Dating A Guy Who Has Been In Jail: Roommate Hookup!

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My Boyfriend was in JAIL but I love HIM!! Dating Advice from MTV Made Love Coach Abiola

Dating an inmate: Why would a nice girl like me make that decision?

7 Jul 16 Things You Should Know About Dating Someone Who Just Got Out Of A Long -Term Relationship. By Maya Kachroo-Levine, “Dating” doesn't imply a relationship and your plans together should reflect that. Spend time If things have been steady for a while, trust that it's going better than you think it is. 16 May This time, he'd really screwed up, my mom told me; he'd been arrested as an accomplice in a double murder. His friend, a With seven people out of every 1, incarcerated, the U.S. has the highest number of inmates in the world— even though crime has steadily fallen in the United States since the '60s. 24 Sep A robber, drug dealer, person who has assaulted, sexually offended, or taken another's life, who has gone unchanged, is for sure a poor choice. . I've been in prison for years with some people, then one day I see a photo of them in the free world, or overhear them with their family in the visiting room – and.

1. Patience Is Important

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Not a Topix user yet? Business Tech Sports Entertainment. Should I date a guy who has served time in jail? Leave a Comment Track Replies. I have been asked out by a guy who is really good looking and really nice but I found out he's been in jail before.

Not anything to serious and he only served a month or so. I'm sure it was drug related when more info was younger. And there is something wrong with that all ppl make mistakes that don't mean they are bad ppl date him he may be the one. I've been to jail now I have a beautiful wife and two precious boys. If he's been in jail he's had men on men relations so just factor that in.

All jail people have relations with other prisoners its a fact. Hey now Ive served time in the cross bar hotel and have never had relations as you say. I think it does happen a lot in prison but not the county jail.

That's just not nice now Does he have a good paying job?

Dating A Guy Who Has Been In Jail

Does he have a big d! I don't know who the guy your talking about but keep your eyes open I saw a prisoner once and he had the AIDS all over him.

He said he got it when he was in jail and had relations with another prisoner. They were both in there for D. So I guess everyone that's had a D. I has had sinful relations with the same gender. Stay away from the jail birds unless you want to be infected. How many people on here have been in jail and are you now contributing to society? I think Miss Thang is off her rocker a bit. I would keep an eye on anyone who's served jail time. They will this web page you blind to buy their drugs.

I am not off my rocker. I run if I ever see a prisoner because I don't want to be kidnapped or you know what? I'm very careful of jail people and D. Do we still have a list that ex-cons have to register for so we don't move next door to them? I more info in second chances for speeding tickets but that is it.

Miss thang you are harsh. Do you even know any ex-cons? You already know the answer. You are just hoping someone on here tells you it is OK.

I bet the dumb bitch miss thang goes to the church of Christ in Benton they all like that. There are alot of people that make mistakes when they are young. I understand your feelings when it comes to rape or murder or child molestation. But for other crimes sometimes there are circumstances that surround it that we never know about.

But, there alot of people that go on to live responsible, productive lives and are living happily with someone they love. Not only young people but just people under alot of stress can make a call of bad judgement and regret it. Seriously miss thang, I've had a DUI years ago and I sure as hell don't have the urge to go rob, rape or kill anyone. Some people like me screw up and it makes them a much better person. Not everyone should be put into the same category just because they made one mistake!

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Dating A Guy Who Has Been In Jail

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Dating someone with a serious criminal record

Miss Thang Paducah, KY. Gen Grant Paducah, KY. That as to be one of the most stupid remarks made on this forum and that is saying alot. She has to date them before she sleeps with them Julia Goolia Paducah, KY.

It really matters why they served jail time in the first place. I just hope I can give more people the time of dayI encourage those who have read this far to hold your own values, morals, hopes and dreams close Mod posts Serious posts Megathread Breaking news Unfilter. I am here to find out what I can do to be supportive and not to say the wrong thing when he finally tells me.

World Greeter Paducah, KY. You called it right!!! Miss Thang Crofton, KY. Mr Joshua Crofton, KY. No such thing Paducah, KY. And there are lots of people killed, robbed, raped, molested, ect source day by people that they already knew we're bad people.

There are also lots of people out there that are aw abiding, non convicts. Why look for trouble?

I think this is a wonderful article and, as another contributor said, thankfully there are people like you who look beyond a prison record. I was the girl who had always known what she wanted, the girl who was finally going to make her family proud, but I felt my drive and ambition draining away. That doesn't mean that 56 percent have serious problems, just that they may suffer from some form of mental health issue. Not everyone should be put into the same category just because they made one mistake! Julia Goolia Crofton, KY.

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