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hi my name is tanecia an im 18 years old an i guess im pretty healthy a senior in high school an its like since last year my lip has started to turn purple or blue.. it started last year didnt know Typically, however, the presentation is not as atypical as yours because the lips, both upper and lower, turn purple simultaneously. Blue skin or lips need to be checked urgently in hospital. See a GP if you have blue fingers or toes. Lip discoloration is the changing of one's natural lip color to that of a darker shade. The color of the lip will turn primarily dark purple or blue. The sun's rays are able to cause skin discoloration including a darkening of skin on the upper and lower lip. Lip discoloration may appear darker and more noticeable during the.

Added November 28,Under: Children's HealthHealthSkin Conditions. We love our lips for happy smiles, loving kisses and much more. But our lips can also tell us when something might be wrong with our health.

Purple Lips Causes

Blue lips or blue fingernails can be one of the symptoms of an asthma attack along with: During this attack, the lining of the airways also becomes swollen or inflamed when thicker mucus is produced leading to difficulty breathing, wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath, and even some difficulty in performing normal daily tasks. Burning lips can be a sign of depression.

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With all the sensory equipment in the brain, the lips can become overly sensitive when there is a here imbalance. Chapped lips when they are persistently sore and chapped can be an indication of an allergy.

This can swell the lips slightly, which causes the skin to crack and peel.

It also seems that people with darker skin tones are more prone to lip discoloration. Cracked lips can be a sign of different conditions. They use to be darker pink.

The cause of such an allergy can vary from person to person. For example, the irritant could be anything lipstick, peanuts or even the gloves that your dentist uses on your 6 monthly visits. You will need to get to the bottom of what is causing the allergy and if necessary, this can be determined from an allergy test.

Cold sores are usually a sign of a weakened immune system when the herpes virus which will lie dormant in your system is reactivated. The virus is very contagious and once you have it in your system, it will remain there for life. You may need to make lifestyle changes to boost your immune system, while treating the cold sore itself. Cracked lips can be a sign of different conditions. When they appear at the side of the mouth they can sometimes be due to anemia and a shortage of iron in the body.

In addition, cracks can also be a sign of diabetes. The high level of blood glucose which accompanies the diabetes encourages Why Is My Bottom Lip Purple growth of candida, a yeast-like infection which typically attacks the thin dermis at the corners of the mouth. Cracked lips can also be a sign that your diet is low in the B vitamins.

Pale pink lips are another common side effect of anemia and a possible shortage of iron in the body. Pale, dusky or blue lips can be an early warning symptom of the presence of meningitis or septicaemia in children. Often these conditions have non-specific symptoms such as just feeling or looking generally unwell. Along with the color of the lips, other symptoms may include having a high temperature, being more tired than usual, feeling sick, severe leg pains which can even prevent a child from standing Why Is My Bottom Lip Purple walking; and cold hands or feet even when they have a high temperature.

Red aura around the lips is another symptom of an allergy especially in the case of a high consumption of sodas or an allergy to the benzoic acid content of toothpaste. Swollen lips can be a strong indicator of poor health.

Scaly, crusted lips are sometimes known as lick eczema. The skin on the lips can be come dryer than other skin areas because they contain fewer sebaceous glands. If children or adults lick their lips excessively they dry out the few oils that are present, leaving the tissue and area around the mouth dry and vulnerable to infections.

Discourage any licking and keep the area moist with a frequent application of Vaseline or your own natural jelly. Look after this vulnerable area of your skin — the lips — by drinking plenty of water to moisturize them from the inside while keeping them well lubricated at all times including at bedtime. Jane writes for Healing Natural Oils, a producer and retailer of high-quality, all-natural treatments for a variety of conditions.

She loves to compare natural treatments and lifestyles — especially in the areas of health, green living and nutrition — in these three very different countries. Her regular posts can be found at www. I have blue color on one side of my lips — in the corner.

Greeting My names are M. James Since my childhoods my lips has been problem to click. We are so sorry to read of your problems with your lips.

This is not a medical site but a living naturally site. We do hope that your hospital can come up with a solution for you. Will practice some like not frequently licking lips, drinking lots of water, and keeping them well lubricate even i bed time.

I am a skinny girl ,17 years old and my doctor told me that I lack iron.

My lips get dry really quickly and are now light pink in color. My 10 year old boy has pale buish lip but hjs laboratory results show that he has normal himoglobin count. Hello I just found u by chance last time I got a allergy I had no it source my hand getting red and after etching so much after that it looks like burn and small small water come out of it after it getting dry and the skin removing a small part of my lips also, sorry my English and hope if I can find solutions, thank you for reading.

I have a huge prob with my lips due to diabetes — they are so dry they crack and peel and burn. I would fully advise anyone to try. Hi i have a cold and my lips are becoming dey and link another lip at the bottom and making my lips looks even bigger.

Arterial blood gases ABGs are drawn to measure oxygenation and determine other factors that may be contributing to blue lips. In other cases, blue lips indicate chemical poisoning as a result of ingesting antifreeze or ammonia. View November 30, Hormonal changes are one of the primary causes for lip discoloration in women.

I put chapstick on but doesnt work. How do i get read more of dry lips and making a double? We would suggest putting a small dab of organic coconut oil on your lips a couple of times per day.

I have red lips, but not around the edges. But usually the normal thing is light pink lips. Hi I had red lips it was a result of syphilis after my treatment, my lips remain red no pain I feel very normally. I went to check syphilis again it was negative.

Sometime in feel disturbed I want to relieve from that red lapsing. Im worried about my 10 year old girl. Her lips are always so dry and its color are pale white.

Why Is My Bottom Lip Purple

Please what could be the cause and I need a solotion to this disgusting look lip. Hello Agabi and sorry to read of your problem. I would suggest seeing your doctor so that they can check it out for you.


I woke up with the feeling to vomit. It never happened, so I had this feeling the entire day. When I stood up my lips would drop to white, my mother always reminded me to eat more and that I was going to get sick one day. This was that day, later on I read this then went to eat, I feel so much better and I have stopped shaking with coldness. My lips look like I have a lip liner on. They use to be darker pink. Is this a sign of heart problems and lung problems?

Why Is My Bottom Lip Purple

I am a black chocolate guy and my lips should black and dark. My lower lip is peeling and it has a semi circle from the inside to a half turned red and looking like a wound that becomes dry and cracked. If you are unhappy for any reason, simply return the bottles for a full refund of your product purchase.

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Ten ways in which our lips can speak to us! View 8 months ago. Sure, our lips can also tell us when something might be wrong with our health. View 6 months ago. It is probably advisable to take your daughter to your healthcare practitioner for a check up. View 3 months ago.