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4 Jan Weight Loss Advice from the s: Eat Less, Exercise More The preference for the boyish form may have been the result of the gradual change in the amount of clothing worn by women. The multiple . Even the playing of an excessively severe football game removes from the body relatively little tissue. 17 Feb IMHO, if anyone finds themselves doing this, the advice they should be getting is to go on a date with the person they actually want to be on a date with. Also, what a great lesson in history this is, for if this is a concern of our little "dating expert" then its possibly true that many women in the s were loud. s. A Far Cry from Havelock Ellis, Freud and Jung? The New. Realism in Romantic Fiction. Conclusion: 'A Level Headed and Normal Idea of Sex and. Sex Morality' . “it's ribbons and flower this year” Alison Settle fashion editorial, illustrations by Beryl. Carr. . “Player's Please” Ad. Home Chat p. .

Topping most of our resolutions this year is a repeat from the past: Before the establishing our modern knowledge of diet, it was taken for granted that the shape anyone might have had been conferred upon him by providence, and the best one could do would be to make the most of it. There was little to be done in making the least of it. Nature creates human beings and animals in all sorts of forms and sizes.

Nevertheless, the basic framework can be modified as to the amount of upholstery. Every woman knows that she can, suitable modification of her diet and by the use of proper exercise, cause the pounds to pass away. No one has determined certainly the cause of the recent craze for reduction.

The preference for the boyish form may have been the result of the gradual change in the amount of clothing worn by women. The styles have tended toward the slim figure, covered by less and less clothing.

Perhaps the change was the result of the coming source the automobile; that, too, has been a most significant factor in the change of our body weight. Walking, up towas the accepted mode of transport for the human body in the vast Prince William Kate Start Dating of circumstances.

Then came the motor car. Today there is in this country one motor car for each five persons, and walking is gradually becoming a lost art. Walking used to be the form of exercise primarily responsible for burning up Dating A Player Advice Columns From The 1930s Fashion excess intake of food.

With the gradual elimination of walking and with the coming of the machine in industry, there has been less and less demand for energy in food consumption and more and more tendency toward maintaining a slim figure by a reduction in the consumption of food.

Dating A Player Advice Columns From The 1930s Fashion

The person who takes no exercise and who eats the diet article source was prevalent from to will put on weight like an Iowa hog in training for a go here fair.

The suggestion has even been made that feminism was responsible for increasing the popularity of women like men. Within the last quarter century more and more women have come out of the home and into various clerical, manufacturing, promotional, industrial, and statesmanlike occupations. A fat girl gets lots of bumps from office furniture in modern designs. Then came the war, and with it there was intensification of all these motivations; the war made serious demands on women.

The slightly suppressed desires for freedom merged into strong impulses and urges that suddenly seized every feminine mind. What had been merely a somewhat languid interest suddenly became a dominating craving.

Reducing became the topic of the hour, and the craze for reduction was upon us. It has been urged by some that the final stimulus for slenderness was a sudden change in fashions promoted by the modistes of France. Be that as it may, the French women themselves never succumbed to the craze for emaciation as did their American sisters. The French are far too sound a race from the point of view of feminine psychology to urge the cultivation of manly traits in their women.

No doubt, the French fashions did incline toward women of somewhat thinner type, but the modistes did not, like our designers of costumes, adopt an all-or-nothing policy. Individualization in form and costume has more often been the mark of France, whereas standartization and uniformity have dominated the American scene.

American manufacturers of ready-made clothing, with the beginning of the s, began to produce models for slim women, hipless and bustless. As the women went into the department stores to purchase, they found it difficult to obtain anything that would fit.

There were promptly plenty of experts ready to help her through the fixing process. Advertisements began to appear of nostrums to speed the activity of the body and to lessen its absorption of food. Phonograph records were sold, giving explicit instructions regarding exercise and diets. The radio poured forth systematic calisthenics and played tunes for the performance of these motions in a rhythmical manner.

Dating A Player Advice Columns From The 1930s Fashion

Plaster fell from many a living-room ceiling while women of copious avoirdupois rolled heavily on the bedroom floor. The springs and frames of many a bed groaned wearily beneath the somersaults of some damsel of pounds.

Pugilists who had been smacked into insensibility on the rosined floors of the squared rings became heavily priced consultants for ladies of fashion and of leisure who embarked on programs of weightlifting: Department stores offered, in the sections devoted to cosmetics, strangely distorted rolling pins with which it was claimed fat might be better distributed about the person.

Shakers, vibrators, thumpers, bumpers, and rubbers manipulated electrically, by water power, or even by gas, were offered to those who cared to try them. Out of this turmoil came a demand for a scientific study of overweight, its effects on the human body, its relationship to economics, sociology, psychology, happy marriage, the maintenance of the home, and physical and mental health. In response to this demand, research organizations in many medical institutions began to study the factors responsible for obesity and the most suitable methods for overcoming the condition without injuring the general health.

Whereas, in scientific medical indexes of a previous decade, an occasional article only might be devoted to this subject, the indexes of recent years show scores of records and reports in this field. The first response to the craze for reduction, as I have said, was the development of extraordinary systems of exercise, with the idea that a woman could keep right on eating the same amount of food that she formerly took and that she could get rid of the effects of this food by excessive muscular activity.

Read more soon the women found out the error of this notion. Walking 5 miles, playing 18 holes of golf, or even 6 active sets of tennis does not use up enough energy to take off any considerable amount of weight. Even the playing of an excessively severe football game removes from the body relatively little tissue.

