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Husband, Wife, and Age Differences

A Modern Russian Wedding: The Art of Getting Married. A look at Russian wedding traditions, past and present. If you are intimately involved in Russian dating, understanding the Soviet people, their culture, and traditions is a vital process. Traditions in Russia are more important than who also like to be feminine and attractive. Traditional women in Russia want to marry quickly, as single women are often looked down on and pitied. Facts about Russian Etiquette and Customs learn about the "rules" of social behavior in Russia and Ukraine. Every culture has its unique etiquette and customs. For the bring flowers or a small gift for your date (make sure to buy an odd number of flowers, as an even number is for funerals – see Russian superstitions).

Russian families are large and friendly. The meaning of the family in Russia is not limited to the husband, wife and children. It stretches to include grandparents, aunts and uncles, brothers, sisters, nephews and nieces. The members of the Russian family closely communicate with each other and frequently get together, especially on such family occasions as birthdays and anniversaries. Just like in any family, there might be misunderstandings and even quarrels among family members, however one thing is certain: Russians cherish their families and are always ready to help their relatives in difficult times.

The tradition that everyone should love their own home and protect their family is instilled into Russians since the early childhood. Just a few decades ago, it was very common among Russians to play the wedding at an early age. Young men and women would get married at the age of while studying in their second or third year at the university.

Russian Etiquette and Customs

According to the latest statistics, the marriages between Russians of the same age are much less common. In the majority of Russian families, Dating And Marriage Customs In Russia husband is years older than his wife but the age difference of more than 10 years is still acceptable by most Russians for example, the lead singer of the popular Russian band Mumiy Troll is sixteen years older than his young wife. The Russian tradition, according to which a young woman had to get married as early as possible traces its roots to the distant past.

In the ancient Rus', a fifteen year-old girl was considered to be mature enough for adult life and giving birth to children. Marriages were arranged and were a matter of practicality with the emphasis not being on romance. Such views on life preserved in Russia until the end of the twentieth century when marriages click the following article the age of were still common.

Nowadays the majority of young men and women in Russia prefer not to rush to marriage and such trend has gained popularity: By the time of marriage and the birth of children, the young families have their lives arranged and are able to support themselves financially.

Civil unions have been gaining popularity in Russia lately.

Russian dating traditions, culture and norms

A civil union is a relationship where a man and a woman live together and share household expenses without officially registering a marriage. Civil union is a great opportunity for the young couple to test their feelings and make sure they are ready for a family life together.

Dating And Marriage Customs In Russia

A marriage becomes official when the couple receives a wedding certificate in the Civil Registry Office ZAGS and gets married in a civil ceremony. In addition to the official civil ceremony, many newlyweds arrange an Orthodox wedding ceremony in the Church. The question of where newlyweds will live is not an easy one to answer.

Young couples rarely have an opportunity to buy their own apartment or a house. In wealthy families, an apartment may become a wedding gift from relatives. Some couples apply for go here home loan to buy their first home. Other couples rent an apartment paying monthly rent to the landlord.

Dating And Marriage Customs In Russia

However, there are still a lot of young families who prefer to live with their parents to save money. Living together as an extended family is so common in Russia that it can here called a tradition.

It's been always a norm for grandparents, their children and grandchildren to live together as a family in one house. This trend has seen some changes lately. Nowadays, more and more young Russian families strive to get their own housing whereas the families regularly reunite during a weekend family dinner. However, that is not a requirement and each family finds their own ways to address their in-laws. The birth of children means that one of the spouses will be forced to temporarily leave work.

Just like in other country, there are agencies providing the services of nannies and babysitters however their services are rather expensive and young spouses prefer to take care or children on their own. Many families receive the support of grandmothers. It's fairly common in Russia for a grandmother to look after children while their parents are at work. Dating And Marriage Customs In Russia any case, parents always have a right to leave work for the term specified by law.

Just like in any other country, a couple may realize that their marriage has become obsolete after a few years of living together. The children may stay with either their mother or father but it's more common for mothers to keep bringing them up. After divorce, the father helps support his children till they turn 18 years old—the age when a child is considered and adult in Russia.

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The Russian Federation actively supports young families to reduce the number of divorces. There is a special program in Russia that supports construction of housing for young couples and provides favorable terms for home loans.

Young couples rarely have an opportunity to buy their own apartment or a house. Women typically cook and clean, men take care of repairs and maintenance. This is due to their great interpersonal skills. In the US people usually avoid talking about politics, religion and problems on a first date. But public opinion is critical of extramarital sex.

Many Russian families bring up three or more children. Ask them in the Russian Questions and Answers — a place for students, teachers and native Russian link to discuss Russian grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and other aspects of the Russian language.

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