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27 Jun A person's defense mechanism and their conditions of the heart and mind are theirs to work through and cultivate. If your partner is emotionally unavailable it doesn't mean he/she doesn't love you. A deeply rooted problem caused by whatever or whoever is the culprit. It has absolutely nothing to do with. 28 Jun Most women don't seek out or sustain interest in unavailable men, but more women than any of us would like to admit do. I actually saw this In a moment, I'll tell you what's going on in the minds of these women who seek out—and often stay with—men who will never truly emotionally commit. In my book, I. 18 Mar It is similar with emotionally unavailable men; even with the “aloofness factor,” every now and again they throw warm engagement, special treats, For women who do not feel generally positive about themselves and their ability to get what they want out of life, male kindness and reliability feel scary and.

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They are shiny and beautiful and attract us as a lure beckons a fish. They may seem coached in appearing perfectly desirable. They carry an uncontaminated air about them, appearing clean and well groomed. They manifest a removed where they are present in body but not so much in terms of actually interacting with others.

So you decided to sneak into the kitchen and have your fill of cookies. Yes - this is part of the everything I do for him! We had been together for 26 years and have a daughter.

They only interact at the smallest degree necessary for the situation at hand. This emotional removal is part of their control of all things in their lives. They never let anyone see them sweat and so do not get too involved with detailed discussions of logistics or events. They provide intermittent reinforcement.

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It turns out intermittent reinforcement is the most powerful way to increase a specific behavior. She is beyond thrilled and revels in his special attention and affection.

When the fun ends, she goes back to the work of pulling him out of his shell and trying once again to get his favorable attention. And just when she is about to Why Do I Like Emotionally Unavailable Men up, he throws another reinforcer at her likes her pictures on social media, suggests they take a trip, initiates a deep conversation, buys her exotic flowersand with that she falls back into the pattern.

Whether a person is divorced and trying love for the second time, or has never married, imagining how to form a contented adult life—with friendships, children, work—is daunting for most. They medicate the self-esteem deficit. They experience his sense of control, financial resources, or influential work endeavors as signs that he is somehow a better-equipped human being than the rest click here the male population.

Why Do I Like Emotionally Unavailable Men

For women who do not feel generally positive about themselves and their ability to get what they want out of life, male kindness and reliability feel scary and alarming. In reality many of these women have difficulty seeing themselves positively, and when a man is inconsistently available and difficult, his lack of respect for her is a match for her own negative self-image.

They provide a reprieve from intimacy issues. Even if at some point you try to be your true self with him or open up on some deeper level, he will evade and dodge your overtures. Imagine attempting a lifetime partnership, or raising children with the unavailable man. He will never be there for you in a reliable way, and you will do all of the work to maintain your life together. A much more rewarding approach to true love and commitment is unconditionally knowing and loving another person and feeling this in return.

No matter how shiny a new prospect appears, the only way to discover men who will feel comfortable, kind, funny, and warm toward you is through real-to-life interactions with those who consistently show they actually want to get to know you.

A woman wants so badly to be in love but feels damaged in some way and feels she will not be able sustain a relationship, because once the other person finds her fault, they will leave. So she looks for a man who is damaged, dates him for awhile, and once things get too serious, or she Why Do I Like Emotionally Unavailable Men she is close to being discovered as a deeply flawed individual this is subjective, objectively she is quite normal, and lovely.

She just feels worthless she attacks him for his flaws first, distances herself from him, and breaks up.

She later tells her girlfriends that he is emotional distant, never care about her, and couldn't fulfill her deepest need or whatever women tell their girlfriends and this emotional distant man, go to his guy friends and says "Everything was going great, she might have been little controlling and anxious, but then she turned into a real b-word no breakup story ends without the woman being called the b-word and we broke up.

So the truth is, both the girl and the guy need each other to play out this fantasy life until one or the other gets to close to discovering something the person who actually makes good relationship decisions knows: Art experts can usually accurately tell if Why Do I Like Emotionally Unavailable Men painting is a counterfeit or not but cannot always explain why they know it.

The painting just seems off. In the above post, I mean the guy instantly knew that this girl learn more here herself deeply flawed and would play the role as expected, but could not explain why. They date emotionally unavailable men. Then they date bad boys.

Some even date narcissists. The worst women don't date any men at all. If we only could get women to do what they should be doing: Dating,marrying and procreating with boring dependable men.

That way boring dependable men may reap their rewards read article regular sex with an available woman and will have somebody to perform all their household chores for free.

So those characteristics automatically imply the man in question is "boring" and somehow not fit to be in a relationship because he isn't "man enough"? Good job with your sexism, you mysandric pig. Why would you want to date a women who wants these things? And why are we as a society so obsessed with this relationship dynamic? Is it really so prevalent? Or is it just interesting for some reason?

I for one would never want to date a women with such bizarre tastes.

Why Do I Like Emotionally Unavailable Men

I would rather a relaxed women who didn't take life so seriously, and even if she was attracted instinctually to such men was mature enough to laugh it off. Like mature men are able to laugh off being attracted to women with hyper developed sexual features. I tend to indulge in these kind of self destructive behaviours. But now I am mature enough to laugh it off as well and while I wait for the real deal to come along rather than superficial satisfaction. I don't think I've ever met a man like the one you describe here.

When their interest fades, the cold shadows feel lonely and dismal. Obviously, if we lose interest as soon as someone becomes available, that won't work because we'd be forever chasing and never having a relationship. Whenever I open my heart and make myself vulnerable, the men I date head for the hills. Another possibility Submitted by Poindexter on December 8, - 8:

I've seen Why Do I Like Emotionally Unavailable Men in the movies, but not real life. Are you sure they really exist, except in certain women's fantasies? Was hoping to find insight and while some of this is party correct I suppose how do you find a man who isn't a pushover looking for a mother if you don't date an alpha.

The alphas are the only guys who arnt little boys looking for mommies they can get fat and lazy with. In my experience loving women see these men as they were when the shit hit the fan and they stopped letting people in, that twelve year old boy when you were in school who you had a crush on, but they were wild and you enjoyed seeing them free.

We still love seeing them free and so many of them are single because they can't make the necessary leap and commit. But that doesn't cure us of the free feeling we get being with them.

Like we are allowed to be twelve again too.

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We instinctively want to love these men, and let them know they are worthy of love, but it is a losing battle and we usually find ourselves feeling lonely, because we are alone.

I am dating a guy just like the person you describe but didn't really understand what about him was so hurtful to me. It seemed like there were multiple times he was extremely aloof and insensitive, plus lacked a fair amount of what should have been happy emotions. He is also the type that tries to make me jealous by telling me other girls are cute or pretty but never says that to me.

These types of guys tend to be the norm for me to date and I desperately want to break free from this habit, as it leaves me constantly stressed and miserable.

I am now going to make a serious conscious effort to find kind-hearted men. Thank you for helping me see how destructive these men are. Get Listed on Psychology Today. Having Sex, Wanting Intimacy. Why are emotionally unavailable men so damn desirable? Bad bad women Submitted by Anonymous on March 18, - 1: It's so annoying when women won't do what they Why Do I Like Emotionally Unavailable Men instructed.

So those characteristics Submitted by Doesn't matter on May 22, - 9: Why Submitted by Jeremy on March 18, - 5: Submitted by Anonymous on March 18, - 9: Submitted by also anonymouss on March 19, - 2: Submitted by Sara on May 16, - 8: In married to one and just figuring it all out!

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