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Spiritual Journey Within: How to identify a player in the dating game?

After a few bad experiences and a lot of heartache I now enjoy playing 'spot the players' on dating websites, so it's a strange hobby but after all some people like train spotting don't they?! Do not confuse a player with people who simply enjoy casual sex, players are called players for a reason, it's all a game to them. 15 Jan We've seen him in movies, we've read about him in books, but what if the guy you are interested in is the player we have come to detest. Avoid being played by learning how to manufacture the game. Look for these tell-tale signs of a modern day Casanova. He keeps the lady in waiting. Showing up. How to Spot a Player. Dating a player usually ends in heartache, but spotting a player before you get attached to him can be difficult. By closely watching the way he behaves in both private and in public settings, however, you might be.

How to identify a player in the dating game?

Glance at the phone. The Narrow Route Into Life. So where do we begin to understand the lessons of a player in this life time. Players are people that use online dating sites to arrange a string of casual encounters, they are simply sexual predators looking for their latest power trip and online dating sites offer a wide range and number of potential victims. It was a detailed report including my dress, makeup, table manners and of course sexual performance.

Written By Cheryl Helena Scheinin. We can take this to many levels when it comes to "How to identify a player in the dating game?

How To Identify A Player In The Dating Game depends on how you learn to live the lesson in your life and what a player has taught you about your own life experiences. So where do we begin to click here the lessons of a player in this life time. Who are they as a person and why do they choose to live this type of a life style? What is it that makes them so very different from the dating scene itself?

Can they even feel or understand what it is like to be played in the scene of their own vulnerability? Why are they are so afraid of just being "Who They Are" with the opposite sex? What is the challenge that they get by playing mind games, competition, or challenges in a risk of not bearing their own heart and soul to the world? What is the drive that makes them so very different in their own behavioral patterns when they use lies, cheating, and deception in the link of the dating scene today?

What is it that fascinates a player into accomplishing the goal of receiving out of a How To Identify A Player In The Dating Game and not giving back to their partner in exchange?

How does a player think, feel, or view their own image about themselves? Is it about the sex, money, or the experience they feel inside their own inner world of fantasy? From my own personal life experience this year, I have learned a lot about all different types of men in many age levels and cultural backgrounds. The most valuable lesson I have learned about myself is the vulnerability I have felt in this relationship with a player in the dating game itself.

Of course, I met someone who was lot younger than me. This young man click enriched my life in many aspects of my own spiritual, mental, and emotional growth that I never knew existed within my own heart and soul.

He is so very highly intelligent and intuitive himself. To this day, I have learned so much from him that I appreciate the experience that he has given me this year. It more info the hardest lesson for me to learn what the word "Player Mode" meant in the dating scene.

There were so many conflicts and challenges between us that I really had a hard time accepting them as a positive influence within myself. I have learned so much about my own deep passionate side that I never knew existed inside my heart and soul for the very first time of my life. We are all here to learn about each other in any type of relationship that we associate in our daily lives today. This young man will always be in my life How To Identify A Player In The Dating Game matter what happens between us because of what we shared on a soul connection level in this relationship.

There are many types of men and women today who are just out there for the pleasures of sexual intimacy, fun, and excitement in the world of the player's game in the dating scene.

But there are also men and women who really want to find that permanent special person to live with in their own traditional roles of finding a marriage partner in their lives too. If you are someone who is new or not aware of the players that live this type of a life style in the dating scene, it is time to learn some basic knowledge of what actually exists in today's society.

The men and women today who are players in the dating game live this type of life style because they have their own problems of not recognizing "Who They Really Are" as human beings. They know how to use their own technique and skills through control and manipulation under any circumstances they feel that is necessary to keep you in their lives.

They only know how to live in their minds and can be the most judgmental and critical people you will ever meet. Players are the first ones who have their own fear and insecurity issues when it comes to commitment in a relationship. They are afraid to feel their own vulnerability because it means that they would have to feel from their precious little hearts and express themselves which is hard for the typical player to do.

These men and women are really afraid to show other people their own true colors when it comes to "Who they are" and "What their own purpose is in life?

They love to cover up what actually hurts in their own hearts of being vulnerable because they don't want people to feel their own courage and strength inside their own "heart and soul.

