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7 Nov If you are a womanizer, then the universe is going to set you up with a nice man- eater for you to handle or with a head case who is so insecure that she falls for silly games. Sure, you may snag a good girl into one of your traps, but it won't last forever, and when you are exposed, not only did you just hurt a. My boyfriend is a womanizer. He told me so when we started dating and I accepted it. I set some boundaries, I don't mind him flirting with other girls, touching breasts playfully or kissing others but I don't want him doing anything too sexually and nothing passionate. I invited him to a party with my mates. We got drunk and I. 26 Jun Handling a womanizer in a relationship is a herculean task. Don't get offended by the term, 'womanizer'. It is generally used to refer to a man who likes the company of many women. However, this fetish for being around women can lead to many problems in relationships. While some women accept.

You know the guy. The charm is How To Deal With A Womaniser on, the look is always well lubricated and ready to shmooze, the woman-radar always turned up to ten. You can see him, his head turning to check out the new female coming into range, his nostrils flaring for her scent, his ears pricked to track her footsteps. There he is, coming on to your friend, your sister, your daughter. Assuming you don't live in a part of the world where you could shoot him, stone him, or have him beheaded, what do you do?

Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Wow, please click for source was a stormy one! It is said that there is a fine line between passion and hatred, but still, even with all this, you seem to care for him. But sometimes you have to draw the line, because you can see how mutually destructive the relationship has become.

This is the right thing to do, because together you became out of control. Time to ask now, what was good and what was bad? So next time you can decide both how you expect your lover to act and how you expect yourself to react. I wish you luck in all your loves, present and future.

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Well, I was in 4 years relationship with a womanizerI found all the lists of women in his click herefor the first time in 4 years I checked his texts messages I saw all kinds of love notes from different womenit happened we were drinking heavily at his househis phone rang and my lady friend was calling him and I answered "why the hell you are calling my boyfriend at 3 am " I was so livid and screamed at here but she constantly calling him 6 times hopefully he would answer but he was so drunk to even picked his phoneso I scrawled down all the textssure did found all the deceitfulbetrayal deeds behind my backI was so rageI lost control and How To Deal With A Womaniser punching on bed stearing at me helplesshe was to drunk he could not do nothing.

I was under insanity at that momentI injured my wristthe next daywe woke up both hurting and I saw bruises all over his face, eyes and chest, he said what happenedI told himyou told me to bit you up coz betraying meI kindly scaredbut so angry at the same time and left the bastard alone and no contact for as long as I can handle.

I have been trying to put a stop to this in my friends life, thanks for the strategies which you have given to me. Womanizing scum deserve all they get and more! Keep up the good work ladies!! Its funny but actually useful. Ugh, and I have just the picture in my head of the guy you are talking about. Love your mind, best hubs I've read thus far!

How To Deal With A Womaniser

OMG this is funny. I love your little tricks. I have a long history with men like this. Yes you are a gentleman, someone said that previously but i don't remember who Sorry if I was late. I'll send you a zip lock back of poison ivy and a pair of latex gloves to keep in your handbag for emergences: Why did you run away?

Pest, you are one of the most popular and most imitated hubbers I know. I am unworthy, but thank you for your generousnesserity. Tom, you have quickly become one of my favortist hubbers. Can you handle the pressure of such fortune continue reading fame?

How To Deal With A Womaniser

BTW, I love your bad artwork. Very original hub, you even manage to create your own artwork as a candy to your hub.

Why does everyone laugh at my mighty sword? I'm really not violent, though.

Start living your life. Just go forward feeling good about how you've learned a valuable lesson and now you need never ever do this to yourself and others again. All of them are lying womanizers, cheaters and dogs!! I zoom out, visualize the world filled with people conquering mountains, building bridges, milking cows, delivering babies, and then to see myself lying in bed playing out this epic love story in my head Delete or block his source.

My husband was a cop for over 30 years No, I am the ineffectual 'gallant knight' type. Once I was with some people on the beach and this girl was dancing and her boob was falling out. So I told her. My buddies were all so mad at me. That's the word I was looking for.

