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18 Apr Explore Dee at the Carlton's board "Genealogy & family trees" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Family tree chart, Family trees and Illuminated manuscript. Family Tree Template: Family Tree Thumbprint Template More. Full text of "A history and genealogy of the family of Hurd in the United States, and a partial history of the New England families of Heard and Hord, including a The Pharaohs, flourishing years before Christ, invented Hieroglyphics, ( from the Greek, meaning sacred carving,) or picture writing, and the art, improved by.

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Frontispiece Facing Page Ancestral Arms: HurdL. Hurd Norabelle HurdDavid E. Hurd Alpheus E. HurdJohn Henry Hurd Jr. McKenzie Frederick B. Hurd Warren W. HurdGlenwood A. IN history, the litterateur finds no place for the idealistic, and is dependent more than any other writer upon a lim- ited class of material. The remains, such as buildings, implements, ruins and relics; documents, from which govern- mental Who Is Sugar Bear Dating Pictures Genealogy Software may be obtained; achievements of art and literature; contemporary narratives, annals and traditions constitute the entire resource upon which to found authen- ticity.

After collective research, and classification of the material the work must be studied critically and finally interpreted in the light of the writer's knowledge of human nature and of facts in possession.

For centuries, the historian was compelled to rely upon myths, traditions and oral testimonies; and from which, especially the latter, were the narrator a man gifted of speech, poetic or idealistic, wide range was given for elaboration and embellishment. The Pharaohs, flourishing years before Christ, invented Hieroglyphics, from the Greek, meaning sacred carving, or picture writing, and the art, improved by the Egyptians almost to an alphabet, was confined to sacred learn more here and legible only to the Priests.

The scientist, interested in research, finds more than a passing interest in the mosaics of the Egyptian, Babylonian and Roman Empires. The intricate designs, figures, birds, beasts and reptiles, interwoven with the most intricate designs, of geometrical and astrological signs, which are found in ruins of old structures, tombs, cathedrals, etc. When Greece was theme for story, and poets sang endless praises over her hero Achilles and crowned his name with endless glory for conquering the mighty Hector; Rome was growing in power, until Csesar, returning through Pontus, defeating the Phamaces after the struggle with Cleopatra, he informed the senate of his victory in the laconic dispatch, ''Veni, vidi, vici" ''I came, I saw, I conquered".

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Rome was mistress of the World! With this achievement, history must narrate that persecution, bloodshed and victory meant Who Is Sugar Bear Dating Pictures Genealogy Software greater privilege for the indulgence of pompous degradation and debauchery, while Literature and Art declined. With the fall of the Roman Empire came added struggles to build and maintain the home life, and, with the ever restless, ceaseless surging hither and thither of the world's people, came the mad strife for supremacy in the establishment of dynasties.

History was truly a thing of the buried past. Art was lost and Literature declined. Men of learning were replaced, ruled and governed by men of bodily strength, until the twelfth century awoke to the fact that civilization had declined to the extinction of almost all progressive influences. Introspection of what civilization might have been with an ever increasing amount of fitness, with the added force of achievement gained by conquered adversaries, made possible by the transmission of the blood of those ancient giants of literature, art, architecture and power through those inter- vening centuries of decline without a lost link in the chain between then and now; — music, science, inventions; inter- national laws, inventive knowledge, an unbroken strain of advance toward the heights; a picture of Life Harmo- nious!

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Who Is Sugar Bear Dating Pictures Genealogy Software

Writers of Ancient History were compelled to gather and accept such remnants of facts as were attainable; documents THE FAMILY OF HUED 5 sacred to mankind gathered as spoil and destroyed through savage hatred of power; determination to conquer and desire to lead; here and there a fragment only, often illegible because of the lost art to decipher. Medieval fragments, still less authentic by the poor and incomplete manner of recording or transmitting, left the his- tory of the world's people unwritten.

With Modem History and the revival of learning, came a re-creation of patriotism and a gradual increasing thirst for accomplishments.

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The forming of djoiasties, the making of history and recording the more important achievements became matters of interest. Steadily learning advanced as the history of those famed for service in their country's welfare, or for betrayal of trust was recorded.

Royalty was established, visit web page and princes mar- ried only into families royal and of those families record was kept. Men advancing in learning and power felt the yoke of submission, and the blood of ancestors rebelled under the load.

Minds and hearts clamoring for voice in their country's cause, wherein men struggled and were made independent, led to reformations religious and politic. With the building of a Republic where merit holds the scep- ter and its men mould the this web page, the importance of record- ing the history of men is paramount. Little is known of a Republic's people, although some day, any day, are men available and liable for places of trust in the carving of future greatness.

