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Why Women Moan During Sex

Noisy sex: why women moan and scream in bed | Love Matters

Why do women moan loudly during sex and scream when they are orgasming? Does it happen due to pain or pleasure?. 11 May Does sex feel different based on the amount of noise you make? Here're the true reasons behind why women moan during sex. 29 Jun Or is it because that's what women see in adult films? A new study shows the real reason women make noises during sex, according to research among straight women - and it's not what you think at all. This is the true cause for why women moan during sex, according to experts. Do you moan during sex?.

Whether you are watching a movie or reading a book, every scene with a sexual encounter has the woman making noise during her orgasm. It has become so common, that these vocal noises are now expected during intercourse.

Men fall in love with women who have this “secret skill”

Now we are beginning to wonder whether these noises are a natural part of the female orgasm process, or do women believe that they are supposed to make them?

Researchers Gayle Brewerof the University of Central Lancashire and Colin Hendrie, of the University of Leeds, conducted a clinical study on female copulatory vocalization.

This story was originally published on CNN. Women responded that they orgasmed the least during penetration by a man. Moaning is a way of reassuring your lover that he or she is pleasing you.

Their recently published paper, has helped explain why women link during sex. There has not been an extensive study on why women moan during sex, but the latest research study suggests that it may not be caused as a result of an orgasm.

The study consisted of 71 healthy and sexually active women, who agreed to answer a series of questions concerning the type and amount of noise they made during sex. These women, who ranged in ages fromall agreed that there were other reasons for them making those moaning noises during sex.

Why Do Girls Moan When Having Sex

One of the main reasons that these noises do not occur during a female orgasmis that most women climax during foreplay. It is more difficult for a here to have a vaginal orgasm, than it is for her to have one through clitoral stimulation.

In fact, most women reported that they had already climax before they began making noises for their partners.

Why Do Girls Moan When Having Sex

Thanks, in part to mainstream media, the majority of men and women feel that these copulatory vocalizations are normal and necessary part of intercourse. Go here is not just humans who loudly proclaim their pleasure during sex, researchers in the wild have discovered the same copulatory vocalization with female baboons and macaque monkeys.

The female baboons tend to use more complex and varied noises the closer they are to ovulation and how high ranking their mate it in the pack. Female macaques however, tend to use their vocalizations to help their partners orgasm. What both female humans and primates have in common is that neither actually makes these vocalizations during their orgasm. Sexual therapists do warn against using copulatory moaning as a way of faking an orgasm.

Instead, it should be used in a way that signals your partner that you are enjoying his attention.

Explaining the Noises

During the research study, some women also admitted to using these noises as a way to relieve boredom, pain, or tiredness during intercourse. If this is happening in your relationship, it would be advisable to be honest with your partner and discuss any issues. It can be used to show excitement and pleasure, and show your partner what you really enjoy. As more and more women are becoming comfortable taking charge in the bedroom, these sexual noises are also being continue reading to teach their partners without having to use words.

For some women, making noises in the bedroom is simply a turn on as much for them, as it is for their partners.

These vocalizations can also help a woman to not only reach an orgasm, but to extend its length as well. Unlike men, a woman will go through four different stages of sexual arousal and desire before she has an orgasm, and sometimes these noises can help her move through these stages.

Just like men enjoy hearing their partners here in sexual bliss, women it enjoy hearing men moan in pleasure as well.

Thanks, in part to mainstream media, the majority of men and women feel that these copulatory vocalizations are normal and necessary part of intercourse. A couple of nights a week, I hear my next door neighbor having sex. What causes women to moan when they have sex? Sex for most women makes them experience an involuntary audible response which is echoed by moaning. Business Culture Gadgets Future Startups.

While the recent study may suggest that women do not necessarily moan because of a vaginal orgasmit also does not mean that they are faking their enjoyment. These copulatory vocal noises, can also push partners into link orgasms. Sexual intercourse is part of a healthy lifestyle, and so are the many moans that go with it.

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