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Answer Wiki. 1 Answer. John Burgess, Former US Foreign Service Officer who's been around the block (and the world) a few times. Answered Jan 17, You don't. "Squirting" comes from the urethra, the next opening up in the vulva. k Views · View Upvoters. 8 Feb The secret to how to make a woman squirt is to stimulate the G-spot and focus on the intensity. Yes, the frame of mind of your lady does matter. The common belief is that the G-spot is a tail end of the clitoris. While you do want to give her clitoral orgasms, don't underestimate the subtleties of the vaginal. Female ejaculation, commonly called squirting, is a natural phenomenon which actual existence has been questioned in today's society by a number of people. Often confused with urine, the most solid medical explanation on its origin says that it comes out from the urethra, and not from the vagina. Although there exist.

Often confused with urine, the most solid medical explanation on its origin says that it comes out from the urethraand not from the vagina. Although there exist countless myths and misconceptions about it, the truth is that it is nothing but a healthy, natural phenomenon that can happen at any time, to any woman: In women, the glandular tissue located below the bladder and surrounding the urethra appears to be homologous to the male prostate. Many women produce this liquid—even in small quantities—, which means that all of them can experience the female ejaculation.

The nerve roots of the clitoris surrounding the urethra make it an especially sensitive area which is commonly known as G-spot.

It is indeed very real, but in the quantities you describe it is urine. The are times I cannot stop the fluid from coming out. My problem is that i ve been masturbating since i was

It is important to make a distinction between ejaculatingsquirting and gushing:. An important difference between ejaculating and squirting is linked to their compounds: Stimulating the G-Spot makes the blood flow to be higher in these glands, which gets them to expel this liquid through the urethra.

How To Make Your Vagina Squirt

This is an important fact to keep in mind, as many people believe that women ejaculate through the vagina. It should be clear that, even though the vagina segregates a lubricant fluid to ease penetration, the female ejaculation has its own urethral exit at orgasm. The way in which each woman achieves it is also different. The quantity of fluid that is produced as well as how it is expelled varies from woman to woman. While some do it little by little in small quantities, others are able to shoot a big load.

It is an odorless and tasteless milky fluid which color ranges from whitish to transparent. For some women, it smells like urine or even ammonia, a fact that can Here explained by the presence of small traces of urine, as it moves through the lower portion of the urethra before being expelled.

This substance, which is released by the urethra and not by the vagina, contains prostate-specific antigen PSA and prostatic acid phosphatase PAP. A number of analyses have identified in the ejaculate of many women How To Make Your Vagina Squirt presence of antimicrobial secretions.

In such cases, it was proven that women who are actually capable of expelling this substance when ejaculating had fewer chances of suffering from urinary tract infections UTIs caused by sex. Some people believe that not all women are capable of ejaculating, which is to say, that it is all about training and practice. The truth is, no definitive studies have been conducted to date from which we can affirm or refute How To Make Your Vagina Squirt true is this. Because of this uncertainty, there exist a number of myths and misconceptions surrounding this topic, which are described below:.

Many women believe that they urinate during intercourse, which makes them feel insecure. Because of these feelings, several women have undergone surgery in the bladder because they thought it was a case of incontinence. Furthermore, this fluid, the composition How To Make Your Vagina Squirt which is different from the urine, only exits during sexual intercourse and not with physical efforts.

While some women have to rest for a few hours before it happens again, others get it on several occasions in a short time period. How many times a woman may ejaculate depends on a number of factors such as age, physical conditions, and the fear she has to urinate, among others. Again, it depends on each particular case, and having the ability to do so does not necessarily mean a greater level of overall sexual satisfaction.

It is nothing but another type of sexual response. There is no physical reason why a woman should stop experiencing ejaculatory orgasms after menopause. There are two main causes why not every woman might be able to ejaculate:. No, it is not. Women can continue with their sex life despite being pregnant. In fact, some are able to experience ejaculation for the first time during pregnancy as a consequence of undo pressure on the pelvic regions.