The horticulturist keeps close record of our grain, our fruit, our flowers, and at once men can tell of its ancestry by its name. The breeder of fine stock keeps close record of per- fection and defect, transmitting the purest and best. Nature's highest creature, Man, has received the smallest amount of care and consideration relative to propagation of the fittest.

The only ban has been placed on the nobility; that Royalty be wedded to Royalty. The true litterateur finds cause to regret the fact that for a consideration or anticipation of material remuneration, numer- ous writers have compiled and published works purporting to be authentic, containing the history of a people, community or political hero with little thought or care except that of remunerative nature.

Before dynasties were established, when tribes fought and, defeating their brother tribes, formed clans, there was signifi- cance in a name, for their deeds Who Is Sugar Bear Dating Pictures Genealogy Software valor were recorded only by lingual transmission.

From earliest childhood the father taught the son to remember; and many were the traps in- vented to instil into the growing mind that accurateness so important. The old father, knowing that his trust must be delivered into the keeping of the boy, began early in the traming, and as the narrator lived over the story of his ancestors, his blood grew warm; his voice rose and fell in cadence now gentle, then appalling, now gruesome, then sweet and musical as he told the wild-eyed, breathless boy of his family achievements; the history of his people, the history of his country, the history of his world; all its art, its music, its triumphs and tragedies; its conquests and defeats embodied in a NAME.

Little wonder that the young listener, ever ready for adventure, felt his heart throb in sympathy and in accord with the rhythm of the narration — music to his ears! Had he not known all his life that to him would be transmitted all that was known of his world's past? Sitting in the twilight alone, father and son, beneath the diamond-studded canopy of silver grey, night after night, month after month, year after year, record- ing History; leaving no opportunity pass to plant deep down into the soul of the listener those facts, whether they were of success or defeat, with equal force — leading, teaching him who 7 8 A HISTOEY AND GENEALOGY would cherish the record as a sacred heirloom to be handed down with the NAME.

Precious heirloom indeed it has been, but for those long, tedious, if exciting, recantations and repeti- tions, many of our historical traditions valuable or merely interesting, would have passed into oblivion.

The significance of names cannot be repudiated; the name that is linked with truth and right reflects back its lustre and so will the guilt-stained name burn a blackened lasting blot, a warning to posterity. Originally all names were Who Is Sugar Bear Dating Pictures Genealogy Software to the individuals who bore them with reference to some circum- stance, place of birth, or sentiment.

With an important change in a man's life, his name was often changed to fit his new circumstances. Conquerors and men of achievement were often complimented by the addition of an ''ag-nomen," or fourth name, commemorative of their con- quests.

The Roman personal names referred to the personal appearance; the ancient Greek names more often implied some virtue or natural gift, and in many instances a family name may be traced by this means.

These names were sup- plemented by the name of the place of birth or the occupation. The modern system of nomenclature became prevalent about A. The early adventurers introduced surnames, and they came into use in Scotland in the 12th century; some districts of Wales have not yet established the use of surnames.

July 13, ; d. Lydia Hayward, May 5, David Brant and Edna D.

The sources from which modern nomenclature has its origin are: In Spain the wife retains her name after marriage, and the son may adopt either paternal or maternal name for his own. In many states of here Union the name may be changed for a just cause, but only by securing a special act of the legislature of his state.

Heraldic emblems are not confined to the rules of Coat Armour nor the honors they imply. Both are of ancient origin and are important to the American as a means of tracing one's family history. The ancient Herald was an officer or percursor who bore important messages from commander to King during times of war.

July 3, ; m. I was in the right column and had to ford a creek breast high just under the cannon, and then mounted their outworks forced our way through the gate into the fort at the point of the bayonet. Our Loss while on the Island was great. Abraham 28r.

Badges and emblems on shields, helms and banners were used in the earliest times, and symbols were sometimes visit web page tary. The Children of Israel had the escutcheon of each tribe inscribed upon a standard, the bearer of which heralded the approach of the followers of Moses.

The Coat of Armour was a shield or coat, made to cover the breast, stomach and abdomen of the warrior. Tacitus says this was the ordinary dress of the ancient Gauls; that originally it was made of toughened skins of wild animals and served not only as a covering for the body but a shield against the points of passing arrows. The coat was sometimes decorated with strips of fur, bits of metal, gold or silver orna- ments, as became the position or rank of its owner.

Then followed the breastplate of metal, which was borne on the left arm of the warrior and was used as a shield to ward off the blows in the hand-to-hand conflict, which conflict constituted the manner of warfare. During the Crusades there arose the necessity of distinguishing the leaders of the numerous and motley bands of warriors that constituted the Christian Armies. Heraldic designs were used to record the exploits of the noble and brave; the bold and romantic adven- tures experienced by the Crusaders, added to the pcmp of chivalry then at its acme; and each band, each leader, vied with another in achievement and the display of conquest.

