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Pastel unicorn - EDIT: arghh IG messed up my captions! Anyways this was the original: I'm experimenting with different unicorn styles right now, I hope you like her I love pastels and mythical creatures so I can't wait to make more - Hope you guys had a great Christmas! I ate lotsa good food even though I fell sick Can't wait. 22 Sep The guy was staring right at the camera, kind of smiling, like he and whoever had taken the picture shared some secret. His coat Plan B? He could have a girlfriend, instantly. He kind . “Mom!” Wyatt's mom, still in work clothes, walked in from the kitchen corridor holding a folding plastic 'Rails Realty' sign. 24 Nov Thanksgiving is a holiday best spent with loved ones. And when the special day rolled around this year, Arnold Schwarzenegger had his long-term love by his side as he enjoyed a bike ride in Santa Monica with girlfriend Heather Milligan on Thursday. The action star and ex-Governor of California,

And I'm enjoying reading it as a serial. It's a new wonderful experience.

I'm eager to read more. Thanks for your fortitude in sharing this with the world. So glad he's back early on in Chapter 3. Have only read the first few pages so far. I think a lot of us had someone like Wyatt's soldier as lonely teens.

I know I did. Hope you're doing more qaafdb chats in the weeks to come. Last night's inaugural chat was SO fun! I hereby vow to be nothing like Wyatt's parents were at dinner when my own kids start dating. I really feel for him, and I look forward to reading the next installment! You can subscribe to this blog in a reader and follow me on twitter to get much of the same information, just not put together in tidy packages.

Heather And Rachel Hells Kitchen Dating Divas Thanksgiving Photo

But heck, if you're 11 or 12, you already know that life isn't always tidy. Subscribe in a reader. Now on Dow Jones Factiva! The True Story of Willi G. FitzOsbornes in Exile, The: An Archangel Academy Novel 3 Unafraid: An Archangel Academy Novel 3 Unnatural: An Archangel Academy Novel 1 Unwelcome: An Archangel Academy Novel 2 Unwelcome: First Love Sisters, vol.

Gals 'n Pals Red: Gals 'n Pals Rainy Day Recess: The Complete Stevens Comics Rin! Rose Of Versailles, The a. My Two Dads My Family: An Existential Comic Diary. Books Still To Come! I'll post them as soon as I can The Gay Fantasy Bookshelf! Poems, Stories and Essays So Fey: Vicious, Rage and Pressure Transitions of the Heart: True Stories about First-Time Sex.

A True Love Story" by S. A Song For Matthew Shepard. When Wyatt's nemesis — Jonathon — is about to clobber him, Mackenzie saves the day But in a way that makes things even MORE complicated. Want to start at the beginning? Click here for Chapters One and Two.

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To read about why I'm serializing my entire YA novel for free on this blog, click here. Share them in comments! Okay community, here's Chapter Three! School was out and Wyatt was running, cutting the back way to avoid Mackenzie. He turned at the far side of the gym and raced past their School Rock, its foot-high purple and gold letters shouting. Sprinting along the edge of the field, he passed the faculty parking lot to get to the chain link fence. There was a gap at the bottom, blocked by an old log, but there was enough room for Wyatt — and the occasional soccer ball — to scoot through.

Nearly empty backpack in his hand, he slid through the gap. He shouldered the bag and noticed, on the ridge across from him, a family of tourists posing in front of the Log Cabin that was supposed to be like the one Lincoln had just click for source born in. They were so happy to be in Lincolnville.

He dashed down the ravine to the trail along the stream, and ran. It was just him and the rushing water, his heartbeat, lungs, and the rhythm of his feet pushing him away from school as fast as they could go. Twenty minutes later, his side cramped and Wyatt stumbled to a sweaty stop. He dropped his backpack and let the cold afternoon water run through his fingers, on its way to Corvallis.

And then, the ocean, and maybe… San Francisco.

Christmas holidays

He wiped his hands on his jeans, got out his phone and pulled up the photo of his soldier. Wyatt imagined him saying, Hey there, again, Wyatt. Fancy meeting you in here place like this. He knew it was corny. But it made him feel better, anyway. Not for the first time, Wyatt wished his soldier was real. That he could tell him about Mackenzie, those weird kisses and what a disaster everything was. The day came crashing in on him — early wake-up, getting ambushed, sore muscles, clueless Mr.

He kicked a fist-sized rock into the current and it splashed water back onto him.

I'm Here. I'm Queer. What the Hell do I read?: Queer as a Five-Dollar Bill: Chapter Three

Now he was wet, too. Everything ached as he lay out on a boulder that edged the stream. He focused on his soldier.

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The guy was staring right at the camera, kind of smiling, like he and whoever had taken the picture shared some secret. There was another young guy behind him, holding a sword, all check this out, and Wyatt wondered if they were friends. Well, okay, Wyatt knew he was a lot older — the Civil War was like years ago. Who was he staring at like that? What was his secret? All Wyatt could do was look at him, across time, and imagine he was just dressed up for the re-enactments.

That he was some teenager from another town, and he was going to lay back right here next to him. Somewhere in the trees above them, a bird wheezed like it had just swallowed a kazoo. He closed his eyes and breathed in the mossy wet, letting it fill up every part of him. His Heather And Rachel Hells Kitchen Dating Divas Thanksgiving Photo was check this out cute. Wyatt could imagine wanting to kiss him.

The corners of his mouth tugged up at the idea. A tremor went through him, and it had nothing to do with his clammy T-shirt or the clouds stealing the last warmth of daylight. Wyatt lurched up to sitting, the muscle-knot under his ribs clenching tight. It was all impossible.

Heather And Rachel Hells Kitchen Dating Divas Thanksgiving Photo

He wanted to want to kiss her. Until then, he just had to survive. He imagined working out every day at lunch, and feeling this sore all the time. How would he ever get as strong or as big as Jonathon, who was a high school Hulk?

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It would take him forever to even try. And he needed a way to get through tomorrow. Maybe, if it helped him not bleed into the water like shark food, maybe… Plan B? He could have a girlfriend, instantly. He kind of already did. Wyatt struggled to stand, rubbing at the cramp go here now easing in his side. But not telling Mackenzie…. She was going to hate him, sooner or later, no matter what he did.

He had three-and-a-half more years in Lincolnville before he was free. I have a girlfriend. He tried saying it out loud, but it came out as a question.

He pointed out the furniture: