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5 Aug If I was dating you (hypothetically) or at least interested in dating you and you told me this but didn't tell me how you shut it down from the gate I would walk away and look elsewhere. It starts with the woman. Men are always going to try and get at an attractive woman but it needs to be shut down from the. 4 Feb This indicates that he is making a subtle attempt to see if you're single or interested in other guys. He may even ask for some advise from you, like dating tips but actually, he just wants to know your dream guy. But If he makes constant attempts to set you up with another boy, it means you're just in the friend. The guy who does this is a co-worker of mine that I have a huge crush on, I get the feeling he likes me back. He is asked I'll be like, yeah Steve kept asking if I was going to that party and he'll say, "Maybe he wanted you to be his date." sometimes or he'll joke around and be like, "i saw you flirting with _____." ( when I.

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Guy Jokes About Me Dating Other Guys

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Sounds like he's got a reason to be wary in this "relationship". You say that the come ons by other guys are harmless but something tells me that as soon as you find someone you're attracted to, your jumping like the ship is sinking. And when you do find another dude, you'll justify your actions of leaving the current guy by saying you weren't official, just a guess.

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It takes me a very long time to warm up to people But just to challenge what you said above if either of us said "look I'm going to become official with someone else" would we be in the wrong?

He hasn't said anything to me about being official and I feel like the girl isn't allowed to bring it up or she's needy or putting on too much pressure. Has a girl done this to you and you felt like she was wrong for doing so? I'm just curious as it may give me some insight into what he is thinking! He will not be as loyal as you even though this is one quality that is very hard to find these days.

It's great for himnot for you. Not a good match for you. Don't count on him for having eyes just for you though. Him wanting validation will go as far as keeping female friends around and flirting while Guy Jokes About Me Dating Other Guys inappropriate conversations and boundaries. While you stay loyal to him, he will keep a bunch of women around. You will end up hurt and him happy. While he is playing with you, a guy might just catch your eye and heart and sweep you away.

You are probably right! I may have to go looking elsewhere for someone who will appreciate my loyalty! If you are smart enough, you will see soon if not already that the women he keeps around are low quality, low class and insecure women. The way he and they will behave around each other will tell you more about him. They will continue it even after if you become exclusive. If he ever sees you checking out another guy,he will blow up big time.

You may not realize now but you will subconciously choose a guy whose other lesser qualities you might accept but at least isnt keeping other women around. Loyalty is number 1 in a relationship along with respect. This guy fails in both. Its the end of something that didnt even kick off! TheGirlCode Send a private message.

Guy Jokes About Me Dating Other Guys

What do you mean by "bringing up other men? Example is we have a mutual acquaintance that asked me out a few times in a very forward and not appealing way and I shared this with him, making it clear I was not interested or appreciative of his advances.

He has brought this person up a few times I just don't see the point of bringing him up all the time. Trying to push me off on click guy?? That is very strange indeed. He could be teasing with you, but I also think that maybe a part of him is insecure.

Just tell him already because he is obviously telling you those things because he is into you. I think just wanting to spend time with you as well, for example if you are both invited to a group event he makes sure he is there if you are! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. We talk almost every day texting and have kissed a few times. You should ask him straight up how he feels about you.

If it bothers you, you should talk to him about it. Let him know that you don't like him saying those kinda things to you and see what he says. Did you feel you had something to prove? Edited on August 5, at The person is some one we both worked with who was my subordinate.

We had each others number for work reasons.

This person started to text me things such as "you looked sexy today I was leaving the company in a few weeks, but if I hadn't been I would have most likely had to sit the person down for a discussion on appropriate work conduct.

After I was done with the company he texted again asking me to dinner twice. I shared all the texts with my guy and told him I thought it was super creepy to text your boss that she looks sexy. But this one guy got me a little freaked out which is why I think I shared with my current man.

I am very aware that my man has some big time insecurity issues. We are not official GirlCode I appreciate you taking time to fully help me with my conundrum! Not pushing you to other guy but pulling you towards himself. Since the other guy freaked you out, you told him. He came to your 'rescue'by trying to joke it away but he is being clever ,lol! He is marking his teritory in a smart way! Click here Send a private message.

As a female you need to shut the shit down. If this guy is asking you out on a weekly basis you need to let it be known that you are NOT interested in him so he doesn't think he still has a chance. The guy you are talking to probably wants reassurance on his end so he feels better. Yes, to a certain extent. You laugh off advances? That is not the way to go about it. You need to be firm and let people know are boundaries they can't cross.

If you "laugh" it off it could come off as you loving the attention hence making these guys keep trying. If I was dating you hypothetically or at least interested in dating you and you told me this but didn't tell me how you shut it down from the gate I would walk away and look elsewhere. It starts with the woman. Men are always going to try and get at an attractive woman but it needs to be shut down from the gate. If he told you about all the women that flirt with him and his response is he just laughs it off what would you think?

Each time it's been brought up I made it very clear I had no interest. I didn't mean to sound flippant regarding attention from other men I meant I try to treat it in a way of "no thanks" without hurting the other persons feelings by keeping the situation light. I don't think any guy would want to be around a girl who anytime she was approached was like "ugh!

Get away from me! I feel too that men and Guy Jokes About Me Dating Other Guys can also have their friendliness mistaken for flirtation sometimes. I also feel like there is no winning! No other person is worth risking a relationship. There is a winning, if you have your priorities right. You do have but this guy doesn't. Bring up other men how? As it, "look at that guy, he's really hot! He is just teasing. This is the only subject he knows that he can get an emotional response out of you.

He he teases you he feels that he can get you worked up, and more receptive to him. Ask a New Question expand. Trending in Dating Anonymous Interested in a girl, who has a bf. Please don't say, leave them be, Guy Jokes About Me Dating Other Guys.

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Do you think he likes me though? This is the only subject he knows that he can get an emotional response out of you. Bring up other men how?

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