As seen earlier, experts have not reached a consensus on whether female ejaculation actually exists or not. The following is a list of the most common benefits reported by those who have experienced it at least once in their lifetime:. Firstly, urinating before engaging into sexual intercourse may be the key to achieve climax while dispelling any doubt arising and being sure that it is nothing but ejaculation.

Stimulating the clitoris helps, too. If a woman feels that she has to urinate and pushes continue reading the muscles of her vagina, ejaculation is very likely to happen. Those couples who experience the female ejaculation brag about it. An orgasm combined with female ejaculation is one of the most intense feelings that a woman can experience. More info pain associated with orgasms, whether ejaculation occurs or not, is a condition called female dysorgasmia.

However, not much is known about this alteration to date. It usually happens when a woman climaxes, and appears in the form of a cramp-like pain in the lower part of the abdomen which can be referred to the back or rectum area. Most patients describe it as an intense, bothersome pain that passes within a few minutes. Some studies have found that, given the fact that it occurs most often in women aged 35 to 55, it may be linked to menopause.

Other theories associate it with the presence of ovarian cysts, endometriosis or fibroids. No, it does not. Neither is it true that urine kills sperm, so even if your ejaculate fluid contained urine or if a woman pees before having sex, her chances of getting pregnant would not be affected. To learn more, we recommend you to visit the following post: What are antisperm antibodies?

The esoteric tradition of Hinduism and Buddhism known as Tantra or tantric sex refers to female ejaculation, squirting and gushing as amritawhich meaning is, in fact, nectar of the gods. It is also known as kalas. I was just wondering why now after many years of having enjoyable sex with my husband.

Female ejaculation does not always happen, it depends on the situation and how stimulated you were. Some experts even state that female ejaculation is something that has to be learnt, which means that you may need some training to do so. It depends on each woman and the particular situation.

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Better than the other way around! Well, that would have source really disappointing! My first wife and I were involved in a 69 position and she ejaculated enough to soak my face and the pillow underneath my head. Never will forget the experience. My current wife had never experienced an ejaculation until we got married.

She can actually squirt an we love it.

Melissa — you answered your own question. You ejaculated with a different man. His penis might be longer or shorter or curved just right. Maybe he took his time with foreplay or he just hit the right spot.

How To Make Your Vagina Squirt

Sex is more mental than physical! I have been ejaculating since my 20s. I am now 49 years old and I though my days of squirting were coming to an end.

Britton says, shouldn't be about feeling pressured to put on a show. I feel your anguish Jennifer. The G-spot and the labia will become larger. While some women have to rest for a few hours before it happens again, others get it on several occasions in a short time period.

The are times I cannot stop the fluid from coming out. Eight minutes of gushing… I think I just ran out of fluids. The next day I squirted out of the blue. Yeah, most of that was urine. With a much smaller gland than the male counterpart, the prostate gland, it is highly unlikely that more than 5cc was actual ejaculate.

You were not there, so you cannot so divinitively assert that you know what fluids were coming out of another woman. I have amazing sex with my husband, and have ejaculated just as she describes, over and over and over. Believe me, it was not urine. I agree with u Ashley.

Also I have please click for source experienced something new. I wonder if this is how a guy feels with blue balls… lol. Strange analogy, but it works. You cant seem to tell piss from fe ejaculate. The fact that you wrote, paraphrasing: One cannot piss and squirt at the same time just as a man cannot piss and shoot cum How To Make Your Vagina Squirt the same time.

You are denying yourself full body pleasure that you apparently seem to be able to do quite naturally. That is not scientific as many have already pointed out to you. And yes, I am 49 so go figure. And no, it does not smell or taste like urine. Hi, I am Been with my wife for 33yrs. It is really interesting to go through and read conversations on this topic.

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I was by myself and it was a wonderful experience. Its truly an insane experience. I have dated several men since then and they have loved getting me to squirt. The taste is very appealing to them and an extreme turn on for them.

Last night I had my first experience with female ejaculation in quantities I previously considered impossible. My partner had a tremendous orgasm while I was stimulating her G-spot with my fingers. She gushed what seemed like a pint at the time.

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She has had the experience a few times before with other partners and she is