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Who Gets More Jealous: Men Or Women?

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6 May Even the most confident woman has her day where she gets jealous. Perhaps your girl is looking sideways at a new friend. At other times, it may have nothing to do with another chick, she may be envious of the time you spend at work or irritated at one too many Boy's Nights Out. So why do we get jealous?. 23 Sep Many men and women I've worked with get jealous, but their jealousy actually stems from an overall paranoid approach to many things in life. be labeled a jealous person if she (or he) has a history of becoming jealous with multiple partners, many or all of whom did not actually do anything to justify it. If me and a girl are talking as classmates for example and I see her enjoying herself with another guy, I get jealous. I got jealous over a girl ON A FORUM for god sakes, someone who've I've only talked to on the net. I've gotten close to girls in the past only to have them ditch me and go for other guys, maybe.

Even the most confident woman has her day where she gets jealous. Perhaps your girl is looking sideways at a new friend. So why do we get jealous? We feel threatened … Sometimes female friends can be waiting in the wings, in order to land their plane if they have the opportunity. Do what you can to help us understand what we have, and at least then we will know how read more handle our emotions.

We feel out of touch with you. It may be your job or it may be your friends, but we feel like you are valuing something more than us. Perhaps you get home from work, and then engage in a two hour conversation with a friend.

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All of a sudden you start wearing new cologne or you change your haircut. You usually come home every day by a certain source and then all of sudden you take on a new project when you were just talking last week about how you hate work! Any drastic change is usually a red flag for us, as you would see a red flag if you noticed a drastic change in our behavior.

Communication is out of sync. Rather than telling us something up front, we find out information by accident and then rather than inform, you have to explain. Not a good look…. Someone or something triggers bad thoughts this is directly linked to number 7.

We could be having a grand old time, but then we see a story of Tiger Woods.

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This may trigger reminders of your infidelity. Again, winning trust takes time. So what can you do if your girl gets jealous and what is the line between the occasional jealousy and the over-the-top your chick is really crazy — run for the nearest exit crazy?

If he gets defensive and tries to put it back on you, redirect it back to him. Because when you try to help another person emotionally they tend to hurt you emotionally. Do you get jealous easy?

Compliment your woman and show her lots of affection. Confident or not, every woman wants to feel desired. Keep female associates and possible suitors in check. Be up front — especially if your chick gets bad vibes from a girl.

Why Do Girls Get Jealous So Easily

Now if your chick looks at every woman with suspicious eyes, then you have a problem. Communicate regularly and often. Your woman needs to know that she can depend on you, and that you will be there for her when she needs you.

Keep your phone charged. Respect her time and respect the attention she gives to you.

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Hopefully I can be of some help to someone! Heya i am for the first time here.

If something is funny, you can't help but laugh. Not telling us when something amazing, or terrible happens. It's day by day.

My ex blamed me for being jealous and defined his flirting as perfectly innocent. He should read this. Thanks for validating my feelings. Although i agreed with some of your points but must say out of them some are also applicable with males also. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Skip to content Even the most confident woman has her day where she gets jealous.

Not a good look… 7. Email Facebook Print Pinterest Twitter.

Why Do Girls Get Jealous So Easily

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