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3 Sep Swipe Right is our advice column that tackles the tricky world of online dating. This week: what to do if the person you're dating can't quit the scene. 5 Jan My boyfriend has just walked out on me after three years of what I thought was a great relationship. I discovered by accident he had been using a dating site, and in the last two months had been winking and flirting with women on it. I didn't say anything for a couple of days because I was in shock and. Had some concerns about my daughter on social networking so browsed through the history on my partners computer. I found a week ago he has joined some dating sites, well I say dating more like free sex sites!! I haven't confronted him face to face as yet but I have spoken to him over the phone about it.

I was wondering if you could help me with something that has been playing on my mind recently…. It recently transpired that my boyfriend of 15 months has been looking at My Partner Joined A Dating Site on a dating website that he used to use before he met me. At first, he replied that he has a couple of times, and then when I was unsure whether he was being honest, I asked again and he then said a couple of times a week.

He reassured me that he was not going on there to look for girls, but just to look at their pictures. I told him that I found this a bit weird that he is going on a dating website to look at other girls, when supposedly he is in a relationship with me.

I told him how it really upset me and how disrespectful I found it, especially as it was My Partner Joined A Dating Site dating website. After this all came out about him looking at dating sites, he seemed to take this all back and reminded me that he is heterosexual. I have also wondered in the past whether we have different boundaries in terms of sex, as he has slept with more people than me about 20whereas I have only had 2 sexual partners him and my ex.

Is this typical male behaviour and I am just unable to see beyond my own female perspective? If it is, what things should I be asking myself or focus on to try and stop my mind from going over all this stuff in my head? Should I be feeling so insecure or do I just need to let it go? I know this has made me feel insecure and I hate it, I just want to enjoy being in the relationship again! I would really appreciate any advice you have or to point me in the right direction with your books, as I find your site a great resource for relationship issues and whenever I type it into google it comes up with all sorts of unhelpful forums.

This is a really tough one because where do you draw the line between normal and dangerous — especially as technology has made the line much more blurry.

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In the past, we might actually look at contact adverts in the back of newspapers for a bit of fun imagining what it might be like to meet these people. However, in the old days we would have to find a photo, write a letter, post it to a PO Box and wait for a reply. As you can imagine this can lead to all sorts of problems. The other big difference is that our homes are much more porous than before.

What do I mean by this? In the past, there was one phone and we knew who had called. This is why I find it very difficult to draw the line between between acceptable and unacceptable behaviour and whether your reaction is normal or over-the-top.

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A little bit like a dog that barks when the postman delivers a letter two doors down. Emotive language and that is going to make you highly emotional and the whole situation becomes more charged. The first is say nothing and hope for the best which is what most people favour. The result is we start to switch ourselves off and that makes it much harder to become sexual. I suppose the best way to describe the difference between shutting yourself off and simmering is the 50 Shades of Grey phenomena.

Lots of women have been reading this book and finding it such a great turn on and they have leapt on their partner. I explain more about simmering in Make Love like a Prairie Vole. I think you would find this book helpful. The other way to deal with the more porous boundaries into our household is to make certain that you have a better relationship rather than take each other for granted.

So instead of taking your relationship for granted, you make certain that you can communicate properly and if your partner is unhappy about something he will talk to you about it. However, by worrying you are putting a big barrier between you and your partner. If you learn from the experience and take the advice of your friend and try to get into the mind-set of men and my advice and learn more about relationships, I think you can turn this temporary glitch into something that will strengthen your relationship.

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The guy I'm seeing is still using dating sites. What should I do?

That really influenced my life, because not that I find my decision wrong, but the way I handled it made me really innocent, right now I even feel stupid. So we went out in a couple of dates, but after that I tried to finish things saying we were too different.

He was so frustrated and really insisted that we link be together because we had something special.

He felt really bad, because he knew that I liked him and even so I was letting him go. After a couple of days I decided to face my family and say that I would be with him and I did it.

