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Seeing someone you know on OkCupid is a bit like running into someone you know at a strip club. You're both Make sure you screenshot everything too -- they may stumble upon your profile and block you to save face. Plus . You've received a ton of OkCupid messages from smart, successful, sexy people. Opening. 4 Jan What's the best way for people to reach out to the Customer Experience Team team? DCE: For reporting and/or blocking people, you can do it directly from the profile or message. If you want to reach out to Customer Support about anything else, you can reach out here on our feedback page. Blocking someone prevents you from being shown to each other around OkCupid, plus it prevents their messages from getting through to you. We do not let people know in any way that you have blocked them. On the website you can block people from their profiles by clicking the three does icon at the top of the page; you'll.

Let's say they and I have exchanged messages. I wish there was a way to stop people looking at your profile. Sign in Get started.

Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Blocking question on OKCupid. Blocking question on OKCupid Quick question on blocking: I blocked my ex a few months ago on OKCupid.

Was trying to heal myself and move on when to my horror he appears on my "welcome" screen where they show you people who updated their profiles. He did not view my profile, I'm talking about the section where they show you random men who updated their profiles. It said he edited his profile and added a pictire which I could all see. My question is, if I can see him, can he see me?

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How does the blocking work? He cannot send me a message but can still see me or he can not see or send me a message?

I cannot find anything about this on the site.

I suppose I should be grateful they did not flag my profile for deletion on the basis that I was not their type. Honestly, seeing success stories from happy OkCupid users who have been on great first dates, or are getting married to their OkCupid match. How frequently do you receive reports on harassment specifically? Can you elaborate a bit on why you're trying to disappear off this person's radar?

Yes, he can still look at your profile but he cannot message you. I don't want him knowing I'm on there and still single But would I appear in his search results if he can't message me?

How Do You Block Someone On Okcupid

Don't worry about it though. If he is on there too, he has no reason to judge you. Yeah, eek he had a lot of issues Well I wanted to disable my account anyway and try out link removed again, so i did that. I have tried match before with no luck.

How Do You Block Someone On Okcupid

But everytime I hear someone getting married from an online dating site it's always link removed! So I fugured I would give it another shot. I wish there was a way to stop people looking at your profile.

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I notice one guy keeps coming to look at my page. Not all the time, but maybe once every couple of months. It is annoying as his name and pic are a little freaky. I don't like the idea of him keep coming to my page to look at my pic. I was looking to see if there was a way to block them from coming but I guess you can't.

I've sent OKC an email about it. I wish they could add that to the settings. Originally Posted by Brightest Dark [ Register to see the link ].

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