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How to Approach a Woman You’ve Never Met Before

Welcome to the second episode of The Vault. I'm going to be showing you the best way to start a conversation on the street with a stranger! I personally feel that a lot of people stop themselves from talking to strangers and making conversations because they think they're going to mess up. But really these are the best. Learn these techniques, apply them and start getting the love you deserve. Welcome to the Art of Seduction. 5 Feb Say you see a girl on the street who looks exactly like Amy Pond from Doctor Who or is wearing the t-shirt of your favorite obscure '80s hardcore band. You want to say hello, understandably, but first, please take notice of whether or not she wants to say hello to you or anyone else for that matter. You may.

Are you tired of trying to meet girls in clubs or at parties? Have you considered using online dating first to avoid coming across as a street harasser?

Do you want to actually know what a girl looks like in the daytime before you go out with her? Who knows, the girl of your dreams might work in a building a few blocks over, and how else are you here to meet her?

This article will walk you through the art of picking up girls on the street. Be brave, and maybe you will find The One, or at least a date for Saturday night!

Raise your hand if you mostly are harassed when are alone or with female friends! Pay attention to your surroundings so that when an opportunity arises for small talk, you can quickly think up an icebreaker comment about something nearby. Who knows, the girl of your dreams might work in a building a few blocks over, and how else are you going to meet her? Always be prepared to meet a new girl. Of course, stopping a girl on the street is going to look different than walking up to a girl at a bar.

Do bare in mind that most women are harassed in the street on a daily basis, and are therefore often wary of being approached in this Talking To Girls On The Street.

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Thanks for helping us achieve our goal of helping everyone on the planet learn how to do anything! Berkenalan dengan Gadis di Jalan. Always be prepared to meet a new girl. If you are looking to pick to girls, it helps to be mentally and physically prepared to do so. Before you go out, have a few funny anecdotes lined up, should the opportunity to talk to a girl arise.

Continually scan your environment for suitable candidates; you never know when a hottie is going to wander by. Pay attention to your surroundings so that when an opportunity arises for small talk, you can quickly think up an icebreaker comment about something nearby. Dress neatly, in a fashion that reflects your personality. If you are a slacker dressed in a business suit, the disconnect between your personality and your clothing is going to come across very quickly in conversation and confuse the girl, or make her uncomfortable.

Dress in a way that advertises the kind of person you are, but do choose the nicest clothes of your preferred type that you have available. Figure out where the girls are. If you want to pick up girls, you need to go to where they are.

Choose a place with a lot of foot traffic to hang out, such as a street with many restaurants, the sidewalk outside of a popular coffee shop, or the arcade in front of a big bookstore. Also, plan your search for a time of day when the girls who walk by are likely to have a bit of time to spare. Aim for the lunch hour, or mid-morning, when many people go out for a coffee break. Look like you have a purpose, besides picking up girls. Most women will be put off by a man or woman slouching on a street corner, calling out to various girls as they walk by.

No one enjoys being harassed in the street! Here advance will seem far less threatening and contrived if it appears you are busy or out running errands. Can you help me out?

Try to make eye contact as you pass by. If a girl who catches your attention, try to quickly make eye contact and smile as you walk past her. Glance back and try to see if she noticed you. If you glance back and catch her looking at you, smile and give a quick wave. If she smiles or waves back, walk right up to her.

Then proceed straight to the third part: If you do not see her looking back, that does not necessarily mean she is not interested. She may not have seen you, or you may have missed her glance.


Let this one go. Turn back and approach the girl from the side. You can either walk quickly to catch up to her, or follow her until she reaches a crosswalk and has to stop. Walk a few blocks if you have to, in order to approach her in a calm and natural fashion.

How to Talk to Girls on the Street | Stop Street Harassment

This can come across as threatening. It would also be inappropriate and frightening to the woman if you were to run after her, or approach her all sweaty and out of breath. Do not stalk the girl. There is a huge difference between following a person for a few blocks in order to click up and introduce yourself, and stalking someone.

Do not follow the girl for more than two or three blocks, and pay close attention to her signals.

Talking To Girls On The Street

If she does not make it easy for you to catch up to her, she is most likely not interested. If the girl seems to be speeding up, making it hard for you to catch up, she is aware of your approach, and trying to shake you off.

If she gets out her phone to make a call, this is another strategy for shaking off an unwanted advance. Take it as a hint to back off and leave her alone.

Do not try to follow her until she is done with her source, or the next call she makes could be to the police.

Talking To Girls On The Street

When you catch up to the girl, first excuse yourself to get her attention. Try breaking the ice with a casual comment about your surroundings. Pay her a specific compliment. Better yet, try for a compliment that invites some kind here explanation or response. Is she wearing an interesting hat? Tell her that it's one of your favorites and ask her if she saw their show at the last awesome venue.

Focus on nonverbal communication. Stand confidently, with your chest out and shoulders back.

She may not have the time or inclination to talk. Even if a girl is simply walking down the street, you can stop her and engage the woman in conversation right then and there. Getting great reactions really is as simple as being positive.

Begin with your body turned slightly away from her, then turn your body towards her when you she says something engaging or amusing to show your increased interest. Try to keep the pitch of your voice low, and resist the temptation to speak too quickly. Keep the conversation going, but only if it seems welcome. Try to stay in the conversation for two full minutes, even if you fear the conversation is boring. Talk about the weather, or current events.

The longer the conversation goes on, the better your chances are of making a connection. You should probably aim to keep talking for a good five to ten minutes before asking for her number. If she switches topics, do it too. If a girl is interested in you, she is going to help you out and do her part to keep the conversation rolling.

Ask for her number. If your initial conversation has gone well, go ahead and take the next step. Then tell her how happy you are to have met her, and let her get on with her day. In some cases, especially if your approach was awkward or inadvertently threatening, she may be frightened, irritated by, or even angry at your advance.

Be mindful of the signals she gives off, and always be respectful. If the woman fails to respond, does not return your smile, Talking To Girls On The Street looks away continue reading you attempt eye contact, she is probably not interested and is trying to be polite about it.

Take the hint and move on! Remember that YOU are the one who tried to intrude on her life uninvited, not the other way around. Be aware of the line read article a friendly pick-up attempt and sexual harassment, and do not cross it. Sexual harassment laws vary by region, but in most places, making unwanted sexual advances towards another person is a criminal offense. Back away at the first sign of disinterest.

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Tips Travel in groups. If you are seriously looking for some female attention, grab two of your read more friends and get out there. Being seen as part of a group gives off a good vibe, and reduces the chances of you seeming creepy.

But don't walk with guys who are much better looking than you, or the girls may never even see you. Warnings Don't be rude. If your pickup attempt doesn't work, just let it go. Don't push or you will scare people. While walking with friends can be effective, it can also scare or intimidate women, or make a woman feel as though she is being targeted by a gang. Flirting In other languages: Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been readtimes. Did this article help you? Cookies make wikiHow better.

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