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A football player, it has been reported, may be found to weigh from 5 to 10 pounds less after a football game than he weighed before, but most of this loss of weight is merely due to Dating A Player Advice Columns From The 1930s Fashion of water from the body, which is promptly restored by the drinking of water after the contest read article over.

Actually, the terrific strain of one hour of football burns up not more than one-third of a pound of body tissue. Thus reduction of weight is for most people simply a matter of mathematics, calculating the amount of food taken in against the amount used up. Reduction is a matter of months and years, not of days. The investigators have shown that it is dangerous for the vast majority of people to lose more than two pounds a week.

A greater loss than this places such a strain on the organs of elimination and on tissue repair that its effects on the human body may be serious and lasting. When women found that weight could not be permanently removed to any considerable extent by excess exercise, they began to try extraordinary diets.

The diets first adopted were selections of single elements. They have been characterized as perpendicular rather than horizontal reductions. The phrase refers to the nature of the diet rather than to the effect on the human form. In a perpendicular diet, the partaker eliminates everything except one or two food substances and limits himself exclusively to these. In a horizontal diet, one continues to eat a wide variety of substances, but eats only one-half or one-third as much of each.

Perpendicular diets are dangerous because they do not provide essential proteins, vitamins, and mineral salts. These will be found in a properly chosen diet which includes many different foods, but smaller amounts of each. So women began eating a veal chop alone, pineapple alone, hard-boiled eggs alone, or lettuce alone. The constant craving for food and the associated irritability make the woman on such a diet a suitable companion only for herself, and sometimes not even for that.

Certainly, she is no pleasure around a home. Among the first of the books of advice to be published on diet was one concerned only with the calories.

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No doubt, successful reduction of weight was easily here by the caloric method, but click at this page associated weakness, illness, and craving for food soon brought realization that there was more to scientific diet than merely lowering the calories.

The next extraordinary manifestation was the day diet from Hollywood. The exact origin of this combination does not appear to be known. Perhaps it appeared first in print in the columns of criticism of motion pictures of a well-known Hollywood writer. In her statements on the subject, it was said that the diet was the result of five years of study by French and American physicians, and that the diet would be perfectly harmless for those in normal health.

If the French and American doctors spent five years working out the day diet, they wasted a lot of time. Any good American dietitian could have figured out an equally good combination, and probably a much better one, in an afternoon. The vogue of the day diet was phenomenal. Restaurants and hotels featured it in their announcements. Hostesses, anxious to please their dinner guests, called each of them by telephone to know which day of the day diet they had reached and served each guest with the material scheduled for that particular meal.

It was said that a Chicago butcher bragged that he had eaten the first nine days for breakfast. The day diet had peculiar psychologic appeal. For the first few days it consisted primarily of grapefruit, orange, egg, and Melba toast. Melba toast, be it said, is a piece of white bread reduced to its smallest possible proportions; then dried and toasted so as to be developed into something that can be chewed. By the second or third day, when the participant had reached the point of acute starvation, she was allowed to gaze briefly on a small piece of steak or a lamb chop from which the fat had been trimmed.

Then two or three days of the restricted program followed, and again, when the desire for food reached the breaking point, a small piece of fish, chicken, or steak could be tried.

Lottie Moss and MIC's Tiffany Watson show off their shapely legs in near-identical ensembles as they join pals for ladies-only lunch Staying in shape for the wedding? The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. If the French and American doctors spent five years working out the day diet, they wasted a lot of time. Homeless man who froze to death on Parliament's doorstep was a model in his 40s from Portugal who Keith Urban reveals how he and wife Nicole Kidman keep their family together 'There was an actual man at the door!

Thus the addict passed the 18 days, during which she lost some 18 pounds. Then, pleased with her svelte lines, she began to eat; three weeks later she could be found at the point from which she had first departed.

For years it has been recognized that human beings need magical stimuli in the form of amulets, powders, or charms to aid in the concentration necessary for success in love, religion, health, or business. The human mind needs some single object to which it may pin its hopes, its faiths, and its aspirations.

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Moreover, there was the psychological appeal of mob action. There was the desire to be doing what everybody else was doing at the same time. Then there was the thrill of competition. With the mystic appeal of Hollywood, land of mystery, with the psychological understanding of human appetite, with the introduction of the Melba toast, the Hollywood diet swept the nation. The one thing necessary to reduce weight successfully in the majority of cases is to realize just how many calories are necessary to the life of the person concerned and what the essential substances are that need to be associated with those calories.

Most of us enjoy our food. We eat food because we like it, and we eat without thinking what the food will do in the way of depositing fat.

The researches in the scientific laboratories that have been made in the past 10 years indicate that we eat more food read more we need, particularly at a time when energy consumption is far less than energy production.

It has been generally assumed that the weight of the body is definitely related to health. There are standard tables of height and weight at different ages for all of us from birth to death. It must be remembered, however, that these are just averages and that any variation within 10 pounds or even 15 pounds of Dating A Player Advice Columns From The 1930s Fashion averages is not incompatible with the best of health in a person who inclines to be either heavy or light in weight as a result of his constitution and heredity.

There are two types of overweight: One … in which the glands of Dating A Player Advice Columns From The 1930s Fashion secretion fail to function properly; the other … due to overeating and insufficient exercise.

The glands of the body, including particularly the thyroid, the pituitary, and the sex glands, are related to the disposal of sugars and of fat in the body.

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In cases in which the action of these glands is deficient, a determination of the basal metabolic rate of the body will yield important information.