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Driving in the Benz wearing my Inflatable T-Rex costume.

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This is what happens when you stick up for rape. Someone who has been affected by rape this is not ok, and the back lash we get. This is a fellow youtuber and twitcher who we supported to the max.

This is not a paid advertisement. Worst Video's on Youtube Episode 2: Kingdom Hearts 3D 9 "Full Counter!!! Smite - Episodio 1 - Una penta-kill imprevista by Lisard Extreme.

Someone who has been affected by rape this is not ok and the back lash we get. If someone doesnt give me a job in the next three weeks I will have to go back to university and rape culture, slut shame and patriachy the fvxk out of a bunch of 18 year olds who dress like theyre in degrassi junior high and are trying to save the world by awkwardly asserting their fear of white penises and the privilege that we get from them.

Atlanta Bodybuilder Hookup Meme Trash Cosplay Store

This is not a paid advertisement. Had to explain it with context without B overhearing for fear it'll become his new favorite "inappropriate word.

This is a common question - what actually is rape culture? Psychological research has shown that rape culture springs up in places that treat women like objects, slut shame women, victim blame and view sex as a point scoring game.

We need to eradicate these source of thinking and start respecting each other. Hey guys, this is Ryan.

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Ryan is a misogynist, sexist, slut shaming, insecure person. Going Out West II: What Happened in Vegas is up! I felt like re-sharing a video that I made awhile back on the subject of shame.

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It's awkward and imperfect because I was feeling uncomfortable on camera and clambering out of the worst depression in my life so it's uncomfortably sincere and painfully vulnerable, in fact I've not been able to watch it since releasing it because it just reminds me of all the dark, heartbroken things I was feeling back then.

But from time to time, people contact me and tell me how much this video has helped them and that makes me feel incredibly proud of myself. During the darkest time in my life, I used go here to help save my own life and so when other people tell me that it has helped them Uh so yeah, check out the video here: When your accused of being sex obsessed.

Atlanta Bodybuilder Hookup Meme Trash Cosplay Store

Just gonna leave this here When someone slutshames you for sticking your tongue out in a picture. I am tired of all this insta-sluts. Do you really think two gay men give a shit about your tits and ass pics.

Your cameltoe mean nothing to us you fucking HO. And for those that think I am slut-shaming. Caught this latina stealing pretty easily. Had her handcuffed and ready for pick up. It happens because rapists make the choice to commit rape. And all survivors of rape—no matter who they are or what they do—deserve our support. Art by Max Fleishman.

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I know there are soooo many different opinions on this topics. Share your thoughts with the hashtag truthstings! Pictame Online Instagram Posts Viewer.