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Summary of Scorpio compatibility

One of the most ambitious zodiac signs, Scorpios are driven to succeed and get bored with everyday life. Find love with help from's astrology compatibility advice article. Scorpios best match is to be paired with a Cancer. Cancers are naturally more in- tune with the epic highs and lows that a Scorpio endures. Cancers are prone to mood swings of their own and as a result they can relate to Scorpio's. Scorpios need nurturing, love and patience. These are all quality traits of a Cancer. Are you a lovelorn Scorpio? If so, this article tells about your love compatibility with people of other zodiac signs. Read further if you believe in horoscopes, and are waiting to find your perfect love match.

Copyright Free Spiritual Guidance. Astrology Signs Compatible with Scorpio. When it comes to Scorpio Compatibility, the best matches for a Scorpio are: CancerPiscesand Link. The relationships you may have difficulty with are: AquariusTaurusand Leo. Patience and Love Abides Here. Scorpios best match is to be paired with a Cancer. Cancers are naturally more in-tune Who Is The Best Match For A Scorpio the epic highs and lows that a Scorpio endures.

Cancers are prone to mood swings of their own and as a result they can relate to Scorpio's. Scorpios need nurturing, love and patience. These are all quality traits of a Cancer. For Scorpios, they will know when they have met their Cancer-companion. It will strike with such fire and passion that it is likely to knock them clean off their feet. When a Scorpio and Cancer strike up click relationship, the chemistry is often intense.

Your daily Scorpio Horoscope will tell you when these relationships are coming. For both, the realization that the other person's qualities do in fact exist in a person is a great relief and overwhelming joy.

Who Is The Best Match For A Scorpio

The Physical and Psychic Link. In addition to Cancer, Scorpios can find significant companionship in Pisces. The Pisces and Scorpio relationship is Who Is The Best Match For A Scorpio as strong a match as Cancer.

These two will find they are linked and often "know" what the other is feeling. While the Scorpio prioritizes the home and family, Pisces takes care of things outside the home and family circle. This balance makes sure all things get equal attention. Knight in Shining Armor.

Scorpio's need to feel needed and like they belong. Being a protector is a sign-born gift. Given Virgo's tendency to worry all the time, this provides Scorpio plenty of opportunities to be needed and protect. Virgo is prone to physical beauty whether it comes natural, or is a result of long hours at the gym.

This beauty attracts Scorpio on a spiritual level as they realize that Virgo's beauty is much more than skin deep. Your daily Scorpio Horoscope will help you see this.

When a Scorpio and Cancer strike up a relationship, the chemistry is often intense. Eroticism will pull these two together. This shows the typical scores for relationships between Scorpio and each of the other sun signs. Possessive Scorpio prefers passionate bedside confidentials to paparazzi and parties, but Libra quickly feels smothered without a social scene.

Spiritual Journey Meet Destiny Seeking. Scorpios are predisposed to seeking their destiny. It's their drive in life. Sagittarius meets Scorpio on their spiritual journey of life and the two find they have much in common, spiritually speaking that is.

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Sagittarius' naturally high spirited attitude and perpetual happiness keep Scorpio coming back for more. Scorpios love to protect and Capricorn is always seeking protection. This combination makes for a good foundation in a relationship. However, Capricorn is just as stubborn as Scorpio, so be careful.

Too much stubbornness without give here make the relationship throw the towel in on itself.

Let the Adventures Begin.

Scorpio Love Chart

Aries takes on the world looking for all its beauty and wonder. Scorpios love that about Aries.

It is dangerous if you bossing her around. Highly suspicious and protective of your privacy, neither of you trusts easily. Some are more likely to compliment or complain! She will never forget or forgive a man who cheats on her.

Scorpios are perpetually seeking their destiny and love the fact that Aries can point out points of beauty and wonder along the way. The downside to this relationship is both signs are born leaders. Scorpio, don't let your stubbornness get in the way of this relationship, and follow the wisdom of your daily Scorpio Love Horoscope.

Diplomatic Beauty in Motion. Libra is a true diplomat.

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They are graceful, tactful, sociable, attractive and sensual beings. These things attract Scorpios from miles wide. However, the perfectionism, control and infidelity can be your biggest downfall. Your daily Scorpio Love Horoscope will teach you to learn to control your perfectionism and the number of relationships you have, Libra, or you will soon find yourself in one less relationship.

Scorpio knows they are stubborn, that's part of their self-confident, arrogant nature.

They also look for psychic connections in everyone they meet. When you combine two Scorpios together, according to your daily Scorpio Horoscopeyou wind up with a few stings, but overall a strong psychic connection when they give in and let it happen. Gemini is notoriously chatty, witty and curious. These are all qualities Scorpio finds charming. The downside to Gemini can be their scatter mindedness, which will all but require you to be a frequent reader of your daily Scorpio Love Horoscope.

Scorpio needs someone that can keep up with their fast paced life. Too Independent For Scorpio. Aquarius is opinionated, independent and will give up at the slightest challenge. Paired with Scorpio's stubbornness, hot temper and need to protect and you have a bad mix for a relationship.

It's almost as if two bodies are moving in complete opposite directions and don't even see each other. Can You Spell Destruction? Scorpio has a habit of being controlling. When you mix that with Leo's demanding ways and you wind up with a relationship doomed from the start.

You will see in your Scorpio Love Horoscope that you tends to be secretive. Depending on how high Leo is positioned in society, Scorpio's secrecy can be destructive to Leo. Life in the Slow Lane. By nature, Taurus is loyal, trustworthy, faithful and dependable.

Who Is The Best Match For A Scorpio

These are qualities that Scorpio and Taurus share in common. Taurus will help Scorpio to slow it down and enjoy life. However, Taurus' natural tendency to take it slow may just grind Scorpio's last nerve. These compatibility rankings are based on sun signs only. A detailed Spiritual Astrology Reading will map your exact personality and character traits to all the planet positions, at the exact time and location of your birth. A Compatibility Reading will match your soul to the soul of your partner in the same manner.

You will learn this type of reading is much more complex than this. Free Astrological Personality and Compatibility Reports. I use daily horoscopes for Scorpio, natal Personality Astrology Reportsand Compatibility Reports to help souls better understand who they are, and how they can improve their present relationships.

These are very detailed reports, and are done by souls donating their time and energy to help you attain your Spiritual Growth. You are invited to request one, but we do require you be an active member of our weekly newsletter.