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Inside Carmen Electra's Closet: Her Best (and Worst) Looks

Simon Cowell admits he's dating Carmen Electra

25 Apr Top 10 Most Recycled Women of Rock (Only Three Call Themselves Groupies!) Jena Ardell. 9. Carmen Electra: Born "Tara Leigh Patrick," Prince renamed her " Carmen" and she added "Electra." We're going to assume they boned after that. Carmen has dated Tommy Lee, Mark McGrath, Fred Durst, B. Real. Who is Carmen Electra dating? Who Carmen Electra dated; list of Carmen Electra loves, ex boyfriends; breakup rumors. The loves, exes and relationships of Carmen Electra, listed by most recent. Fans will also enjoy the hottest Carmen Electra pics. So the big question here is who has Carmen Electra dated? Over the years. 20 Dec Simon Cowell finally admits what everyone has suspected all fall — he's dating Carmen Electra. Bush pressed on for more information about their possible hook-up, and he asked if they had ever "been in a horizontal situation." That is when the former Playboy model gave a pretty revealing answer with.

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He was fun," Electra explained, adding, "People couldn't understand why I loved him because he had a reputation for being a bad boy. What I saw in the beginning was this gentle giant that was in a lot of pain," she explained.

The couple got married at a chapel in Las Vegas, Nevada, inbut split about a year later.

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Electra had a stormy relationship with Rodman, although not everything was bad. When it was good, it was amazing.

Carmen Electra

And when it was bad, it was the worst," she said. But there was obviously more bad in the relationship than good, which made the two call it quits so quickly.

Carmen Electra 2018 Hookup Movie Titles

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Share Tweet Pin Share Tumble. Electra recalled how she met Rodman, not long after losing her mother to a brain tumor.

Carmen Electra 2018 Hookup Movie Titles

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The girl was originally a Playboy Playmate. Wow, I never thought I'd succumb to this. Eddie Kaye Thomas is one actor I've always liked. This is 91 minutes of your life you will never get back. Carmen Electra, 44, is radiant as she hits another Coachella event with Tommy Lee who she romanced nearly 20 years ago By Dailymail.