How Big Are Magnum Condoms Compared To Regular: Hookup Affair!

Condoms Are Magnum Compared Big To Regular How

How Big Are Condoms?

Why Are So Many Men Suddenly Buying Magnum Condoms

28 Jul And how much larger are they than regular condoms? Below, the By comparison, Trojan's standard ENZ condom measures inches long and 2 inches wide. Then, there's Magnum's even longer big brother, the Magnum XL, which measures inches long and 2 inches wide. Which one is the best fit. 28 Apr "Bigger than most condoms, it is designed to fit those that find normal condoms too constricting," reads one website's copy for Magnum. A Trojan Non- Lubricated is inches long, vs. A rival brand, LifeStyles, has a "King XL" size whose vital statistics are virtually the same as the regular Trojans. There's. Trojan Magnum Condoms | Trojan Magnum Size January 25, [ ] To see how they compare to other regular or large condoms check out our condom size chart. [ ] [WORDPRESS HASHCASH] The comment's server IP ( ) doesn't match the comment's URL host IP () and so is spam.

How Big Are Magnum Condoms Compared To Regular

During a recent venture to my local grocery store, the wholesome kind with an elderly owner stocking fresh tofu at all hours, I was wandering the pharmacy aisle when something caught my eye: Specifically, the types of condoms: My friend, photographer Azikiwe Mohammed, certainly did: The sales numbers support his discovery: By the start of the current decade, what would appear to be a niche product made up Part of the answer lies in marketing.

They had serendipitous help from rappers like Remy MaYoung JeezyMack 10 and Busta Rhymesall of whom referenced the brand by name without any prompting from Trojan proving that a product that instantly reveals the size of your, er, package really does sell itself. Measuring in at 8. In fact, hold a Magnum up next to a regular old ENZ, and you may be, er, hard-pressed to tell the difference.

Replies to my comment. The Condoms Circumference plays a major role in condom size, especially for smaller endowed men. Pete March 8, To be very clear:

One now-faithful Magnum user tried them and then never looked back: Everything else fits, just too tight and not all the way down. Back in the day, I had to make a point of finding them.

Difference Between Magnum and Regular Condoms

You very well may have figured right. See the above photo. So with all these alleged mega-condoms flooding the market, the question remains: Granted, if you do have the girth, length, or a blessed combination of both, make sure to package yourself properly — a too-small condom can result in broken latex and spillage.

TheyFit — Comparison of Condom Sizes - What Sizes are Condoms?

And ladies, be sure to keep your bedside table stocked with a few options. Though you may want to keep the Magnums hidden in the back of the drawer, or you could wind up facing a question like: Other Content Pages paterson singles - renton online dating - dating san bernardino california - single men in tampa - midland dating - phoenix personals - myrtle beach dating site - gastonia chat.

How Big Are Magnum Condoms Compared To Regular

All this Magnum love poses the question: When did the exceptional become the norm?