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10 BEST Compliments

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26 Jul What are the best compliments for a girl? Saying “hi” and smiling like a drunk dog won't magically put her number in your phone. 18 Apr 1- You have the most beautiful smile in the world. 2- I love when you smile, you smile with your eyes. 3- There so much self reassurance and confidence in your smile. 4- Every time you smile, I love you more. 5- Your smile warms my heart. 6- You smile with all your being. 7- I would like to spend my life. How to compliment a girl's smile. Includes 25 different lines you can use to say something nice when someone has a pretty smile.

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Be sure to use your Reddit username How To Compliment A Girls Smile other users can recognize you! Everyone knows not to compliment a girl on her looks, but I was wondering if it was a good or bad idea to tell a girl she has a beautiful smile or some equivalent I have been having mixed success with it lately Wanted to see if reddit has an opinion on it.

It will not make you stand out. I had one guy who told me he was a dentist and wanted pictures of my teeth to show to his clients. I would avoid it, it's a much better idea to compliment them on something in their profile rather than something physical. Maybe 3 or 4 messages in you can break the ice a little bit and throw in a casual "I feel like I have to tell you, you have an amazing smile".

I'm going to echo that it's not a great idea If she's self-confident, she won't be annoyed. But timing is important, make sure there is a connection first. Physical compliments are not a problem in and of themselves; timing and delivery are very important.

Collect your thoughts before you start gabbing, formulating the words in your mind before they spill out of your lips. Censor any name that is not yours. Read more from Pickup Lines.

Timing as in probably not right away -- build a bit of rapport first. Delivery as in don't give lame compliments ur hawt et al. Complimenting a smile is nice, but it would be cool IMO to word it more uniquely rather than saying "you have an amazing smile. Smile is open territory, though it can be hit or miss.

I generally only do it if their profile is rather short or dull but I find them physically attractive. People are much more receptive to compliments on their looks in person. I have yet to have a go here get put off by me complimenting her looks on the first date.

If the only contents of the message are the compliment on her smile, then it might imply that you only looked at her pictures and didn't read her profile. Otherwise, as long as you comment on other things source her profile, then I don't see why that would hurt.

You know it can work, but is it worth it for you to immediately turn off the other large portion of women that won't like it? I don't get that very much. It'd kind of stand out-moreso than "omg. Depending on the level of charisma of the person giving it, getting complimented on my smile is either A.

10 Ways To Compliment Girls - Local Dating!

Coming from someone with a unique name We hear that shit ALL the time and it gets really, really old. The general rule of complimenting someone is to compliment them on something that they had to "earn" for instance, their style. They had to learn how to dress well. Telling someone that they have a nice smile is not a good place to start a conversation. I came across the profile of a woman who had a beautiful smile, but there were this web page couple incompatible things about where we lived, age, etc etc.

I decided to compliment her anyway in a sentence source. We ended up talking for a while and actually seeing each other. Didn't work out for obvious reasons, but it was a pretty good experience.

It doesn't really work for me. I've heard it enough before that it wouldn't make anyone stand out to the point where I'd be interested in replying, when you get it a lot, it just makes you roll your eyes.

How To Compliment A Girls Smile

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How To Compliment A Girls Smile

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I'm open to most non-sexual compliments. Maybe 3 or 4 messages in you can break the ice a little bit and throw in a casual "I feel like I have to tell you, you have an amazing smile". Always remember that merely complimenting a girl about her smile is not the same as making her feel special and attractive. You've got all the right moves!

Want to add to the discussion? Usually though, it's just another guy saying something about her appearance. I get it a lot and I do have a nice smile. I'm open to most non-sexual compliments. It's like a better version of saying hello. You have to be a charming motherfucker to pull it off.

Mind you this is probably the exception, but it is possible.

How to Compliment a Girl on Her Smile

Having said that, I'm a total curmudgeon, so ymmv.