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ROMANTIC-ERA POETIC FORMS. Lyric poetry: A brief, emotive poem written in first person; it emphasizes sound and pictorial imagery rather than narrative or dramatic movement. Ode (odal hymn): A long, stately lyric poem in stanzas of varied metrical patterns. The poem represents divine creative power separate from the. In England, the Romantic poets were at the very heart of this movement. In the Preface to the Lyrical Ballads, Wordsworth writes that he has 'taken as much pains to avoid [poetic diction] as others ordinarily take to produce it', trying . Here we find two different perspectives on religion in 'The Lamb' and 'The Tyger'. William Wordsworth. Percy Bysshe Shelley.

Victorian Poetry, Poetics and Contexts Home. A dominant genre of poetry emerging during the 19th century took the form of Lyric Poetry, deriving from the Victorian conventions of narrative and dramatic poetry.

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The lyric is distinguished as one of the three broad categories of poetry, partnered with the dramatic and the epic. Originally, this form of poetry was meant to be sung, and accompanied by the lyre. Greek lyric poetry was divided into two basic kinds: Both of these modes are written in a variety of metres, for example the Elegy [2 ]. Most lyric poetry depends on a regular meter, which is based on either a number of syllables or the stress upon individual words. The most common meters are Iambic, Trochaic, and Anapestic.

This metre is specifically for lyric poetry, and does not occur in any other genre. The Anapestic meter is of three syllables featuring two short and unstressed and one long and stressed.

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In Greek terms, the lyric was a song to be sung accompanied by a musical instrument. A lyric piece is a short poem, and may or may not be set to music.

Styles of poetry that are classified as lyrical, and contain lyrical qualities are elegies, odes and sonnets. The sonnet is arguably the most popular form of lyric poetry, in its Petrarchan or Shakespearean arrangement.

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The Lyric as a Poetic Genre During the Romantic period, the poets took great interest in the lyric mode and sought to emulate the general characteristics in their work. As a result, the lyric mode became more concrete and established itself as a prominent genre of poetry during the 19th century. To the Romantics, within a lyric poem the narrator gives expression to a feeling, state of mind or emotion that is presently being experienced.

As a subject, a lyric poem general contains certain specific attributes, such as imagination, subjectivity and emotion [5 ]. Throughout the piece, the narrator is attempting to bring their expression of emotion from the abstract world into a physical representation, using literary techniques such as the metaphor, association, description, etc.

William Wordsworth was one of the most influential writers of the genre, generally responsible for its popularity and the revival of the traditional sonnet. The poem is not only written in lyric form, but is also addressing what a lyric should be.

The poet is both a prophet and a hero who has to help mankind to reach an ideal world full of freedom, love and beauty. La Belle Dame Sans merci? Many consider him the finest Romantic poet and several lines have become poetic axioms: A bhajan or kirtan is a Hindu devotional song. Coleridge is well-known for his conversation poems.

Although the listener does not understand her words, he is infatuated by the sound, stating her voice out does the nightingale a lyrical symbol. The inability to comprehend the words of the Gaelic woman are not a problem as the narrator is internalizing the sound, bearing the music inside him as he relays the poem.

To Wordsworth and many other poets, this poem set the basic template to what a lyric poem should resemble. According to Mills, after experiencing a mental breakdown claimed he was able to remember how to feel again through reading Wordsworth's emotionally charged poetry. To the Victorians, they believed the ability to express an authentic, original voice of a subjective feeling has now been displaced and confused. This lyrical confusion was thought to be caused by the detachment the Victorian poets felt to their generation; viewing their era as an ugly emergence of modernity, a time where factory building and industrialization took a forefront and the idyllic nature of the landscape was forgotten.

Hebrew singer-poets of the Middle Ages include: In Europe, the lyric emerged as the principal poetic form of the 19th century and came to be seen as synonymous with poetry. In he went to live in the Lake District and he got married.

In a sense, these poets were correct; their era could not sustain the lyric form of authentic voice. The invention of the printing press during the period added to the lack of authenticity, for although preserving the lyric forms, resulted in a loss of its earlier oral circulation.

Therefore, the poets began to idealize the writers of the romantic period, idolizing them for their ability to reach the authenticity of an idyllic lyrical voice and used the works of poets such as Wordsworth as templates of inspiration. The poem is overall aesthetically pleasing and contains a melodic rhythm that situates the poem in lyrical format.

Two Lyric Poets Of The Romantic Period Were

The poem gathers a sense of the dramatic once movement begins a very uncommon occurrence in lyric poetry. Vol 4 December The Literature Network The Oxford Companion to Classical Literature 3 ed.

Two Lyric Poets Of The Romantic Period Were

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