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Change Of Taste The Eating Sperm Pineapple Does

Vaginal Health: Does Eating Pineapple Really Make Your Vagina Taste Sweeter?

20 Jun Urban legend has it that foods like pineapple make your cum or vagina taste good, while stuff like stinky cheese makes your junk taste rank. To find out if there's any validity to this, we had a male-male and female-female couple try a sex experiment. 8 Sep We asked experts if eating pineapple or drinking pineapple juice can really change the taste of vaginal secretions and semen. 30 Nov Former porn actress, Annie Sprinkle, who tasted hundreds of men's semen, says vegetarians taste best, that eating fruit and drinking fruit juices a few hours before sex If a man would rather not change his diet, or if diet changes don't provide sufficient taste enhancement, any foulness can be masked.

One couple takes the ultimate taste test in the bedroom. I love my boyfriend. And I love giving him blow jobs during sex. But, what I do not love is the taste of semen. No matter whose semen it is, it tastes like a cross between sour juice, bitters, mold, and a dirty sock.

But I don't smoke I am dedicated to being a good girlfriend. Shrouded in mystery and hearsay, many of the methods commonly recommended come with very few accounts of firsthand use. To be fair and in the interest of improving people's lives everywhere we decided I should partake in the experiment as well. He was skeptical that changing my diet would make any difference given that vaginal lubrication isn't exactly liquid.

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Men and women of the world, you're welcome. Here are the results of our experiment: Since what seems like the invention of the juicer, the wonders of pineapple juice have been lauded for their semen-sweetening abilities. And, after my first sip, I can see why; it's like drinking a glass of sugar water.

So sweet is the bright yellow-orange juice, I feel like I might instantly go into diabetic shock. And I'm not even diabetic. We tested the results of our pineapple juice guzzling while on a southwest road trip. It was a warm summer day, the scenery was beautiful, and I felt inspired to make the drive a little more exciting.

Swishing Does Eating Pineapple Change The Taste Of Sperm around my mouth, I realized it actually did taste significantly sweeter. Gone was the bitter, sour, taste and in its place was a neutral, lightly-sugary taste that was much more palatable than the original.

Fortunately for me, he had nothing to report. I still tasted and smelled exactly the same. Given how foul pineapple juice is, the last thing I needed was for him to get addicted to my pineapple-infused nether regions. Perhaps he's just continue reading forward to giving me a larger pearl necklace? So we proceed as planned. Perhaps the Does Eating Pineapple Change The Taste Of Sperm would even produce the elusive female jizz.

In case you're wondering, a 'bunch of celery' is a lot. But at a tiny 5'1", I have the metabolism and appetite of a small bird. Snack time, I skip mixed nuts for celery with ranch dressing. Three days later, stuffed to the gills with the green stuff, here take turns going down on each other while watching a basketball game on my sofa.

So, include plums, kiwis, blueberries and cranberries in your regular diet. Foods with high sulfur content such as cauliflower, cabbage and broccoli are also not good for the taste of your semen. And I love giving him blow jobs during sex.

I brace myself waiting for a geyser of his semen to shoot out at me. Instead, all I got was the normal load. Flavor-wise, the semen sample was better tasting than normal as in, not bitter or salty but not as good as the sweeter pineapple-infused version. It's been suggested that vegetarians "taste better.

So of course, he was thrilled with this part of our experiment. I was just excited to prove that I would taste and smell stinky after eating meat.

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So for three days, I stopped being a vegetarian and chowed-down on everything from bacon to sausage to pork chops. Our normally spontaneous sex sessions had taken on a bit too much planning and regulation.

Does Eating Pineapple Change The Taste Of Sperm

Nonetheless, even though we both wanted to sleep, we soldiered on. He headed down southwhile I eagerly hoped I didn't taste good. Pretty much the same as his normal stuff. I guess he won't be giving up meat anytime soon.

Does Eating Pineapple Change The Taste Of Sperm

One of the benefits of being a sex writer is that you learn about products that a normal person would never even conceive of. The strips are dissolvable, flavored strips that you put in your mouth 15 minutes before fellatio. They come in four practically popsicle-like flavors: And, to get us back to spontaneous, I decided my best course of action would be to surprise him in the morning before work with a blowjob.

After first having non-taste test sexwe fell dozed off briefly. At this point, I was unsurprised when he came back up telling me he didn't really need it. If anything, it was distracting since he liked my actual taste. I knew I loved him for a reason. I'd Rather Give Head.

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I learned something very important from this experiment; force feeding yourself or your partner in the name of making your juices taste better is not worth it. That said, it was fun to finally test this longstanding notion. I think I can firmly conclude that pineapple juice does in fact alter the taste of semen.

Lady juices, not so much. Bummer for any women out there who have funky vaginas. Sex February 10, Click to view 11 images. More content from YourTango:

Does Pineapple Make Oral Sex Taste Better?