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11 Dec Maybe you wouldn't go that far to get your guy to text you back, ask you out again or to commit to a relationship with you, but what you might do could surprise the guy in No matter how long you two have been dating, don't abandon the activities you do (or used to do) that make you come alive. It's okay if. 25 Dec Let's face it, deep down, all guys are looking for a woman that not only floats their boat but also keeps them coming back for more. Here are 20 Even if they're your least favorite people on the planet, when they show up to chill, you should resist the urge to roll your eyes and make that face. Instead, put on. 23 Dec Makes you adore her, keep coming back, and want to do anything for her?” This question of how to keep men Who make the “catch” and then all the romance dies. That is not the way conscious men I cannot promise tomorrow. So how then does a woman keep her man coming back for more each day?.

Your impulse may be to text him every hour on the hour, stalk his Facebook page for comments about you or someone else or hunt down his friends to get the scoop on what he thinks about you.

How To Make A Guy Come Back For More

Or, you may be tempted to take even more extreme measures. Here are some safe bets on keeping him interested … without making you look desperate: Know how beautiful, smart, successful and attractive you are and let it show.

Keep up your passions and interests. The only games you should play with your guy involve a board, a ball or possibly bedroom fun. These will always push him away.

How To Make A Guy Come Back For More

Go for the pleasant surprise. A great way to prolong the passion and spark is to do the unexpected. Surprise him with a picnic in your living room or a drive to the countryside for no reason other than to explore a new area.

Let your creativity go wild. While coming on too strong can be a big turn-off, so can holding back and putting up walls.

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If your old emotional wounds are causing you to be suspicious and mistrust your guy, heal them. Remember how fun it was to first get his attention with playful comments, looks and touches?

You have your own way of flirting so be authentic about this, but DO flirt.

She loves me and treats me like no other man in the world and she allows me to be her King. Guys love girls who have plenty of confidence — especially when she spots something or someone she wants! Now after doing all the above stuffs, there's a fair chance he will call or text you. If you want him to really want you, then you have to prolong the chase for just the right amount time.

Common dating advice might tell you to ask him questions to show your interest in him and what he likes to do.

Take it a step further and really get curious.

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Let him know that you want to know more. Fulfill your own needs. Believe it or not, there is nothing more alluring than a woman or a man whose moods, attitudes and sense of self are self-fulfilling.

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I think everyone has a quote that has ignited something within them — a quote that has stirred their heart and inspired their creativity.

A good quote can make me write for hours, I think that is why I find reading so integral when it comes to art. It opens up the worlds inside of you.

Fulfill your own needs. Use them to your advantage! We respect your privacy.

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