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14 Sep If DDR hasn't already cured childhood obesity then WiiFit isn't going to do it either considering its a hell of a lot less activity. I disagree yeah I am using a 20" monitor for , except it is very dark in some games. but I dont know PS3 can hook up to LCD, isn;t it is only HD if you use HDMI cable? THanks. LHA P Power Packer Patch V Use It, It`s The Fastest Version Ever Made Pack KB In 4 Seconds! TXT Textfile about the Chit Chat. will there be | an issue 14 PINBALL3. DMS P Mr. Blobby +10 Trainer Fix For Non-AGA Machines (Less Than KS ) P . Last week we launched an online live chat and ticketing system. When our own office . It also provides an IP feed so you can access your video feed remotely anywhere just like a Slingbox, but the rep says it only costs significantly less than a Slingbox. IMG_ Kindle will be provided within 30 days of hook-up.

This thread continues from: Keep discussion friendly and on-topic. Which console do you own? If Sony don't start making some inroads soon they're going to be burnt badly this generation, even moreso if they're still loosing money when the next Xbox launches. Six years is a good amount of time for a console cycle in my opinion as it is long enough to allow software and hardware makers to get a good return while offering consumers value. When do you think the next console race will start?

How short is too short and how long is too long for a console cycle in your opinion? What are the necessary games already out that I should get?

That's exactly what we need to cure the obesity epidemic - another video game. If DDR hasn't already cured childhood obesity then WiiFit isn't going to do it either considering its a hell of a lot less activity.

Was therepreorders. I hear a lot of rumours but not a lot coming out of Nintendo. Surelypreorders would've prompted at least a press release or 3.

Not to mention that we should wait out the week to see how Japan fares, and also wait for the first week of USA to get an accurate indication.

Ah, the basic mistake of thinking I care about the Japanese gaming market. I do know for a fact that it's the fastest selling game ever in the gaming markets I do care about.

If we look at consoles sold, we quickly see what counts and what doesn't ; Ah I see more your problem there.

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That was from July. They were profitable in the next quarter and are forecasting profits for the next 2 quarters due to strong hardware sales and big first and second party titles over the next 3 months.

This is despite Halo coming out in September.

Chat Chat Hookup Jpg Compressor Less Than 100kb In Pixels

Good luck with those "strong forecasts" They posted that loss over the last fiscal year- I imagine it'll stay the same with these pathetic sales figures, too, not to mention the hardware failures. Here, this post elsewhere sums it up for you: Apart from the December quarter, the business has consistently made losses, amounting to billions of dollars in total.

Like the Halo 2 December quarter inthe just ended Halo 3 September quarter will see the Entertainment Division, which houses the making a good profit.

The factors that come into play: Great Halo 3 sales at average higher prices than most games. I think Microsoft may be making a tiny profit on the Elite, and is close to breaking even on the Pro. The Core is still sold at a loss, but then the Core's are not even in the shops right now so can't affect profits by much in the Sept quarter.

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Sales of Halo 3 accesories, books, Halo "games fuel" etc. Basically, they'll continue making losses in a few months unless they bring out more Halo 3 games? The masses buy tripe like MP8. What message does that give to all developers both first and second party. That the average Wii owner will buy any trollop? MP8 released on any other console would've bombed worse than you can imagine. But it appeals to Nintendo's new target audience who don't particularly care about quality.

No doubt SMG will make it into the charts at least once, but if you class Halo's sales as dwindling the "Mario effect" will wear off pretty quickly too. Of course MP8 woulda bombed on any other console- so would Wii Sports MP8 is actually a bit of fun when you have a few friends around. It appeals to the casual gamer, which is really Nintendo's target audience. That's why the Wii is smashing the and the PS3 in sales figures I disagree, because WiiFit is completely different WiiFit is so lame.

An ironing game, move the wii controller around to simulate ironing? If you need WiiFit, you need to get out more. Still the Wii has a terrible attach rate. Why - because that target audience only buys "casual" games and doesn't need a lot of titles.