Friedman, have read many of your comments, my daughter is trying to deal with a husband who has cheated once, started a Facebook profile using a fake name, was confronted, took it down, and now is on dating sites with half nude pics of himself-again lying about himself. I reassured him and he seemed to accept this, he said he was afraid I was cheating because of my high sex drive, this was totally untrue, I let him have my phone, emails and so on and there was no evidence of a problem so he calmed down and accepted I have always been faithful. I plan on purchasing the book.

He was really happy, but I was too scared because it was a big step and I knew we were too different. He said he would do anything, so we kept going. The one thing I told him was that I was saving myself for marriage and he agreed. Then it all started. The problem is I was involved in the moment too. Sometimes I really tried to change the way he were just to my family to approve him more. I accept the way he were, but I wanted my family to love him. We started having big fights almost every week about our differences, sometimes about my fears.

I even tried to break up with him a lot of times, because he was getting angry at me. I felt really guilty about learn more here. My Partner Joined A Dating Site I went to his house and we had sex, but the other day I would feel guilty and say we would never to that again before we are married.

My Partner Joined A Dating Site

We had a lot of fights, because he said that he felt really lonely and he needed me. The fights never stopped, because I tried to get him to be more like me in terms of beliefs. But he wanted to marry me to make things happen, he never stopped planning on marrying me. We got engaged on February Then on March 22 I found that he cheated on me with an ex. I was devastating, because I read everything that talked online. I know he was having a hard time, because the grandparent who raised him was with terminal cancer, still I can only see the lies and cheating.

First time he talked to her was on April He talked about My Partner Joined A Dating Site they had on the past and asked her to have sex with him again, the only thing they talked was about sex! Then on September I broke up with him, the same day he talked to her about sex and asked her to come see link in his town.

He even paid her tickets. So she stayed with him for three days. He said the treated her badly she confirmed accidentally and that it meant nothing, he was just feeling really weak and lonely. But when he was with her, he went to my house to give me presents with our names on them!

It is not an easy commitment to make, but we all do. Kacey, ask yourself if this is the kind of person you want to build a life with? I feel sick to think that he could to this to me.

So we kept going on our wedding plans and still we were fighting about lots of things, because the divorce papers from his first wedding were not with him, and he had to make contact with his ex wife and that was really stressful time for him. He said I was selfish because his grandpa was dying and it was the only chance of him seeing him getting married.

Until now he blames me for it. On My Partner Joined A Dating Site we had a My Partner Joined A Dating Site because he went to the city of his grandparent and tried to talk about sex with me on the phone he probably was addict to it because of the other and even tried, but I felt so dirty that I told him to stop.

Then he said we would never work out, because I always made him feel like garbage. He decided to continue with me, but some days after that he called her to come to where he was lived there tooshe went and he cheated again. Then he called me to go there to be with him and I went.

We were fine for 10 days, his grandpa was really bad and feeling pain, he was really sad. When I came back home before new year, he cheated with her again.

My Partner Joined A Dating Site

Then he came back to our city and I think he stopped talking to the girl. At least it how I understand. When he was out of town working he got the news that his grandpa with die within some few days, the same day we My Partner Joined A Dating Site a fight over a stupid thing. He blames me forever for that. He went to see his grandpa and broke up with me. The next day I was there and he treated me really badly the other had appeared in the funeralI even suspected he was talking to a woman on his phone once.

Then we had a big fight, he humiliated me and was so angry. I just had to come back home and I did. It turns out that he went out with her a couple of times there. And even appeared drunk at her house saying he would never forget her. Meanwhile he was calling me saying he was sorry for the way the treated me and still wanted to get married.

I knew something was up, because she started posting old pictures he took of her on their old dates. I was really angry and confronted him, he denied everything. Once he came back we went out and I went to his house saying that I was decided to change my ways and make our relationship better.

We had sex and promise to be together again and get married. He deleted the picture and blocked her as I told him to. Only that she was so angry that she told me everything. She called me bad names and threatened me. I was really scary, angry, sad, disappoint and terrified. She is known in her town as a reckless young woman who would have sex with anyone. How could he even develop feelings for My Partner Joined A Dating Site Saying he would never forget her?