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They Dated?! Surprising Celebrity Hookups. By ETonline Staff PM PDT, May 24, 67 View Slideshow ⟶ · Getty Images. Check out the stars that were once an item. Share Share on Facebook Tweet Share on Twitter. 5 Oct These three real-girl confessions will give you a glimpse into what it's like to hook up with a Hollywood hotshot. Shocking Tales of Celeb Hookups. David Letterman just admitted to fooling around with staffers and while part of "I had known this A-list actor for several years, and he always flirted with me. 8 Jan It also shouldn't come as much of a surprise when said co-stars hook up, even if just for a brief fling — hey, if regular people do it, obviously so do celebrities! Some of the most famous pairings have come from actors who have starred together in a movie or series (Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, anyone?), but.

And Marlon speculates Pryor probably didn't even realize the Brando bang sesh was happening.

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It's a drug thing Quincy Jones has made some bold Who Is Hookup Who Celebrity List claims lately, but this one takes the cake The music legend says he and President Trump 's daughter hooked up -- meaning, dated -- about 12 years ago after Tommy Hilfiger told him Ivanka wanted to have dinner with him. Limited mentally -- a megalomaniac, narcissistic. Continue reading can't stand him.

Malia Obama 's gonna remember her first Harvard-Yale football game -- and so is the guy she made out with during the tailgate party! Barack and Michelle 's oldest was pregaming with friends Saturday outside the Yale Bowl in New Haven, CT, and wound up kissing a link guy who seemed to be pulling for Harvard, too The makeout sesh is no big deal -- just a freshman doing what freshmen do -- but the fact Malia lit up a cigarette might not sit well with mom and pop.

Remember, Michelle famously disapproved of Barack smoking.

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Amber Heard and Elon Musk are back together The exes broke bread Thursday morning at a Sherman Oaks restaurant where, interestingly, they chose to sit right next to each other -- not across from each other. It's the first time they've been seen together since announcing their breakup back in August. No obvious signs of PDA, so it could be totally copacetic. However, the sit-down comes the day after Elon revealed to Rolling Stone how heartbroken he was about Amber.

Who Is Hookup Who Celebrity List

He said, "I was really in love, and it hurt bad. The reunited couple hooked up Wednesday night in L.

We've known they were back on for weeks, but the public kisses are like a sealing of the deal. Selena went to hockey night a couple weeks ago, but no PDA that time around. We'd say the re-coupling -- which, as we told you was initiated by Bieber months ago -- is going well. Both are active members of the church. As we previously reported, the church is one of the things that brought Justin and Selena back together.

As dubiously-true hookup stories go, this one about Harry Styles is, well, rather charming. News that the relationship is "very, very new" and not serious yet. I can't stand him.

They are back together, after Justin began courting Selena a few months back when she had her kidney transplant. They've been virtually inseparable over the last few weeks Justin Bieber was the one who pursued Selena Gomeznot vice versa, and it took some convincing on his part to prove to her reigniting the relationship would be a good thing. Sources connected to both Justin and Selena tell TMZ, Selena's life-threatening medical emergency -- which ended successfully with a kidney transplant -- refocused Justin.

As one source put it, Bieber didn't know how much she still meant to him until he realized she could die Justin pursued Selena while she was still in a relationship with The Weekndalthough that relationship had been fizzling for months.

Who Is Hookup Who Celebrity List

As TMZ reported, Selena's family was adamantly against her getting back with Justincalling him "vile" and blaming him for Selena's severe bout of depression that landed her in rehab. As one source put it, "Selena had to be won over. There have been some reports that Justin's relationship with Selena is rooted in music and not romance Our sources says Justin and Selena are not collaborating in any way.

Selena was beaming on the ice as she watched Justin's hockey scrimmage Wednesday night in Los Angeles.

It's the first time they've been seen together since announcing their breakup back in August. Yep, you've read that right. Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon divorced back in after six years of marriage. There's nothing more tantalizing than a hot celebrity couple. The big question is:

While they haven't made any official announcement Right afterward, the couple left the rink together -- Justin still sweatin' and Selena sporting a hoodie and the jersey. They're in full-time inseparable mode now. Next she'll be wearing his varsity jacket. Oh wait, Bieber probably didn't get one of those. Too busy making a gazillion bucks and stuff. Although they've repeatedly denied dating and claimed to just be friends, all the signs are there. Ewan and Eve quietly separated back in May of this year, according to People Ewan and Mary Elizabeth play love interests on the show As for the now-exes, they've been married since We reached out to Ewan for further comment Scott Disick 's moved on to his next fling, but he's keeping things consistent -- Who Is Hookup Who Celebrity List another hot young celeb still in her teens.

Scott and year-old Sofia Richie chilled on the beach in Miami Thursday after arriving together earlier in the day for an apparent couples vacay. The 2 soaked up some sun We've seen them hanging out around L. Leonardo DiCaprio leads a well-balanced life -- a date with one hot chick before dinner Leo was spotted with rumored girlfriend Lorena Rae -- a year-old German model -- in the early evening Wednesday walking around NYC's Brookfield Place shopping center. We're told the 2 parted ways around 8 PM and DiCaprio got on the phone Their date wrapped up with a romantic bike ride to her place, we're told around 10 PM.

Leonardo DiCaprio 's still holding on to old flames We're told he arrived at the club earlier with a couple other gal pals, but left with Toni We're told the 2 quickly separated once they saw their pic being taken Leo and Toni starting dating back inbut broke it off after about a year Garrn and Parsons split in November.

Email Or Call My Case Isn't Gossip. Ladies of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit See the Model Bods! As they say in David's learn more here Nice rebound for Toni.

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