How To Identify A Player In The Dating Game

They are great for covering up their tracks when they make up excuses in the flash of click moment to give them a reason to run away from life situations. They are cheaters who will never allow you to see the clear picture of what they planning next. Players also have their own trust issues when it comes to them actually allowing you into their private lives which gives them the freedom of choice to let you know where they are at and who they are with.

They have low self esteem, self confidence, self worth, self respect, and self love when it comes to how they choose their inner wounds of the past to effect their daily lives. They have a hard time to even understand the concept of learning about the lessons of unconditional love and forgiveness.

As you begin to unravel the history of a player in their roles, they will show you the signs of what they are presenting to you. Make sure you are aware of the red flags being presented to you. They are great for phone calls, text messaging and being available to you on their own time schedule in their life, not with yours. It is always under their terms on how they see you and when they are available to you in their life.

How To Get The "Player" Type To Commit To A Relationship (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy) - Site For Hookups!

They will never allow you to get to know their friends or family members that are in their lives. Remember one thing, when a player begins to give you all their divided time and attention and then they disappear for three days or more, you better believe that they are spending their time with the opposite sex instead of you.

How To Identify A Player In The Dating Game

When a man or woman really love each other for who they are, what they are about, and what they want and desire in life, then they will both enjoy the "fruits of their labor as a couple together. Written By Marilyn Wilke Ramone. Saturday, August 8, How to identify a player in the dating game? Written By Cheryl Helena Scheinin We can take this to many levels when it comes to "How to identify a player in the dating game?

For one, they can come off as the sweetest guy in the world.

He can sweep you off your feet the moment you meet him and treat you like a queen. The problem is, there is more than one queen in his life. If you really want to see if a guy is not a player, watch how he operates. Keep your distance from any guy when you first meet him. Do not fall into any romantic lines or promises he makes. Players love to make promises and then break them. They have a little red book of excuses somewhere hidden.

Most players will not give you their phone number.

Cheryl Scheinin

They will always make sure they are the ones doing the calling. A married player especially falls into this category. Players can be identified by the way Shinee Onew The Easiest look at other women, too.

If you happen to notice, How To Identify A Player In The Dating Game eyes usually stray very easily when a good-looking woman or man comes in the room. There are women players, too, you know. Players come in all shapes, sizes, ages and professions. Usually a player moves in on you real fast. He may even convince you that it was love at first sight. This is where you have to be careful when you meet some stranger. He might turn out to be more than just a player.

Be sure you play hard to get so that you can keep your eyes on how he reacts. If he goes from you right to another woman then you can be pretty sure he is a player.

Players usually get a lot of phone calls. They usually have to think real hard if you plan something. They break a lot of dates unless they are gigolos. These are players, too. They never stay in a relationship for very long, or they have several going on at once. It's those naive ones who get hurt by players. A player loves to prey on them. Love em' and leaven em'.

Once a player gets what he came to get, which could be sex or money, they How To Identify A Player In The Dating Game move on their way.

A lot of players, usually the married ones, will tell you they have to go out of town a lot with their job. A good way to find out is to call their job and ask for them. Players may or may not ask to meet you in places that are not in his neighborhood or his stomping grounds. This is because he already has one or two women in that zip code. He does not want to take the chance of the two of you running into one of his other queens. Players who are good at it have all the right.

They either stumbled over their answers if they are amateur players or they have all their answers right on the tip of the tongue. They even answer some questions before you finish asking them.

How to Identify a Player in the Dating Game

And they will change the subject if you get too personal. Most players do not spend a lot of money on you. This is either because they are married and do not have any or they have too many other queens or kings on the playing board. Players will usually try to get you in bed right away, too, unless they know you are not that kind of girl. Then, he will act like he respects you and gets you to fall in love with him.

He will charm you right into bed with him. If you notice that he is hard to find after that, you know you got involved with a player and he kicked you off the board. Sometimes they will wean you off of them. They will keep breaking dates and not showing up until you finally wake up and smell the coffee.

You may not hear from him in weeks, and then suddenly, he'll start bombarding you with more attention than you can handle. I was totally his plan B and I am worth more than that. If he lets you meet his friends, he takes the risk that someone within the group will slip and reveal information about his true self.

There are some players who not just out for sex. They just like having more than one coal in the fire.