How To Get A Girl To Come Over: Guaranteed Hookup!

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How To Ask A Girl Out And Avoid Rejection Every Time With 3 Quick Steps!

How to text a girl to come over

12 Feb Whether you want to have sex with a girl right after meeting her or after a date; getting a girl to go home with you can be quite tricky since so many obstacles and complications can arise If she can't come with you, you can try to pull her to your or her car or the bathroom or you can just exchange numbers. So there's typically no harm in refusing this refusal, and proposing that the girl come with you if she really likes you because it's her only chance. If she does like you, she may . You don't have to; there are plenty of other ways to get a girl alone besides inviting yourself over to her place. However, this is just another tool to. 15 May So I met this HB9 at a bar, and we exchanged numbers. I also ran into her the other day and we had some lunch. I want her to come over tonight so I texted her. "You should stop by when you're finished with your day" I was wondering if you guys think that I should have asked her if she wanted to come over.

Getting a girl to come to your place without having been on a date or anything of that nature, is not a walk in the park.

A Sweet Way to Tell a Girl to Come Over | Dating Tips

Furthermore, getting a girl to commit through text and to actually follow through, is also not an easy task. It is this web page this reason why in pickup, it is advised that you try to set up the so-called date through the phone or face-to-face only, and not through text messaging. Before I proceed, let me make this clear about the dynamics here.

This article will highlight and break down and some strategic prerequisites in facilitating the path to getting the girl to commit to coming by your pad. She can get raped, held captive and hacked to death [interestingly enough: This is not going to work with a girl who had previously rejected you, friend-zoned you and so forth.

Other exceptions are girls whom you might have picked up a while back, still have their phone numbers, but never really connected with by contacting them.

I know this sounds counter-intuitive as fuck, given the fact that I mentioned safety issues as a reason for trepidation. As I said previously: Read this article of mines: Be as it may, before attempting to pitch the idea of she coming to your place, standard pickup game still applies! You still have to have text-game skills and the ability to attract a girl through text though this is limited in order to even think about convincing her to stop by your place. Dos and donts of text game.

Ok, after you would have built some sort of connection with the girl by text through normal text game whereas the girl is engaging, texts back and so forth, this is the framework that you actually want. By no means does this mean to be engaged in texting back and forth for 3 whole days with this 1 girl.

how do you get a girl to come over and bang you?(srs)

I mean intermittently for the 3 days: You just need to appear cool enough, sane enough, fun enough, funny enough, high value enough and non-needy. This can all be achieved within 15 text messages or less…over the course of 3 or so days as I routinely do.

That is all the indication you need to know whether a girl likes you or not and is invested: Ok, so once the girl initiates the texting, you now How To Get A Girl To Come Over all the leverage and grounds to suggest that she comes over to your pad. If you had done everything right in the text-game department: However, getting her to initiate the texting is akin to having a 50 yard head-start advantage in a yard race: Ok, so on the 3rd day, after I noticed that this chick was totally into me, she had initiated the texting a day prior and so forth, I went on ahead to tell her that we should meet up.

Hence, instead of saying through text: This is where, when and how most guys go wrong in suggesting a date rather than the girl to come over. The reality is, if the girl declines to come over on your offer, you can always fall back on a Plan B in suggesting a so-call date instead. If she declines to go out for a cup of coffee with you, why the hell in the world would she accept going to your house? Therefore, you want to shoot super high firstly, then work your way down with the less riskier option.

Doing so had planted the subtle seed in her mind that I meant for her to come by my apartment without me having to actually spell it out. As a guideline for you, that is how you want to initiate it: She knows that you want her at your place. But she also knows that due to societal judgment of women as whores, she has to be spoon-fed certain details and suggestions. You never want to leave the decision-making up to the girl when it comes to logistical matters of a meet-up: Not only that, but as time goes by hours and daysthis leaves enough mental space for something to go wrong as in the girl having How To Get A Girl To Come Over thoughts after lying in bed and reflecting on her day.

If all fail, you are always at liberty to going the traditional route of a so-called date or something of that sort.

Again, the audience laughs. As you don't have to spend a lot of energy to adapt to the environment, which saves energy in the long run. That is all the indication you need to know whether a girl likes you or not and is invested:

Guys, this really works, once they are in your pad. Well, you know the rest. Thanks for cosigning bro. But as you said, the big test comes when the girl is actually the pad. I was dealing with some chick not too long ago and made plans with her to come to my crib in a week.

Prior to the week we were supposed to chill she kept hinting at wanting to come, but I was busy. The day before she was supposed to come over she asked me to FaceTime something she never asked me to do before after we did she started responding to my texts later than usual and overall acting weird.

Come the next day a Wednesday I hit her up at 9: I texted her again an hour later and no response. Called her a half hour after that and still no response.

I said fair enough and blocked her number and Instagram account. I fucked up so much pussy just because my game is horrible. But as for the situation you laid out, that was some BS for real. All of a sudden she does!? There are go here when you should block and delete chicks I do it often.

How To Get A Girl To Come Over

Lots of tips on such matters for you to digest. I can shed some light on this. Lol I hear that Amante. I do similar things excluding the beach.

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Notify me of new posts via email. Ok guys, some super-advanced game which goes contrary to some staples in pickup. That is sound advice without a doubt. However, you can always take a shot in getting a girl to come to your place through text.

What does she has to worry about? Hence, there are great reasons for trepidation. She has good reasons to not come to your place. Having the girl actually follow through will be the tricky part. Be as it may, you want to start with a fresh girl, fresh set and fresh slate.


Everything was fresh in that we recently met days ago. Hook Theory Dos and donts of text game Ok, after you would have built some sort of connection with the girl by text through normal text game whereas the girl is engaging, texts back and so forth, this is the framework that you actually want. I find that it is ideal to throw the pitch on the 3rd day of texting. How do you know if and when the girl is invested and engaged?

When she texts you first out of the blue with the customary: You see the thing is: Women are the absolute worst at game! If you leave it up to a girl to seduce a guy over text, she will almost always fuck it up. How do you get a girl to initiate the texting?

How To Get A Girl To Come Over

I How To Get A Girl To Come Over her if she knew the directions to my area and apartments. I slowly insinuated it by trying to see if she was familiar with my area in other words. The girl will have known the deal. Ok, so what am I actually talking about here? As a rule of thumb: You set the time and date and get her to commit to it. As for time and timing: Always set up the meet-up to your place the same day or the next. Never set things up on Monday for Wednesday.

You more info to leave no room for her to backward rationalize why she should not go to your place. This can only be achieved by making the plans for that same day. Rapid planning leaves less time for the girl to come up with excuses. If you encounter further resistance to that: Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email Address never made public.

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