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What Branches of Service Accept a GED?

In both Army and Navy, the GED diploma is accepted for Tier 2 status. Additionally, Tier 2 applicants must score 50 or higher on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, spend at least 90 days in a delayed entry program, or DEP, and complete the DEP Personal Qualification Standard program before shipping to. Yes but it is much more difficult to join the Navy with a GED compared to a high school diploma. Basically the military is not allowed to accept more than 10 percent of individuals with a GED and the Navy limits GED enlistments to no more than five to ten percent each year. Also you must have to score. Is the GED credential considered equivalent to a high school diploma for purposes of enlistment into the military The GED credential is accepted as Tier 2 status by the Navy for recruiting purposes. Marine. Corps. Yes and no. The GED credential is accepted for purposes of enlistment is allowed to join the Marine. Corps.

Joining the military is a competitive process.

They are not going to look at someone who has 2 years of HS education, compared to 4 or college degree. The Chair Force is probably not an option since they are so clean and shiny that Mother Cabrini would have a hard time proving herself worthy. If you're a college student or graduate who is interested in exceptional leadership and management opportunities, you may be eligible to become an Officer in the Navy — counting yourself among some click the most respected men and women serving our country. I would go talk to a recruiter I wish you the best of luck.

Not having a high school diploma will be a disadvantage to potential recruits applying to join any branch of service. Having a GED or General Education Development or also known as General Equivalency Diploma is an option if you were unable to graduate from high school, but the route is not easier than the traditional high school diploma.

Can I Join the Military With a GED?

All of the services strictly limit the number of high school dropouts which includes GED holders who can enlist each year. If you have a high school diploma or higher, you are categorized in Tier 1 classification, and if you have a GED without college credits, you are classified as Tier 2.

However, if a student with a GED completes 15 college credits, that student is reclassified as Tier 1.

The Tier 2 student has to perform above the 50th percentile to be eligible for service. The Air Force is the most strict on this matter. The Air Force allows less than one percent of annual enlistments to be recruits without a high school diploma.

Joining The Navy With A Ged

The Marines have the next highest standards. No more than five percent of Marine recruits can be GED-holders. The Army allows no more than ten percent each year, and the Navy limits GED enlistments to no more than five to ten percent each year.

After all foundational training is complete, Sailors will report to their first duty station as Active Duty servicemembers. Don't take offense at this, but when you go to the office, dress as if you are applying for the first REAL job you have ever had, be professional. What is the purpose of a soldier? Joining the Navy is a big commitment and life decision that can quickly launch your future. For at least two weeks each year, you will take part in advanced training that can take you across the U.

Thus having a GED with college credits is not an issue the recruiter has to deal with to help the recruit overcome. If not, the recruiter will recommend getting a semester of college that can be accomplished at local community colleges. The GED test may sound like a faster option to leave high school and join the workforce or leave home, but it typically is not a faster route to military service and not academically easier.

The GED tests include the following subjects:.

Joining The Navy With A Ged

You have to study for the GED, and it is best to learn how to take the test as it is a series of multiple choice and short-form answers. The test also includes longer answers to questions in short essay format.

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There are GED preparatory books, online assistance, and local adult education centers across the country. For more information, see our article about Military Enlistment Standards.

Active Duty Entry Requirements for New Servicemembers

Updated January 24, There are additional requirements for GED holders that high school graduates do not need.