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11 Jun Read Empire's list of the best movies from around the world. Best Costume Design, while Kurosawa was nominated for Best Director, the only time the Academy deigned to decorate one of the greatest directors of all time. .. Prizes Ter Steege won a European Film Award as Best Supporting Actress. Here is a list of my most favorite classical and modern European movies of all many of them have you watched?. 24 Feb Our film critics rank and review the 50 best foreign films of all time, including action movies, comedies, dramas, indies, romantic flicks and thrillers.

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It seems that the world is still peopled with witches, werewolves, vampires and the rest - but they are divided into Light and Dark Others, battling it out for supremacy, and the souls of new, emerging Others, on the streets of Russia's capital.

100. Night Watch

Extraordinary visuals on a shoestring budget, bravura subtitle design it matters and a plot that just makes sense unlike its "Chalk of Destiny" powered sequelthis is the most visually imaginative superhero movie of the last decade. Back in when Fox signed Bekmambetov to a three-picture deal, the plan was that they'd make Twilight Watch, a prequel to Night Watch and Day Watch, and remake the other two in English if that did well.

So far, however, there's zero movement on that score and Bekmambetov is busy elsewhere.

On his first day of work, his bike is nicked and he spends the entire day combing the city with his young son an astonishing Staiola searching for it. With the astonishing Leaud creating one of movies' greatest juvenile delinquents link watch him wipe his nose on the curtains - Truffaut fashioned a cinematic autobiography that is poignant, funny, lyrical, unsentimental and authentic right down to its famous freeze frame finale. Bernal and Luna are best friends in real life, and it shows over the course of this delightfully shot road movie.

Look, it made lots of money at the Russian box office. You can't expect successful films to win prizes. Top European Movies Of All Time the Robin Hood story transferred to the Ch'ing Dynasty, helmed by Yuen Woo-ping, the martial arts director that would go onto create such western fighting spectaculars such as Kill Bill and The Matrix Trilogy. Iron Monkey is an action romp starring the then fresh-faced Donnie Yen, so chock-a-block full of breathtaking fighting sequences that you barely have time to place the popcorn in your mouth.

If the nuanced acting seen in Crouching Tiger you're looking for, you've come to the wrong place, but set pieces such as the knife fight, and the final balancing-on-top-of-giant-sticks rooftop battle are stone cold classics of the genre. And, it's fair enough to say, this has yet to be beaten in terms of fight skill and direction.

No remake as such, Top European Movies Of All Time when Quentin Tarantino campaigned to have it released in the US, notable Westernisation occurred around the mention of the Chinese folk character Wong Fei-hung that Yen plays.

Prizes Two minor nominations, but nothing in the actual cabinet. Akira Kurosawa was almost blind when he directed his biggest movie, inand yet it's possibly his most beautiful. A sumptuous and powerful epic inspired by, but not directly click to see more on, King Lear, it tells the story of a powerful warlord whose three sons, bad eggs all, contribute to his downfall.

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Moving, and packed with images that sear themselves onto the brain, it's an astonishing work from an old master. It is King Lear, after all, and after a fashion, and we're never shy of one of those. Prizes It won an Oscar for Best Costume Design, while Kurosawa was nominated for Best Director, the only time the Academy deigned to decorate one of the greatest directors of Top European Movies Of All Time time.

China Just click for source Chen Kaige. To fit the span of a character's entire life is no mean achievement; to do so for two arguably three characters and take in a swathe of tumultuous Chinese history while you're about it - taking in the Second Sino-Japanese War and Cultural Revolution for kicks - is just showing off.

But Kaige's story of two childhood friends who become stars of the Beijing Opera but are torn apart by politics and unrequited love manages to make the personal its focus even against a huge backdrop, helped in huge measure by compassionate performances from Zhang Fengyi, Gong Li and the late, great Leslie Cheung.

Operatic Top European Movies Of All Time never melodramatic, this shows a more sensitive side to Chinese cinema than we're used to.

It had to settle for mere nominations at the Oscars and Cesars France's Oscarshowever. Mao Tse Tung What not to say Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Marc Caro. The central character is grieving the death of his monkey not a euphemism. The bad guy is a butcher who carves up his assistants to provide meat for his building's tenants. The heroine enlists the help of radical, violent vegetarians to bring the villain down.

