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2. "I was safe with him and we had amazing chemistry"

If by stranger, you mean someone I'd never met before and never saw again, yes, I've had one-night stands with quite a few strangers. I usually pick out an older guy that looks like he's successful and has money because I figure they're pretty saf. 10 Apr I'm a big believer in asking for—and getting—the sexual satisfaction you desire. If you're not nervous about a stranger seeing your "laundry day" undies, why not set your sights on a mind-blowing orgasm? You can go big and go home; just keep these three things in mind for your next one-night stand. 1. 19 May Research shows most women regret one-night stands. Apart from not enjoying the experience, there is a host of other health and safety risks associated with having sex with a stranger, says Áilín Quinlan. WHEN it broadcasts next week, the new series about the disastrous consequences for a young.

A few nights ago, I had a one-night stand with a complete stranger. My first — but hardly a first for womankind. I am a bonafide prude when it comes to anything even remotely sexual with strangers. Nestled continue reading the bar, I chat with a couple I deduce must have been in their sixties, who tell me they drive in from Hamilton whenever this band has a gig in Toronto.

It figures that with all of these strapping young male specimens flying solo at the bar did that one just give me a come hither-look? Slightly ruffled but undeterred, I order a veggie burger with extra cheese from the bartender. I feel my hopes for a wild dalliance being swept away by one of the busboys weaving in and out of the stacked barstools. One thing led to another, and lucky me, this saxophone player happened to be from New York City and conveniently staying in one of the hotel rooms above The Rex.

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Besides, this was more about me than it was about the act, or him. He was the supporting role to my play-acting.

To be fair, at the time, I had a nearly-shaved head and mainly wore ripped jeans and tank tops. Thank god he didn't smoke, because I had to collect my thoughts. When I arrived, I realized half of her family link there — including her cousin's mom! I ended up leaving the party with him, mildly tipsy and annoying his neighbors with my vocal aerobics.

An accessory in my one-woman show. After the deed, we exchanged pleasantries and I get redressed.

One Night Stand With A Stranger

I thank the jazz man for a nice time and say it was lovely to have met him manners go a long way in this life, my father always said, and what a strange thought to have entered my brain under even stranger circumstances. Heading down the steps to Osgoode station, cheeseburger to-go box in tow, I realize the doors are shuttered.

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Incredulous, I ask a group of college-aged guys nearby for the time. The kid shrugs and disappears into the taxi ahead of mine. I start to get paranoid.

I leave afterwards, slightly confused. Slightly ruffled but undeterred, I order a veggie burger with extra cheese from the bartender. I never heard from him again but that porch sex was damn hot.

Did I have a scarlet letter embroidered on my dress or hovering above me in flashing lights? Of course, really, there was no way he could have known the kind of night I had just had.

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That was for me. After my night at The Rex I felt incredibly liberated, in control and in touch with my body. I take comfort in the fact that I went for it. Maybe he was drunker than I realized. I wish I could be as confident in my affairs as I know a good feminist should be, but I comfort myself with the knowledge that having doubts and making mistakes is seminal to sorting out the mess of being a woman, being this woman.

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It was so weird, I just met her and then two hours later I was in her bed… hated it. Told my girlfriend a couple of days later and deservedly lost her. Currently missing out on the great sex with her thanks to an overriding urge to have crap sex with a stranger.

Asked directions home while staring at my feet. I had to walk around 5 fucking miles home, hungover, with dried semen on One Night Stand With A Stranger stomach. She leapt off me when I told her I was about to blow, and I was too out of it to even wash it off.

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One Night Stand With A Stranger