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I should have asked you, Amanda, you diabolical person you. I like the Bribe the kids to yell Daddy. Toms an expert, I wonder what made him write this hub.

How to deal with a womanizer?

Hey Tom, you missed out putting bromide in his tea! Click are all very funny, and quite tempting too. One guy who dated a friend of mine was so pleased with his prowess in the bedroom department that he had a sign on the door saying 'form queue this side'. We were enormously relieved when she finally caught on to exactly what kind of a hound she'd been seeing.

Perhaps one can hope the womanizer breathes enough of the How To Deal With A Womaniser to become impotent. It likes to grow on the edge of the wood out a little ways into the meadow. It likes at least partial shade, grows generally low to the ground and shiny leaves arranged in threes. That would be a lasting lesson I'm sure, Paper Moon, although if it actually reached the floor, you might be doing the young lady a this web page. Thanks for answering my hub request Tom!

You did an excellent job! From the looks of things, you've created a hit everyone loves! I have the instant cure for that sort of behaviour I tell him I won't get mad, I'll get even. Works like a charm. Tom, you are a gentleman and a scholar. Women everywhere would pay handsomely to have you work some of your tricks for them! These are downright diabolical.

It's OK to just be alone with Sedulous right now. Your relationship only started getting deeper when you suppressed your own personality and desires and tried to become what he 'wanted'. How do I get over this? During my birthday, we weren't seeing each other, and he did the same He told me to go to hell and that he won't ever contact me again. It is my experience that good sex, really good sex depends upon both you and your partner being able to empathize with one another's experiences.

And no doubt effective!!! Tom you do enjoy making these lists, don't you! One really has to wonder if they're a figment of your imagination or if you talk from personal experience! There were any number of times I was a shoulder to cry on for a womanizer victim. If some of my suggestions are put into practice it will be no more than some of them deserve! And honestly I have tried one of those to get someone to leave my sister alone so I loved it even more!!!

You are too clever for your own good Tom I love the habanero trick too!!! These are unique and funny a must share with my single girlfriends Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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Here are some ideas. Enlist some of your male friends who are unknown to the womanizer's prey to pose as the womanizer's gang. Have them say their loud hellos and ask him to make sure he brings the pretty young thing over later - so they can all have a go.

Get one or more of your very pregnant friends to loudly confront and accuse him of being the father. Have a very attractive female friend lure the womanizer away from his prey, into a place where her husband who is a Police Officer, Army Ranger, Marine, martial arts instructor, whatever can observe him go How To Deal With A Womaniser a little too far.

Bribe several little kids to run up to him, jump up on his lap, and yell, "Daddy, daddy! Just click for source he asks for, give him one part gin, one part scotch, one part rum, and three parts vodka.

Spike it with lemon juice and ground habereno pepper. Stay out of spewing range. Put crazy glue in his hair gel. When he goes to the bathroom, screw the door shut in 95 places with a cordless screw How To Deal With A Womaniser.

Tell the victim you saw him leave and get her the hell out of there. Tell him in front of his prey that an attorney has hired you to get a DNA sample for a paternity How To Deal With A Womaniser recently filed against him. When away from the victim, explain that his target is underage and the cops are watching. Use this only if the ruse is plausible or the womanizer really, really dumb. Intimate to the womanizer during a private moment that his potential prey is the daughter of a mob boss.

Tell the womanizer that your friend, Paula, used to be Paul, although it may not work because some guys don't care, or worse, are intrigued. Better yet, tell him her real name is Paul, and he's just dressed up for a little fun - but he likes to give much better than he likes to get. In the womanizer's presence, ask his prey, pointedly, "So, are you over that little rash yet? Wear Latex gloves - for two reasons. Thanks so much, Disturbia. I hope my suggestions are helpful!

Tom, these are funny and brilliant. I enjoy your sense of humor and logic. Dang, where were you all those times I was taken in by slime-meisters?