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The purpose of this sub is to give people an outlet to talk and discuss issues, not provide for a hook-up outlet. She would be admitting to wanting to have an affair with her sister's husband (not exactly admirable behavior) and I would be admitting to my wife's .. All of which are NOT your sister in law. That said, many other Americans would say that my wife's sisters' kids are my nephews, too. But, I would say that doesn't exactly match our family dynamic. So, as there is no legal definition, go with your gut. There is plenty of precedent with every variety. My personal usage would be: My ex's nieces and. 23 Sep There's nothing wrong with a relationship forming between you and your ex's ex sister-in-law in that you are not related or anything a long those lines, you just happened to have been married into the same family at some point, which is not the case at this point anymore, but it also depends on how you view.

Join Date Apr Gender: Ex-Wife's Sister I wasn't sure if this was the right place to post it, but either way I hope to get your opinions on this. I'm recently divorced, and I always had a thing for her sister who in my opinion is like an 7.

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To paint a picture for you she looks like Jada Pinkett Smith. I only got to really interact and get to know this sister when she came down this past December meeting up with her a few Hookup My Ex Sister In Law My ex was and currently still lives in Link. She is living in pretty close to me in same stateand we said that we will get together sometime. My question is do you think it's a good idea to try and hook up with her?

I'm not looking for a LTR with her, but at the same time looking for more than a One night stand, but if I can get that I would be happy. Join Date Jan Gender: She looks like Jada Pinkett-Smith but is only a 7.

Hookup My Ex Sister In Law

She sounds like at least a 9 to me!! You have to ask yourself 'is the ultimate goal worth it?

Hookup My Ex Sister In Law

Why cause urself problems wen there are squillians of hot chicks out there. You have to remember some woman are fiercely loyal!! You cud end up looking like a lechurous perv if you get a knock-back.

FWIW, I'm with everyone else in the thread Stop Saying "It's Broken" Broken implies that fixing something is hopeless. And neither of us has suspicious or jealous spouses, so I think our chances are good. I have a friend whose children I regard as being my nephews without any blood relationship.

If you do decide to go thru wiv it then just invite her out. Run some tight game on her and then you will know if "its on" Dnt worry about the previous DLV too much cos you can easily reverse that wen u meet her as a single man.

P 2 I actually am having issues with my rating scale. All I know is that it will take a lot of negs to hit this chick.

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I felt a high energy when I was around her, and we talked for hours, But I was afraid at the time to try to push anything sexually. Welcome to more advice and suggestions.

Then and only then can a decision be made that is best for everyone. They did that movie already. Age 37 Posts Pornography Brazen couple who filmed in porn video in popular national park could face fine A minute clip of the amorous couple in broad daylight has been uploaded to a popular pornographic website. Parenting Dad's 'chavvy' and 'lower-class' baby name demand causes huge row with other parents He desperately wants a certain type of name for his baby, but his wife has some concerns.

Age 37 Posts Negging is used early on in an interaction and only with HB10's. You already know this chick, there is no need to neg. Also, i would guess that this chick wud tell your ex.

Put urself in her Hookup My Ex Sister In Law Whereas telling her wud cover her ass!!! I maybe wrong on this it depends how devious Jada is?? There are plenty of chicks out there Teasing By all means bust on a girl in a playful way once she is already attracted to you.

This is a great opportunity to use kino aswell. Negging Is used before attraction is created. Its only used on HB10's who are always told they are beautiful to show you are not below them and yes it should temporarily lower their self- esteem so they then qualify themselves to you.

Remember HB10's are used to guys telling them how beautiful they are and spending money on them. You have to come accross differently.

Look at the correct definition of negging and you will see what i mean. Join Date Dec Gender: Originally Posted by ShyGuy0. Assuming you're not a kidney harvester, we can chat in the car. Location Europe Posts Age 39 Posts 1, Probably not the best idea. Although, after my divorce, it would have felt good to bang her sister, just to get to my ex You still shouldn't do it, though. Join Date Oct Visit web page Location Kent, England Age 37 Posts Stay away from this girl, its like a time bomb about to go off in your face man!

Thank you all for your advice, I will indeed not try and pursue this in anyway sexually.

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But one last question before I end this. Do you think it's still fine if we hung out on a friend level?

Also TY Tommy on that teasing vs Negs, very helpful. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. The time now is