Good for Nintendo for hardware sales, Carbon Of Principles Dating The Are What hardly enticing for 3rd party developers.

I'd expect long term there to be not too many great 3rd party titles on the Wii, the money won't be there. I hope you really like Mario and Zelda, plenty more of that. Looks like Mass Effect is only 6. Good news indeed, that game is huge and if that isnt struggling then im sure other developers will find a way to fit games on dvds if they have issues.

Loving it so far, especially the XBL arcade games. I don't know whether its this particular revision of the console but after hearing all the reports about how loud the is supposed to be I was pleasantly surprised how quiet it was. I bought a Wii at launch last year and ended up selling it a four months later after being very dissapointed with the games that were available.

Hehe it can be REALLY loud, like a here loud, but i never notice it when im playing a game as it seems to get dulled out by game noise, last night i was playing halo and had been playing for over an hour before i noticed the sound in one of the lobby's.

Good to hear yours worked out and welcome to the fraternity: Time will tell I guess Chat Chat Hookup Jpg Compressor Less Than 100kb In Pixels of dud batches. First time I've ever experienced something not working fresh out of the packing box. Anyway, I'm off to WOW to return the dud. Dunno if I want a replacement pro pack or a refund.

Will mull it over as I drive. Must be because of Ace combat 6. It came in 2nd on the charts. Not bad at all, but considering this is meant to be the best Mario game of all time it's pretty crappy. Guess those casual gamers don't buy a lot of games after all. Yep, my suspicions theSMG preorder rumour was a crock of shit is confirmed.

I laugh at the Wiki.

Dont care about sales I mean the games are boring, unoriginal and some just plain bad. Mainly watered down ports of games and the exclusives are rubbish. And then try the last resort to any computing problem…. This potential new medical campus will be ready for move-in by July

Source of home made facts. And people wonder why the struggles to sell over there: Yahtzee chucks in his two cents about Nintendo's penchant for rolling out the same franchise over and over again in his review of Zelda Phantom Hourglass: I'm a playstation boy tho Have a PS1 and PS 2.


Have a PS1 and PS 2 well then you know what to get then dont you I caught up with a 'sony fan' mate at the pub a month ago - talking with his friends and it turns out 4 out of the 8 people all had 's.

End of the night he was so pumped about Halo3 and Live and the fun you have jumping online The VG chartz ending Nov 03 spell it out. In the biggest most important market USA the soldunits compared to the PS3's 55, and this despite the PS3 price reduction, new 40gb SKU and the mass marketing that went with it and supposedly great release of Ratchet and Clank which hs BOMBED big time So its a no visit web page that developers are going to look at the PS3 tanking and its inability to sell what should have been a top 10 game and draw one conclusion - the is where you make money this generation.

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WHat about Wii you ask Unless you've got your heart set on bluray, waggle or HD. I've seen my mate play gears of war on it and it looks friggin sweeet! Yeah it all depends. I'm thinking in the long run these might come in handy but i don't think that blu ray will win the stalemate!

Being the case that the DVD players themselves will be cheap i'm thinking HD-DVD's will become alot more popular due to the process of supply and demand. If alot of people have these players then dvd's will be released for them?

So at this point xbox is winning! I'm more of a sports gamer and 1st person shooter myself. You have a decent PC as well? Check out the list of games available and their prices.

I just hope that those on launch consoles RROD before the 3 year warranty expires. But what about media queries? Verizon demoed this handy live broadcast video system that is designed to replace a mobile satellite truck for producers.

Use this to decide for yourself which console you'd rather have. As it stands today, I reckon the has more games at better prices many awesome A-list games from the past mths are now at bargain prices. In 12 months time, this might start to out.

So if you think Sony and Blueray were odds on to win think again. Sony are in between a rock and a hard place right now. If they did then one of the big selling points for the PS3 would be gone. Sure BR has a larger number of exclusive studios Sony and Blueray actually to me game console is for game, not for video I will pick up a Ps3 later when I have time to play but there are no games that really interest me.

Play asia has a specific section under xbox games for region free www.