And it's all played out against the backdrop of a post-apocalyptic Paris where all the traditional concerns gourmet food, music, adultery remain at the forefront of people's minds while the planet goes to hell around them.

Top European Movies Of All Time

Witty, strange and quite brilliant, this is a unique view on what remains when the world ends. Watch Delicatessen online now with Amazon Prime — 30 days free. Arguably his greatest film, it's undoubtedly the skill, charm and work ethic of Bruce Lee that steamrollered this martial arts movie into this web page classic it has become.

It's tempting to confuse how great a martial artist Lee is with how good his films actually were, but in this case, the individual set pieces that dominate the film notably the Chuck Norris gladiatorial fight at the end are so well choreographed and so well delivered, that nothing else matters much. In a world now where every every fight and every punch is so full of trickery and post-production, the sheer purity of Lee's work here makes it one of the best of its kind ever made.

The worrying news is that it's rumoured to include cast members such as, er, Jack Black and Anne Hathaway. African films move at a funereal pace to mirror the rhythms of African life. It doesn't matter if they are all as good as Yeelen.

A strange beautiful film, Yeelen weaves together elements of African folklore to tell the tale of a boy who, fleeing his jealous Shaman father, goes on a journey to reach his Top European Movies Of All Time, helping strangers on the way, all the while gaining knowledge to face his father it's a bit like Star Wars, this.

Yet what really grabs the attention is Cisse's skill with the breadth of landscapes and the simplicity of the human face. Its symbolism might not translate, but it is hypnotically ravishing.

Top European Movies Of All Time

Holland Director Paul Verhoeven. Perhaps not as controlled as Soldier Of Orange, Spetters and Black Book amongst non-Hollywood Paul Verhoeven flicks, this is the Dutch master channelling Hitchcock if Hitch had given in to every one of his warped impulses and is therefore unmissable. Cue rampant symbolism, castration images, kinky sex and dead seagulls - welcome to Verhoevenland.

Verhoeven has said this is a spiritual prequel to Basic Instinct. Prizes Far too pervy for prizes. Japan Director Mamoru Oshii.

But this is not just a grandiose s exercise in budget pushing. An adaption of the musical, in a modern-day song-and-dance recreation of the Gospel of St. Hitler portrayals have tended to veer towards the camp, but Bruno Ganz renders him authentically chilling and terrifying.

The fact that both the Wachowski brothers and James Cameron are huge fans of the film should come as no surprise - it's set in a futuristic cyperpunk world where everyone is connected to a mainframe, and a cyborg by the name Top European Movies Of All Time Motoko Kusanagi must hunt down 'The Puppet Master' who's hacking into people's memories. The film itself remains so popular because it picks up where Akira left off - delivering a grown-up, engaging, fascinating version of a future that challenges the viewer whilst wowing them with stunning animation and eye-candy visuals.

Car chases, shoot-outs and existential philosophy are exquisitely mixed together to make a film that intrigues and excites, time and again. Not a Hollywood one unless you could Http:// Matrix [Lawyer's note: No, we don't]but a Japanese Top European Movies Of All Time, called Ghost in the Shell 2.

Subtle and delicately delivered humour is where Goodbye Lenin is at. The main premise, that a son must pretend that the Berlin Wall is still up so that his mother, fresh out of a 9-month coma, isn't shocked into a relapse, is one that had to be deftly handled, and deftly handled it is. Though out-and-out farce could be on the cards, leading actor Daniel Bruhl delivers the source with understated aplomb, making intentional audiences wonder whether 'German comedy' was really a contradiction in terms after all.

No, and since the story is peculiarly German and Hollywood doesn't like films about Communism, we're probably safe here. There's delicious irony in the fact that Rififi was made in Montmartre while American director Jules Dassin - one of Hitchcock's - was on the Hollywood blacklist, as this striking crime-masterpiece has exerted a heavy influence on virtually every Hollywood heist movie since.

Dealing with the set-up, execution and fall-out after a diamond-store safe-break in '50s Paris, it may sound conventional, but with a virtuoso near half-hour - the heist itself - playing out here no dialogue or score in near silence, it's anything but.