The shield or escutcheon of modern coats of arms represents the original shield used in war and is marked and colored in various ways, distinctive of the individual, family or commu- nity, and is used as a characteristic for the discrimination of degrees of rank. The variety of changes produced by the contingencies of time have altered the uses of heraldry.

Emperor Henry 1st instituted tournaments, where contests and games of various kinds created the deepest interest, the display and grandeur of which equalled if not surpassed the famed Ol5Tiipic Games. The occasion became the social event of the nation and Henry of Saxony regulated the tourna- ment so that none but gentlemen could enter. This gave rise to a greater interest in the matter of heraldry, and the EngUsh gentleman gave much time and thought to the proper arrange- ment and emblazoning of his arms.

The crest was originally the ornament surmounting the helmet and was a greater criterion of nobility than the helmet or the emblazoning on the shield. In the study of armourial bearings one should consult the many works on Heraldry, and in the use of a Coat of Arms one should consult the genealogical department of a good library. Louis, Kansas City and other places. The belief most prevalent among the American families who possess a coat of arms, is that the right to bear a coat of arms relates the owner to Royalty.

This mistaken idea is as far from correct as the idea the young daughters of our princes of fortune have, that to be wedded to the owner of a title insures for them happiness, position and family connection that cannot be found in own country; none of which do they find.

Arms are individ- ual, and may be created or granted, added to or changed, and the escutcheon of the achievement of an ancestor rightly borne is truly honorable and commendable, but since one must be a descendant from the individual who bore the ''Arms," the achievement of the American ancestor and the emblazon- ment of one's own honest trade mark carry with it a greater glory.

Time has long since past when one can live and prosper under the name of an honored ancestor alone. The Who Is Sugar Bear Dating Pictures Genealogy Software shown on the following pages are an exact repro- duction of the arms published by descendants of two different families read article entirely different origin, and show that both would have had to be related to have borne either.

While the em- blazonment differs, the description is the same; figure No. The other two beautiful plates are reproductions from coats of arms which Who Is Sugar Bear Dating Pictures Genealogy Software displayed by members of the lines of Heard of Dover, and Hurd or Hord of Boston, Mass. The crests of these two coats of arms indicate that there is relationship existing, but the dates upon which these arms were granted to the English owners portrays the fact that the confidence placed in the Heraldic Painter was such that the gentlemen who made the purchases trusted to his honor as a gentleman, and paid see more price without comment or investigation.

The secret of America's power is attributed, by scientific investigation and comparison, to the fact that Who Is Sugar Bear Dating Pictures Genealogy Software citizens are the children of progenitors from all the European nations, and the brains, brawn and muscle of the different countries of power have descended through check this out blood made purer and To London, Eng.

Dear Sir, A Proof of your Record, for publication in above, was forwarded to you on which has not been returned. Should you require a Copy of the Book please fill in order at foot. Yours faithfully, Arjns — Gules, a lion rampant or. Crest — On a garb of "wheat a crow proper. Motto — Bona bonis. Child see more American, English, German, French, Spanish or other descent, follow your ancestry and you will in the end, if you go far enough back, find that your blood unites in a common ancestor, and that your family blood was a part of all those ancient motley bands or tribes, mixed with good and bad blood where one might least expect to find it, as is the case to-day.

Who Is Sugar Bear Dating Pictures Genealogy Software

Teutons, Goths, Ostrigoths Eastern GothsVisigoths Western GothsAngles, Saxons, Jutes and on up in the evolution of civilization to now, when you are a part of the world's citizenship, one still. The Angles, Saxons and Jutes entering England with their brain, muscle and physical endurance to assist in the quelling of the restless, aggressive bands of North England became a great part of England's success; bringing into the veins of their descendants new blood and new life by intermarriage.

The family of Hurd came with the men who entered Britain to help find the way toward civilization, as also did those of Heard, Horde, Hourd, Hoord, Hird, Herd, Hord and others, although the purity of spelling as all other family names passed through many ways and forms during the decline of learning, and the change of locality and custom created continue reading great variety of names believed by many to be of entirely different origin.

The home counties of the oldest English names may be traced by locality as in America, and by wills and records, and there are many thousands of them in different counties. England with its , of people keeps the land, tax, and court records in the localities near by, and these houses of record, like American libraries, Who Is Sugar Bear Dating Pictures Genealogy Software the partial records. John Heard of Dover, Maine, had his English ancestry in the county of Devonshire, and is of ancient origin.

NtEALOGY birth records spelled both Hord and Horde, came from Oxford, and was from a long line of clothiers or tailors, they having been most competent with the needle. John Hurd of Windsor, Conn.