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2 Aug Luke was pretty new to the game series "Pokémon." He was introduced to it by his girlfriend Emily who was a major fan of the game series. Luke had just gotten home from buying a game from GameGo that day. He sets down the bag on a counter and pulls out the game "Pokémon Diamond" and looked for. 7 Nov Show: Viva Piñata Episode: 15a Year: Writer(s): Robert David Director(s): Steve Sacks I'll admit Viva Piñata is a very weird sh Animated Atrocities: Candibalism. Join the club! Join Doki Doki Literature Club Amino: DDLC Follow me.

He was introduced to it by his girlfriend Emily who was a major fan of the game series. Luke had just gotten home from buying a game from GameGo that day. Where did I put my Ds? She giggles as she responds with "I put it in your room baby.

Luke, having been told where his device was, marches upstairs into his and Emily's room where he sees his Ds laying on his bed.

I was recently recommended a game called Doki Doki Literature Club and was told not to read anything about it and just play. Robert David Director s: The day after Thanksgiving? The little old woman smiled more.

Flopping down on his bed, he grabs his Ds and puts in the game. He named the Piplup "Percy" and began Emily's journey He didn't named it Luke to be narcissistic but because since he liked Luxio and he named his trainer Emily, so their relationship mirrors his and the real Emily.

If you haven't already, please go play it for free: Wow, I really love this game, it's the best time of the year. Apparently these things just keep getting freakier and freakier. Skooterwolf Featured By Owner Jan 18,

Luke, the Luxio, happened to be his strongest battler on his team defeating most of the gym leaders. Then, that one moment The charger began to spark, shocking Luke's hands which made the man drop his Ds as he shook his hands in pain. Luke grinds his teeth, unaware of how sharpened they have gotten.

He drops his Ds in shock as he stared at what seemed to be paws. Luke's nails were also sharper as the fur spreads up his arms, some of the black fur turned a light blue with three ring-like fur pattern.

He strips down to his boxers as his black hair began to grow longer and became similar to a lion's mane, some of it growing down his back and down his face. Luke's throat began to feel sore as blue and black fur continued to grow around on his body as his height shrunk down to 4'07 and his weight shrunk to His nose began to sniff the air, turning a light pink triangular nose as his sclera began to turn a light pink and he gets on fours, having had his feet become blue paws.

Luke tried to cry for help but all that came out was a " Lux!

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Luke panted as his nose and jaw began to stretch into a small muzzle and couldn't help but howl in pain as his ears began to twitch. Luke's ears were beginning to become rounder and larger, growing blue fur on the outside and turning yellow on the inside. Luke closes his eyes as he gains knew knowledge before opening them, revealing his sclera had turned completely red and had light yellow pupils and irises.

Luke's Ds turned Thanksgiving Dating Sim Deviantart Cringe Sonic on to the Evolution screened saying " Congratulations, Luke has evolved into a Luxray! What in the name of Arceus happened to me?! I look like Luxio He assumes that this is what Luxio evolves into before this happened. That was when he heard the door open and a loud squeal as he turns around to see Emily standing in the doorway.

Luke blushes as she did, unable to tell her the truth. Oh well, I'll show him you once he gets back. Link Thanksgiving Dating Sim Deviantart Cringe Sonic up Luke's Ds.

Luke couldn't help but wag his tail once she did, Emily's hand in his mane felt so good Luke and Emily were a happy couple. Emily introduces her boyfriend to the world of Pokemon and he tries out one of the game, unaware of what it holds.

This story was requested by my friend This story includes: Pokemon Transformation If you don't like this, please ignore this story and enjoy your day. I've been wondering if I should charge people like 1 point for TF Story requests. If I do, I'll do the past requests for free as they were before I decided this but what do you guys think? Let me know what you thought of this story and leave your critques, but please no hate comments. Try to help me improve my stories.

The Basics of Evolution Luxray TF [Request] by sonicvshtfAug 2,7: I mean, he can try telling her by writing with his mouth. I mean, they probably didn't have any paper nor any writing utensils around.

Plus it'd be pretty hard to write with a muzzle. Would still be plausible, although it would be a waste of paper.

Also, I don't see how having a muzzle differs it that much. The principle of action stays the same. They probably give better deals on returns than GameStop oooooohhhhhhh "insert air horns here". It's a bit different from my initial idea, but nonetheless, it's still a really nice story. All the anticipation was definitely worth it. More from sonicvshtf Riolu! You suddenly noticed something shiny laying on the ground. You put away your handheld and pick it up.

You gasped as you saw it was some kind of ring it a Mega Stone on it. It was however unlike any Mega Stone you've seen. You look around to see if anyone was near and put it on. It was a bit tight on your finger but it did look nice on you.

The Mega Stone began glowing all of a sudden. You try to remove it, but the ring turned into a mixture of red, blue, cream and grey goo.

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The goo began to spread around your body, making you shrink to a puppy's height. The goo soon made your hands into red paws with white spikes along with your feet. Hello, I am Patrick Lucas and I am the second test subject to this. Afterwards, they injected me with a blue liquid and let me tell you, it hurts! They say I should write down the process in this journal they give to the subjects. Her family off on vacation whilst she was left behind just to finish her homework.

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She threw the math book against her wall, causing one of her games to fall off the shelf. The game she looked at was "Klonoa: Klonoa was the name of the main character, a black anthromorphic creature with long ears and a blue beret with a small Pac-Man on the side. She soon walked over to the homework, sliding it under her bed as she giggled to herself.

Thanksgiving Dating Sim Deviantart Cringe Sonic

Today was Thanksgiving, but her family was out buying groceries. A knock on the door was heard, making her get up from her chair. She opens the door and saw the local mailman Melissa knew it was from her grandmother and signed the paper. Melissa was a bit curious click write down yes.

Besides, what could happen? Melissa wrote down yes on the line. She turned the paper around. Suddenly, an alarm goes off, as a window of a building is smashed opened, and a man,by the name of Robby Henson, Age 25, dirty blonde hair, brown eyes, and wearing a green shirt, black hoodie, black jeans and ear piercings, jumps out, holding a strange box and ran as fast as he can down the sidewalk.

Check this out full 7 minutes past, and he climbed out, and rushed home. As soon as he arrived home, which looked very run down, he go here into his living room,and crashed onto the couch.

He held it in his palms, and sat it onto a shelf. His stomach than growled. Wonder what I got. He heads back into the living room, and ac. He was playing as his main,Villager,fighting against Bayonetta. He loves Animal Crossing,the only reason why he was interested in Smash Bros was because Villager was in it,but it also had his Thanksgiving Dating Sim Deviantart Cringe Sonic Animal Crossing character as an assist trophy. It was Isabelle,a yellow Shih Tzu. He was unaware that Jordan was standing behind him.

Having fun making out with a game? Anyway,I'm going to go get groceries today. And don't go into my TF lab in the basement. Suddenly,he saw a figure in front of him. It was a white bat. He gets up,clentching fists. You're not stealing the master emerald again this time. I'm gonna need some help with it.

Thanksgiving Dating Sim Deviantart Cringe Sonic

This confused Knuckles,but before he could say anything,Rouge grabs him by his chest. Knuckles' face becomes more redder then it already were. Knuckles breaks free,and begins coughing. Suddenly,Knuckles begin feeling lightheaded.