably cursing out the prankster who set her up with this dreamy stand-up guy. I tune back into the end of his phone conversation as he frustratingly replies "I dont know, ma, like around 11!

And before I even had time to make my own little sarcastic comment, our boy made an even ballsier move.

Direct links to images hosted on tumblr ex. You may only post if you are funny. If you've been dating forever and neither one of you wants to cook Applebees is fine.

He reaches across the table, grabs his date's Sweet Dee Dating A Retarded Person Gif island Ice Tea, pounds the whole glass. No hesitations, 3 gulps, done. Finally, the heroine of our story comes back to the table. I could only assume she failed at unscrewing the vents of the windowless Applebees bathroom.

She sees her drink is gone and just looks at him with disgust. Over dinner, our boy orders shot after shot after shot, as she suffers through holding a conversation with this guy. Not to judge I'm going tobut the more this guy speaks and tweaks, the more it becomes apparent he's put in some solid time on the little yellow bus in his day.

She tries to talk, but just gets interrupted a good times. So after all his talking of himself describing his 'cakeflow', and his being on his way to making his first million dollars, she snaps. Then he leans back, fist to his mouth and goes "Ooooohhh shit!! Honestly, a great attempted save on his part. Guaranteed action now, right?

But its too little, too late at this point. She's a goner, man. But some men are just too persistent for their own good, and too blind by their own awesomeness. She's had enough, and tells the waiter their ready for the check. And of course, the moment our whole section had been dreading.

Sweet Dee Dating A Retarded Person Gif

He takes out his wallet, and you could almost hear the drumroll. Young Galahad here only has 18 bucks on him. No one is shocked, but all at once there's a collective "UGH. She doesn't say a word, pays the whole check.

We wanted to hug this girl and tell her not to go lesbian, but she's probably putting in her papers for the team switch as we speak. As he drops her one final insult of "So you tryna' go back to my crib n watch a movie or summm? Her ride isn't there, Applebee's is flatscreens, crappy food, and windows, this girl got up and started walking down the road. Americans put an "e" in scotch whisky? Over here, only irish whiskey takes the "e": In the states I don't think Sweet Dee Dating A Retarded Person Gif ever seen it spelled without the e.

Whisky seems like what'd I call it after my 4th shot of whiskey. Yeah, we tend to pronounce stuff differently i. Don't worry, she'll catch up when she sees the Redditor's Read article meme post in a few hours.

The crunk juice line is one move I'll take from this entertaining, yet almost-too-embellished story. My girlfriend too will be perplexed, and all I will say "tryna go to my crib an watch a movie or summmm". Biggie Smalls was big and small. He was fat, but This guy could have, like, a little hand and a giant body.

I've always been confused by that episode. Is he retarded or not? Because it seems he flips back and forth in that episode, and I was never clear. All I could imagine when it got to the part of him saying, "I'm stupid diggin' on you" is the part where Lil' Kev is watching cartoons and is laughing insanely.

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I don't see any way of this NOT being anything but a good day when it starts out with a story that has a line like that in it. I was still hesitant after the first comment but the two of you together convinced me. Sure does, but from anyone willing, could I get some clarification on the idiom "he's put in some solid time on the little yellow bus in his day"? OP here was insinuating the learn more here of that story was retarded in some way.

Yes, I'm serious, thanks for the Sweet Dee Dating A Retarded Person Gif. I'm from Australia, so references and idioms specific to American culture are obviously going to frequently go over my most of our head s. It's nice they let you out once and awhile like this yeah? Yeah man but I'm actually not supposed to be on here right now. Ronalds says Reddit is a bad influence on me l0l.

Or glass breaker, if you can slam the glass down hard enough. You know, to impress her with your strength. A friend of mine tried to tell me it was a perversion of the german word krank sick.

Sweet Dee's Dating a Retarded Person

As if rappers from the durty speak german It's also a genre of music and a style of dance. And for those non English speakers still trying to figure it out "fucked up" and "wasted" mean intoxicated or inebriated on some substance or another. Extremely intoxicated or inebriated, otherwise your're just playing with the range between tipsy and decorously drunk.

You know, I've never heard of anyone having a normal experience at one of these establishments. Oh, I've only been once. I was on a road trip with some people I had just met during my first year of college.

You got this reddit game beat. Submit a new link. The waitresses screamed and ran back to the kitchen, grabbing the cooks. Yeah, we tend to pronounce stuff differently i. Other NSFW content must be tagged as such.

We were going to go camping at Big Sur and wanted to stop for coffee, as we had a long drive ahead of us. Well, as we were sipping on our caffeinated beverages, a fight broke out at the table next to here. These two Cali-bros were really going at it. The waitresses screamed and ran back to the kitchen, grabbing the cooks. The fight was separated and they sent the aggressor outside and locked the door.

Then we watch as the guy walks to his car, grabs something, and starts walking back Yes, this motherfucker had a sword in in car.

Yes, he grabbed it to try to end a fight. But that's not the best part. Well, it's not my favorite part.

Sweet Dee Dating A Retarded Person Gif

My favorite part was a guy sitting at the bar just behind me. He looked, well, like a hobo, but he just sat there silently for the most part At this point, he starts convulsing and screaming.

I don't mean any "normal" screaming, either. He was screaming things like "I had a chicken sandwich. I was dumbfounded by the whole experience. Went to Applebee's once.