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15 Reasons Why Being In A Relationship Is Just Not Your Thing

20 Mar Here are some myths being perpetuated in our society that stem from a fundamental misunderstanding of what a relationship really is. Unfortunately, people may Relationships Suck Men cheat, women cheat, or maybe you cheat, and you can only assume that everyone else acts the way that you do. It doesn't mean they don't necessarily dislike friendship, but a romantic relationship brings certain expectations. Depending on a person's situation or personality type (or learning disorder), they may spend a great deal of time and energy just trying to get through the day, being "themselves." People like that find it difficult to. I don't hate those things BUT I do hate a few things about being a girlfriend. People expect me to want the relationship to go in a certain direction. ( example: His friend's gfs cornered me after about 4 months of dating and said/ asked things like, "So when are you moving in together","Seems like things are.

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Why Do I Hate Being In A Relationship

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I look forward to finding someone who can change my mind on all that, make it worth it.

Ten Reasons Why Being In A Relationship Sucks

But every time I start seeing someone it just gets It may just be that, with two jobs and school, I don't have for it so it stresses me out. Anyway, just curious if anyone else experiences this. No, I love it. I don't feel obligated to spend time with him - I want to spend time with him.

It might help that I'm pretty extroverted, so it's not like hanging out with others is ever a chore for me. People expect me to want the relationship to go in a certain direction.

It went on until I said, very bluntly, that I liked him but that "I think we are just enjoying each other's company and aren't really thinking about click serious". I am not in the mood to play house right now. People think that I'll fulfill some stereotypical role. Um, no, I bought it and as I am my own person, with my own mind, body and paycheck, I'll sign the card I bought and thought about and shopped for, with my own name.

I straight up told him I wouldn't take on that role, even if it is a common one for women to take up. People think it has to be "the one" kind of scenario.

They assume because we have been together for a year I have had a few relationships before that I knew wouldn't last and it didn't mean they weren't awesome and fulfilling. And I was honest about my level of commitment, so no one got hurt. Why Do I Hate Being In A Relationship feel this one is more serious, but I am not living for tomorrow, I am enjoying today.

Other than that, I fucking love hanging out with Why Do I Hate Being In A Relationship. I love being around him and talking to him and having him talk to me. I like doing activities with him, and I find that he makes all my experiences enhanced. I feel like I am filled with pride and honor to be a part of his life, and that feels very rewarding.

He also makes me want to be a better person, motivates me, encourages me, and we are good sounding boards for each other.

We are stronger together than we are apart, and we make each other happy. For some reason people seem to think that has to fill some grand scheme or it's not good enough. I used to be like you, I totally felt that way.

I dated a lot in highschool. Then I fell madly in love and after a little over a year, I was exhausted and felt like I had lost my sense of freedom, youth and excitement about being alive and living my life.

We broke up, for other reasons but it was good timing and I got that feeling back and ran with it for a long time. I was technically "single" for about 6 years. It was amazing and I was free. I dated freely, I danced and traveled, and spent my time doing what I wanted, with who, for however long I wanted and without remorse or a second thought. Then this feeling started to creep back in and my priorities changed.

I basically talked circles around this person to get a kind of response that I've gotten before by my mother. They are not inspecting you to see if you have gained an extra jiggle in the rump or if your boobs are lopsided. For some reason, in the s and early 90s men like me were invisible.

I wanted to be free with someone else, and the price I paid for being with someone was worth it. It is hard work, but its rewarding. If you aren't ready, be honest with yourself source others and just enjoy what you can give and what you are willing to receive. Someday maybe you'll want to give those things and you won't even feel like its a drain.

You have added a lot of depth to what I am feeling. I share exactly those sentiments, but couldn't articulate them so well. I can see how it would be stressfull if you all ready busy and not very enthusiastic about the person.

I never feel obligated to give him time.

Why Do I Hate Being In A Relationship

We just enjoy being together and he likes doing stuff I like to do. I like feeling close to him because it feels very natural. We're not attached because we're a couple, we're a couple because we feel so attached. I don't like couple identity either. We make a point with other people to not be identified by one another. I think I would become enthusiastic about it for the right person.

Perhaps you're right, they've all just been the wrong guy. I love being a part of a couple with him. And I love the affection that comes with it. Does it take some work? Is it exhausting sometimes? But overall See more am happy and most of my relationship is a breeze.

I suppose you would have to find someone that makes you enjoy all of things you currently dislike. That's what makes the difference. That's funny because you just described my exact feelings of friendship. I could spend all my time with my SO, but friends just seem like obligations and commitments that I don't like up keeping even though that sounds harsh.

Hah- I had one like that once and destroyed the relationship. God bless youth and insecurity. I think that's why everyone else is such a bother to me. Thanks for that perspective. My current SO sort of had this problem- one of the reasons he didn't date for a few years was because he didn't have a lot of free time as is, and he thought that to be in a relationship people had to be up each other's butts figuratively all the time.

So he didn't get involved because he just didn't want to go down that road.

Being Single VS. Being In A Relationship - Free Dating Chats!

When he met me i had just gotten divorced and i couldn't give a lot time-wise because i was training for a new career and still healing from my divorce. He was finishing up school and working as a consultant at the time so he couldn't give a lot time-wise. He didn't realize until i told him that we could do stuff like only have one date a week and still be in a relationship.

We actually date more now than when we met because he is more comfortable spending his down time with me. He thought people had to like always be together then move in with each other.

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