Charting the romantic hopes and disappointments of shy young factory worker Andula a terrific BrejchovaForman etches a tender gentle but never twee portrait of young love. A central set-piece where the hot young girls of a small town are wooed by aging soldiers they send a bottle of booze to the wrong table is ripe for Hollywood remake, but it is Andula's pursuit of a rakish piano player Pucholt that delivers true emotional wallop.

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It's essentially a one-joke movie - blundering and incompetent rockers The Leningrad Cowboys real band, real weirdoshaving failed to make it in Russia, are told to try America "because they'll listen to any old shit". Luckily, it's a good joke. True oddballs, the band grab themselves a Cadillac and head south into America's heartland, performing godawful show after godawful show, all with their dead frozen guitarist in a coffin alongside them.

Deadpan wit is the order of the day, and with its expert location shooting, it's an off-the-wall read more like no other, and easily the best Finnish-rock-band-travelling-across-America movie you'll ever see. You can't remake this kind of crazy.

A kind of companion piece to The Seventh Seal, Andrei Tarkovsky imagines eight episodes in the life of a medieval monk Solonitsin with a gift for painting icons.

Similar to Bergman's knight in Seal, Rublev traverses feudal Russia renouncing speech, his art and his faith in response to the horrors he witnesses. Alongside the heavy duty themes, there are stunning visual set-pieces - Tartars ransacking a cathedral, the forging of a bell - and a fresh take on artist biopic cliches, only revealing Rublev's artwork in stunning colour and Cinemascope at the very end.

On the face of it, it's Top European Movies Of All Time very simple premise: Combining a lo-fi aesthetic with Hollywood-worthy thrills, Twyker created an extended short, repeated three times as Lola tries again and again to get it right.

It's as fast-paced as you'd expect, full of likable characters, and perfectly balances arthouse sensibilities with multiplex action to Top European Movies Of All Time one of the most enjoyable movies Germany had made for years. Not unless you count lesbian "homage", And Then Came Lola, which you probably don't. Weird considering this is one of the most Hollywood-friendly on the list.

Conceived by a director at the top of his game, Il Conformista is a period piece that looks as good today as 40 years ago. Betrayals take place in dappled, sun-filtered woods and compromises are made on blue-lit Parisian streets, as a venal man, Marcello Clerici Jean-Louis Trintignantvainly tries to negotiate his way through Mussolini's Italy.

Link ornate design and Vittorio Storaro's sensual cinematography enhance a story that perfectly captures the immoral world of fascist Italy.

No, although we wouldn't mind seeing Leonardo DiCaprio playing the amoral Clerici. I let the post office take care of those.

Jean Cocteau's greatest film takes the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice He: Orpheus, played by the devilishly debonair Jean Marais, is a poet plunged helplessly into a startling world of bombed learn more here landscapes, Rolls-Royce-riding angels of death, leather-clad outriders, and, of course, that mirror to the Underworld.

Marie Dea's radiant, pregnant Eurydice is the love who awaits him there. Made by a man who laid claim to being a painter and sculptor as well as a filmmaker, this is a true work of art in every sense. Non, but we can only dream about a Guillermo del Toro take on the story. Just pipping Moolade and Ceddo as Sembene's best film.

Xala, based on his own novel, is satire at its most subtle yet savage. A powerful business man Leye is taking his third wife, much to the chagrin of his exes and daughter, yet on his wedding night he is hit by a Xala or curse, rendering him impotent. Sembene turns the tale into a metaphor for Senegalese ineffectuality, skewering the pretensions and underhandedness of African politics with a quiet anger.

He also creates a gallery of strong female characters, a direct contrast to the useless men. None, and frankly we're not holding our breath here. This is not Hollywood's usual subject matter. Nothing else of note, however. Ousmane Sembene What not to say A high-concept masterpiece, this controversial effort several attempts were made to ban both film and its source novel in Japan from Fukasaku continues to provoke discussion with its devastating premise: It's gory - but this is not violence for its own sake.

Fukasaku's got something powerful to say about intergenerational distrust, modern society, our attitudes to violence and one another and modern Japan as a whole. Ina remake was reportedly in the works at New Line, but following some difficulties with the rights and more devastatingly for its chances, we suspect the Virginia Tech school shootings, the remake was shelved.